Passing Lanes



Passing Lanes was born out of a shared love of cars, sports and Chappelle Show episodes. What started as trash talk on the premier Camaro message board,, turned into a friendship spanning many cars, fantasy leagues and important life events.Despite hanging out in person only a handful of times, Brian and Eric continue to crack jokes via text and social media that invariably causes the other to laugh at inopportune moments. Its this shared sense of humor that provides the foundation for the Passing Lanes show.Covering everything from sports and cars to obscure movie references (My name is WillieWillie Beamen.), Passing Lanes has a little something for everyone. Stick around, tell your friends and share a couple of laughs with us.


  • Episode 26 - Surprise!

    03/03/2017 Duration: 51min

    In Episode 26 of the podcast, Brian and Eric discuss their longer-than-expected hiatus, recap the 2016 NFL season while looking forward to free agency and the draft, preview UFC 209, look forward to GSP's return and provide an important PSA regarding Ubering after a night of drinking.

  • Episode 25 - Taking Summers Off

    09/09/2016 Duration: 50min

    In Episode 25 of the podcast, Brian and Eric rejoice in the return of the show and football, discuss expectations for the Dolphins and Vikings, recap UFC 202 and the true cause of McGregor's foot injury, preview UFC 203 and delve into the tipping habits of parents.