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The core of Sunset Love Affair is comprised of vocalist Chris Reece, guitarist Matt Graff, and guitarist/percussionist Matt Bannister. They formed Sunset Love Affair in the Spring of 2009 as an attempt to broaden their musical endeavors and enter the acoustic world. The three members also play in an alternative-rock band called The Red Tide Saga. RTS has been playing around the Southeast for the last three years, gaining fans and exposure along the way. Sunset Love Affair, in it's short existence, has seen amazing response from fans and the band has been fortunate to open for such acts as State Of Man, and multi-platinum recording artist, Tonic. They can often be seen performing alongside fellow bandmates from The Red Tide Saga in their full-band live performances. SLA's live show often includes songs from The Red Tide Saga as those songs have become adored by their fans over the years. Sunset Love Affair and The Red Tide Saga are currently trying to continue their efforts to record full-length studio albums."Three young souls longing for the ocean, Three lives converging on the notion." Sunset Love Affair formed In an attempt to express their views on love, hate, and the lack of a good tan.


  • Sunset Love Affair: Album Discussion

    Sunset Love Affair: Album Discussion

    29/09/2009 Duration: 32min

    Atlanta, GA band, Sunset Love Affair, discusses the making of their debut album.

  • The Sunset Love Affair Show

    The Sunset Love Affair Show

    12/09/2009 Duration: 13min

    Atlanta band Sunset Love Affiar makes a radio show...excellent.