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Fr. Spitzer answers viewer questions on a wide range of subjects, including: Reason, Faith, Suffering, Virtue, and the Existence of God.


  • 2023-02-01 - PRIDE PT. 3

    01/02/2023 Duration: 01h00s
  • 2023-01-25 - PRIDE PT. 2

    25/01/2023 Duration: 01h00s

    As they cover topics from Father’s book, our hosts explain how pride results in the marginalization of God, religion, empathy and conscience, causing the ascendency of the absolute, arbitrary and the cruel use of power.

  • 2023-01-18 - PRIDE PT. 1

    18/01/2023 Duration: 01h00s

    Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck reflect upon the death of George Cardinal Pell, and discuss the upcoming Marches for Life. Plus, how the growth of pride triggers a corresponding decline of empathy, conscience, care and love.

  • 2023-01-04 - ENVY PT. 3

    04/01/2023 Duration: 01h00s

    The enduring impact of Benedict XVI’s papacy. Plus, Fr. Spitzer and Doug discuss Envy, a nearly uncontrollable irrational passion, bordering on intense hatred, that will eventually consume the person from which it comes.


    28/12/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Just when our hosts thought they’d answered all of our viewers’ questions about Christmas, a new mailbag has arrived with many more. See what’s on the minds of Catholics as they approach this most holy of seasons.


    21/12/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Questions about Christmas are on the agenda for today’s show. Doug and Fr. Spitzer discuss their Christmas traditions and plans, and respond to queries from our viewers about Advent and the true meaning of Christmas.

  • 2022-12-14 - ENVY PT. 2

    14/12/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Fr. Spitzer and Doug continue their examination of the sin of envy, showing how it’s the root cause behind Cain’s motivation to kill Abel and Saul’s desire to kill David. Plus, the latest news and questions from viewers.

  • 2022-12-07 - ENVY PT. 1

    07/12/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck discuss how the sin of envy figures prominently in the Bible and lies at the center of two important initial narratives in Genesis: the story of Adam and Eve, and the story of Cain and Abel.


    30/11/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck respond to questions on the minds of our viewers. Topics include angels, rosary beads, religious articles, non-Catholic prayers, the weather, apostolic pardons, the final judgment and anxiety.

  • 2022-11-23 - VANITY PT. 3

    23/11/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Doug Keck and Fr. Spitzer explain how vanity has undermined everything of substance in our culture, threatening its future as well as the individuals within it. So why does it continue to be the deadly sin of choice?

  • 2022-11-16 - VANITY PT. 2

    16/11/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Expanding on his book, Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck discuss how vanity has the power to undermine our identity, relationships with others, emotional state, and even our ability to accept salvation when it is offered to us.

  • 2022-11-09 - VANITY

    09/11/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Doug Keck and Fr. Spitzer discuss how vanity leads us to believe the façade we present to others is what people are interested in, not who we truly are. And a surprising study on the priesthood from Catholic World Report.

  • 2022-11-02 - THE DEADLY SINS

    02/11/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Using examples from C. S. Lewis’ book, “The Great Divorce,” Fr. Spitzer and Doug discuss how vanity can blind us from knowing our own true self. Plus, a look at the decline in abortions after Roe v. Wade is overturned.

  • 2022-10-26 - SATAN AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT

    26/10/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    Father Spitzer and Doug Keck talk about doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, and how Satan’s influence can discourage even our most noble ambitions. Plus, the latest news topics and questions from the audience.


    19/10/2022 Duration: 01h00s

    The latest developments on abortion in the news, questions from our viewers, and our hosts discuss how Satan can use Affective Desolation to keep us from doing good, as they cover more topics from Father’s new book.