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William Beckett of The Academy Is... and Mike Killam of team up for a semiweekly podcast, with guests from the world of music, movies, wrestling and more!


  • 001: Drunken Warped Tour

    26/08/2015 Duration: 02h09min

    "Team Kill Bill" sits down for the first time ever to discus everything from drunken Warped Tour stories, to the upcoming The Academy Is... reunion at Riot Fest. Plus wrestling talk with WWE SummerSlam, NXT Takeover and more. We know not all of our listeners are wrestling fans (w), so for your convenience here's a rundown of this episode: 4:40 - NXT Takeover (w) 20:48 - "Canada" & 5SOS 24:55 - NXT Takeover (w) 38:54 - TAI reunion 46:55 - Mike leaves Wrestlezone 57:00 - Riot Fest 1:02:30 - The drunken Warped Tour story 1:14:20 - WWE SummerSlam (w) 1:38:35 - WWE RAW (w) 1:52:10 - Touring w/ Panic! 1:59:30 - #AH10