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Podcasts featuring the very best tracks in house music, by ClubCamberwell.


  • ClubCamberwell: Barber

    ClubCamberwell: Barber

    29/06/2014 Duration: 54min

    Barber - harder and faster, but not less fabulous

  • ClubCamberwell: Pressure

    ClubCamberwell: Pressure

    18/05/2014 Duration: 47min

    This one is all about the basslines - enjoy!

  • ClubCamberwell: Alphaville

    ClubCamberwell: Alphaville

    07/04/2014 Duration: 56min

    Memories of Melbourne Australia, Spring 2014

  • ClubCamberwell: Eat/Sleep/Rave

    ClubCamberwell: Eat/Sleep/Rave

    13/09/2013 Duration: 40min

    A journey from here to there

  • ClubCamberwell: Chelsea

    ClubCamberwell: Chelsea

    31/08/2013 Duration: 50min

    Back of the net with this one!

  • ClubCamberwell: Fitzroy

    ClubCamberwell: Fitzroy

    30/08/2013 Duration: 48min

    Harder and faster, it'll bring out the Lion in you

  • ClubCamberwell: Barcelona

    ClubCamberwell: Barcelona

    15/08/2013 Duration: 52min

    The perfect boost for your balmy summer nights

  • ClubCamberwell: IslandLife

    ClubCamberwell: IslandLife

    26/07/2013 Duration: 38min

    I recorded this one for a friend's birthday party last year

  • ClubCamberwell: Energy 2013

    ClubCamberwell: Energy 2013

    21/07/2013 Duration: 42min

    Some older material, but a cracker of a mix certain to get the party started

  • ClubCamberwell: Milton

    ClubCamberwell: Milton

    16/07/2013 Duration: 42min

    Some of these tracks are works of modern genius - enjoy!

  • ClubCamberwell: Ministry

    ClubCamberwell: Ministry

    07/07/2013 Duration: 57min

    My set at Ministry of Sound, London, Friday 5th of July