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  • Blasphemy Schmasphemy

    Blasphemy Schmasphemy

    24/11/2013 Duration: 01h35min

    As we enter a new religious era, let's take a little time to reflect on those who have turned their backs to the church. The Blasphemers, the heathens, the sinners, and just those who dared to question. If thinking for one's self, and refusing to be a blind obedient means an eternity in hell, then I say, "Flame On!"   PLAYLIST   Per Aspera Ad Inferi  --  Ghost Save Us From Those Who'd Save Us  --  Hell Sinner  --  Judas Priest Betrayer  --  Savage Grace  All Your Sins  --  Pentagram Damned By Judges  --  Holy Terror Church of No Return (Endured Mix)  --  Christian Death So Many Years Ago -- Mirage Confrontation  --  Blacklist God Is Dead  --  Carnivore Heaven's On Fire  --  Venom Deliver Us to Evil  --  Exodus Nuns Have No Fun  --  Warrant Priest of Evil - Stormwitch Preacher of Evil  --  Talon Disciple  --  Slayer

  • Killer Episode

    Killer Episode

    15/07/2013 Duration: 01h06min

    This episode, we go down a dark road with some of the most demented psychopaths the world has ever had the misfortune of knowing. Serial Killers, mass murderers, sadistic war mongers, spree killers -- we got 'em all. PLAYLIST Serial Killer - Vio-lence Cold Steel Tears Your Flesh - Detest Kill Again - Slayer Suffer Age - Fear Factory Born to Raise Hell - Church of Misery Serial Killer - Macabre The Ripper - Judas Priest I Hear Black - Overkill Ted Bundy - Coven 213 - Slayer Night Prowler - AC/DC

  • Metal Punch

    Metal Punch

    18/05/2013 Duration: 59min

    PLAYLIST More Than Meets the Eye - Testament And Then There Were None - Exodus Lone Justice - Anthrax Death Rider - Overkill Widowmaker - W.A.S.P. Grim Reality - Funeral Bitch Anvil Bitch - Anvil Bitch Riding in Thunder - Bitch Eat Me Alive - Judas Priest Love Child - Accept Suck it and See - Grim Reaper At the Sound of the Demon Bell - Mercyful Fate