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Allison Park Church is a multi-campus church in Pittsburgh that is committed to changing the world one life at at time.To find out more about Allison Park Church or to connect with us online, check us out at the links below!Website:


  • The Syrophoenician Woman

    15/01/2023 Duration: 32min

    Do you want to have transformational faith and experience healing in your life? Through this message, Pastor Jeff shares what transformational faith looks like and how we can begin to walk in it. 

  • The Centurion

    08/01/2023 Duration: 32min

    Bold faith moves Jesus to act. Discover three keys to developing the same bold faith that made Jesus marvel in the New Testament stories. 

  • Living In The Last Days

    01/01/2023 Duration: 32min

    Do you want to be equipped for what God is doing in your life? Learn how God equips you when you engage with His Word.

  • Our Strategic God

    25/12/2022 Duration: 14min
  • Grace & Truth

    18/12/2022 Duration: 26min

    During this message, we explore the tension between GRACE and TRUTH in the context of our disagreements and relationships. What does it look like to speak the truth in love?

  • Boundaries & Expectations

    11/12/2022 Duration: 32min

    As followers of Christ, we're called to love one another. However, we also need to set healthy boundaries around our lives; Jesus modeled this for us. 

  • Forgiveness & Trust

    04/12/2022 Duration: 31min

    Did you know that trust and forgiveness are not the same? During this message, learn the difference between the two and which is required of us as Jesus followers. 

  • Nicodemus

    27/11/2022 Duration: 43min

    Guest speaker and evangelist Greg Hubbard shares a message about Nicodemus. You may discover how you relate to the stages of Nicodemus' faith journey.

  • Vision Weekend

    20/11/2022 Duration: 33min

    Where are we going next as a church? During this special Vision Weekend message, Pastor Jeff shares how God is moving and some new opportunities for us as a church. 

  • Simon Peter

    13/11/2022 Duration: 33min

    Have you ever wanted to see a miracle? In this message, we'll explore one of the miracles of Jesus, Simon Peter's role in the miracle, and what is necessary for a miracle to happen in your life. 

  • Jesus' Rebuke Of James and John

    06/11/2022 Duration: 38min

    Jesus had to rebuke his disciples multiple times throughout the scriptures, because they did not understand Jesus' true purpose. As we continue The Message series, we'll discover how Jesus was focused on people not on power.

  • Healing Of The Leper And The Lame

    30/10/2022 Duration: 34min

    What can FAITH do? Discover how moments of breakthrough are unlocked by expressions of faith as shown through the miracles when Jesus healed the leper and the lame.

  • Mary Magdalene

    23/10/2022 Duration: 35min

    In this message of the The Chosen series, we'll explore the life of Mary Magdalene. Her story reminds us that our gratitude toward God is determined by our appreciation for the grace we have received.

  • Matthew

    16/10/2022 Duration: 37min

    As we study the life of Jesus, we discover that Jesus was different from those who were around him. Learn three ways in which we are also called to be different.

  • Nathaniel

    09/10/2022 Duration: 35min

    As we continue this message series, digging into the life of Jesus through The Chosen, we discover why Jesus came into the world and how God interacts with us.

  • Five Signs Of False Preachers

    25/09/2022 Duration: 30min

    How can I be way less judgemental yet way more discerning? Pastor Jeff shares five questions to ask to discern if a certain person or teaching is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • To Judge Or Not To Judge

    18/09/2022 Duration: 25min

    How can we use discernment without judging others? Pastor Jeff tackles this delicate yet important topic in this message, part of the new series, Sheep's Skin.

  • Bring Your Soul With You

    11/09/2022 Duration: 36min

    Gratitude can be a powerful force in our life. Missionary Jacob Jester reveals how we should be grateful for the giver not just for the gifts.

  • 3 Keys to Succeed At Anything

    04/09/2022 Duration: 25min

    Excellence requires intentionality. Learn how giving faithfully can allow us to step into the miraculous.

  • Korah's Rebellion

    28/08/2022 Duration: 30min

    If you want God to take you somewhere, it will require submission. Learn from the story of Korah as we continue to dive into the Craziest Stories Ever series.

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