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A rock DJ for WBRFM. I broadcast a weekly rock show, and soon a podccast and lyrics show


  • rockstarclassics 10

    29/10/2016 Duration: 01h56min

    This is my tracklisting. I apologise for the poor sound qualityMarilyn Manson- This Is HalloweenLordi- Blood Red SandmanIced Earth- DraculaMisfits- HalloweenThe Cramps- I was a teenage werewolfDead End- Spider in my brainAlice Cooper- Welcome To My NightmareBeasto Blanco- Feed My Frankenstein (Cover)White Zombie- Thunder Kiss '65Rob Zombie- SuperbeastWednesday 13- Trick or Treat (we're going to kill you)The 69 Eyes- Lost Boys & Lady DarknessFields of Nephillim- MoonchildGodsmack- VampiresBlack Sabbath- Black sabbathVenom- Countess BathoryFinntroll- Under Begret's RotCharlie Daniels' Band- the Devil went down to GeorgiaMystica Girls- Gates Out of Hell musicPop Evil- Deal with the devil

  • rockstar 9 worldwide rockin '

    23/10/2016 Duration: 01h56min

    Tracklisting:Airbourne(AUS)- Back in the gameScorpions(GER)- Rock You Like A HurricaneVan Halen(NET)- You're no goodKiss(US)- I Like it loudBudgie(WAL)- BreadfanEurope (SWE)- War of Kings (New Single)Judas Priest(ENG)- Sword of DamoclesLacuna Coil (ITA)- Our TruthH.I.M( Fin)- Wings of a ButterflyGary Moore9Northern Irl)- Spanish Guitar (instrumental)Santana (Mexico)- Anywhere in the world ( New Single)Billy Talent (Canada)- Fallen LeavesHellcats(SLO)- I AmLoudness (JAP) - Rock n' Roll GypsyVolbeat (DEN)- The Devil's Bleeding CrownTristania(NOR)- LotusEluveite (SWI)- Idis Mona*Band Of The Week*Alestorm (Sco)- Drink - Captain Morgan's Revenge