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Celebrating the music of Bob Marley


  • DC, Dance Hall, Exodus and Remixing

    DC, Dance Hall, Exodus and Remixing

    01/02/2008 Duration: 09min

    DJ Spooky breaks down the cultural and musical gifts of Bob Marley.

  • Interviewing Bob Marley

    Interviewing Bob Marley

    19/01/2008 Duration: 08min

    Dermot Hussey talks about his experience interviewing Bob Marley.

  • Celebrating Exodus

    Celebrating Exodus

    26/12/2007 Duration: 18min

    Album Commentary

  • Celebrating Exodus

    Celebrating Exodus

    08/12/2007 Duration: 18min

    Album Commentary

  • Bob is bigger than big!

    Bob is bigger than big!

    28/11/2007 Duration: 09min

    Jamaican jazz musician Monty Alexander praises Bob.

  • Impressions of Bob

    Impressions of Bob

    19/11/2007 Duration: 09min

    Author and radio programmer Dermot Hussey talks about meeting Bob Marley.