Phone Calls W/ Mike G



The podcast where a lover of hip hop (Mike G) has phone calls with rappers and influencers in Hip Hop.


  • Episode Seventeen - Jordan Fiction

    Episode Seventeen - Jordan Fiction

    15/03/2018 Duration: 01h11min

    Good day to you! This week we have Jordan Fiction who reached out to me (in the perfect way)and sent me a song that I absolutely loved, so I invited him to my apartment in the first episode with no phone call! We had a great conversation about all different things that got me to find out more about him and hopefully it does the same for you. Check out his song "Altma.Clbhs" on Soundcloud.

  • Episode Sixteen - Black Milk

    Episode Sixteen - Black Milk

    25/02/2018 Duration: 27min

    I got to speak with Detroit's own Black Milk about his new album Fever, the best drums he's ever laid down and his progression throughout his career. At the end, I threw in a short interview I conducted with him about 3 years ago back stage at his show at Webster Hall when I was doing my college radio show Three O's Radio. Subscribe and share. Thank you for listening.

  • Episode Fifteen - Niqa Mor

    Episode Fifteen - Niqa Mor

    18/01/2018 Duration: 34min

    This weeks episode features the very talented Niqa Mor from NY. We spoke about how she started making music and the inspiration behind he latest release. Definitely check out her latest video Romeo Must Die on Youtube and follow her @Niqa_Mor on Twitter & IG.