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Local Over Everything is a weekly online, lifestyle broadcast hosted by Rodney Blu and Mo the Bear, featuring live music selection from Simon Phoenix. The focus of Local Over Everything is to provide the news, content and perspective that affects and interests of our young, creative community in Dallas, Texas and the world. The conversations held on Local Over Everything, honest and unfiltered, can be heard nowhere else and has become the defining characteristic of the program. Audiences from all over the world tune in for not only the latest in news and current events, but for the unique perspectives, both comical and candid, provided by the hosts and guests.In addition to the dialogue, Local Over Everything features musical interludes that encompass several genres. Anything from electronic to hip-hop, pop to spoken word, jazz to music yet undefined can be heard on Local Over Everything. The music is just as important as the content itself as Local Over Everything has become one of the most prominent online destinations for the emerging beats culture movement. Fans of Local Over Everything likely subscribe to similar tastemakers/collectives like Soulection, Future Beats, Flow-Fi, HW&W and more, specializing in what has been unanimously regarded as the future of popular music. Local Over Everything has become the epicenter of these particular tastes, sounds and culture in the city of Dallas, the southwest reigon of the United States and our listenership throughout the world .The long-term effort of Local Over Everything is to curate the largely unsung culture of young people in Dallas and the world who are fighting everyday to be respected and represented. Hosts Rodney Blu, Mo The Bear and Simon Phoenix are young, educated Black men who love music and community. Local Over Everything has undergone many transformations and incarnations in its duration but remains the destination for what you know, what you love and what you need to know.


  • Ep. 024 ft. Datahowler [w/ Guest DJ Cambio]

    Ep. 024 ft. Datahowler [w/ Guest DJ Cambio]

    20/02/2015 Duration: 02h12min

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