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What do you want this to be? This is where you can come to give your views freely, listen in, make comments, and I will reply.


  • Music and Your Emotions

    Music and Your Emotions

    02/08/2010 Duration: 15min

    Pretty much just a look into how music can change your mood

  • South Park, Free Speech, and Muhammad

    South Park, Free Speech, and Muhammad

    23/04/2010 Duration: 04min

    A shorter than normal podcast, but hopefully it will get you thinking and involved!

  • The Olympics, Valentines Day, and My Computer

    The Olympics, Valentine's Day, and My Computer

    17/02/2010 Duration: 05min

    Just about what's going on.

  • Episode 5

    Episode 5

    16/01/2010 Duration: 49s

    Really dumb

  • Character Voices

    Character Voices

    15/11/2009 Duration: 01min

    Small sample of voices I can do for your show, cartoon, game, and ad.

  • The Economy and Your Job

    The Economy and Your Job

    28/10/2009 Duration: 08min

    Do you have a job?

  • Political Ad For McCain (sorta)

    Political Ad For McCain (sorta)

    30/09/2008 Duration: 03min

    I got tired of hearing all these freaking political ads, so I made one of my own!