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  • Jingle Jangle

    Jingle Jangle

    10/12/2011 Duration: 01h20min

    Seasons Greetings to all my listeners across the globe. Whatever you celebrate, be safe & have fun. More to come in 2012 so keep tuning in. I threw in some Hip Hop acapellas - can anyone guess the artists & track names?? Treacherous Three, The - Santa's Rap - Beat Street Soundtrack Chanson E - You're Better Than Me - Lazy Lady EP Brent Vassar - Old School Slow Jams (Fergus Remix) - Old School Slow Jams Darubuntu Jackers - Da Catz (Manjane Remix) - Da Catz EP Thano Vessi - Tristeza - Yes It's You Jordan Peak - Flip The Script - Club Cuts Anhanguera - Hot Jazz In Ya Face - Brazilian Gorilla Hook Nick Jagger - Can You Keep It Up - Fakin' The Funk South of Roosevelt - Ballin' the Jack - Living Through It Scrubfish - Improv Blu - Straight Out The Oven Sampler DJ Mibor - Swing Of Nugget (4peace Remix) - Gran Reserva Jeremy Joshua - The Jazz Room - Smell My Finger EP TBF - Carlba D'Alba - Easy Life EP Salvatore Vitrano - If You Wanna Jazz - Dirty Jazz Vibes Luca M - Funk My Sax - Funk My Sax Craig Hamilton - H

  • Its A Moustache World

    It's A Moustache World

    20/11/2011 Duration: 01h02min

    Welcome to Movember's Podcast. Since its humble beginnings in Melbourne Australia, Movember has grown to become a truly global movement inspiring more than 1.1 Million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to participate, with formal campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and Ireland. In addition, Movember is aware of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas supporting the campaign and men’s health cause across the globe, from Russia to Dubai, Hong Kong to Antarctica, Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai, and everywhere in between. No matter the country or city, Movember will continue to work to change established habits and attitudes men have about their health, to educate men about the health risks they face, getting them to act on that knowledge thereby increasing the chances of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment. In 2010, nearly 119,000 Canadian Mo Bros and Mo Sistas got on board, raising $22.3 million CAD. 1. Kane Ian - Tales Of Th

  • The Daily Grind

    The Daily Grind

    26/10/2011 Duration: 01h00s

    After a seven month music hiatus I am back with the Daily Grind. 1. 5 O'Clock - Mic Newman - Murmur Essentials Volume 2 2. Leaving Soon (Trevor Vichas Remix) - Tony Rodelli - Make Ya Move 3. No Feelings - Piek - No Feelings 4. Wastin Time - Dale Howard - Wastin Time EP 5. You Don't Know (Mark Livella Mix) - Mirco Berti - You Don't Know 6. Think Twice - Craig Hamilton & Trevor Vichas - Think Twice EP 7. Keep Doin' It - Scott Diaz - Joints N Jams Part One 8. Over You - Craig Hamilton - Back To The Grind 9. Beef Soulash - Kane Ian - The Daily 10. Getting Better - Yeshua Murillo - Sugar Bites 11. Rock Steady - K-nto - Rock Steady 12. Imma Let You Know - J Paul Getto - Just For You

  • MAY the Force Be With You

    MAY the Force Be With You

    01/05/2011 Duration: 01h43s

    1. Craig Hamilton - Sax This (Jam Funk Remix) - Back Up North 2. Thano Vessi - Mellow4u - Heroin Panda EP 3. Wattie Green - Knights - Hall Of Fame 4. Tommy Largo - High Swing - Cabbie Hat WMC Sampler 2011 5. JR from Dallas & Dave Combined - So Lean - Disco Da Dog 6. Chemars - Somnambulist - A Night in the Big City EP 7. Funk Mediterraneo - I'm Nothin' - I'm Nothin' EP 8. Jorge Watts & The House inspectors - Hot Shit - Afterhours 9. Soul De Marin - Foot Prints - Low Lands EP 10. Hugh Cleal - Fools Play (Wattie Green Dub) - Fools Play EP 11. Latenight Society - What She Say (Rescue Remix) - Lucky Number 7 EP 12. Anhanguera - Keep Up - Keep Up EP 13. Tom Drummond - Ya Can't Dance (Sonny Fodera Jazz Edit) - Ya Can't Dance EP 14. Sonny Fodera - 850is - Can't Fake It EP 15. DJ Sneak - Boogie Allright - Essential Sneak Vol. 4 Don't forget to tune in May 14 & 28 for MackMusic Radio live on from 2100-2300EDT (0200-0400GMT).

  • Beat Street Soul

    Beat Street Soul

    11/04/2011 Duration: 01h02min

    Warm weather is coming - enjoy this spring inspired instalment. 1. Short Bus Kids - So Why - Where Are All the House Heads? EP 2. Aki Bergen - Rock Da House - Something Like this 3. Roland Van Den Toorn - Dis Potion (Giom Remix) - Unreleased Remixes 4. Brandon Bass - How The West Was Won - Live Green EP 5. Jonn Hawley - Slip N Slide - Back At It EP 6. Affkt & Samuel Dan - Forlyn f. Mate U - Bad Habit EP 7. Fergus - Your Friends - Subterranean Funk EP 8. Steve Dare - Hustle - Hustle EP 9. Hugh Cleal - Fools Play - Fools Play EP 10. Pete Le Freq - Honey Monster - Lost In Llamas EP 11. Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - Street Bizness - Robsoul Ltd. Sampler 29 12. Manjane - Tribute To Chicago - Whats Next Sampler 13. Permagurn - Meal Time - The Meal Time EP 14. Sir Stewart & The Boss Tweed - On & On (Corduroy Mavericks) - The Royal Payola EP 15. Corduroy Mavericks - Biscuit Love - Disorderly Conduct EP Don't forget about Mack-Music Radio on Next episode Saturday April 16 from 2

  • My Personal Ad

    My Personal Ad

    03/04/2011 Duration: 46min

    This instalment is exactly one month late - life got in the way but I promise it won't happen again. Used some snippets from the Personal Ads A cappella off Time Machine's Personal Ads 12" (Glow in the Dark Records 2002). If you like hip hop and haven't listened to these guys you should get on it. 1. Bobby Dabic - Sunday (Giom) - For The Love EP 2. DJ Le Roi - Lampa - Black Label 74 Valdemossa EP 3. The Neighbours Project - Out At Night - Istanbul Sound Colony Volume 1 4. Iranzo Lasia - Nonom - 2 Years Cecille 5. Furrr & Hazendonk - Rupert - United EP 6. Mark & Stevens - Old Fashion Is Cooler - Old Fashion Is Cooler 7. Francis Jilla - Dreams - The Flapjack Sampler Platter Vol. 2 8. Kinky Movement - We Can Make It - Re-Edit Volume 2 9. Alex Augello - Renaissance - Through Space EP 10. Nathan Stewart - The Great Johnny Pate - Saving Johnny Pate EP 11. Dave Allison - Brooklyn's Groove (Real Time Hand Motion Remix) - Brooklyn's Groove Remixes Don't forget about Mack-Music Radio on Nex

  • According to Me...Best of 2010

    According to Me...Best of 2010

    03/02/2011 Duration: 01h02min

    There was so much great music this year that I could have made a dozen Best of 2010's. I had over 150 tracks in my "Best Of" playlist. My Big 10 for 2010: Derek Dunbar (he could do no wrong this year - congrats) DJ Sneak (House's hardest worker) Funk Mediterraneo (Buy his tracks - he is GOOD) Giom (So consistant - his DJ sets are stellar too) Random Soul (man...Australia has a great looking scene) Sonny Fodera (Everything he's had a hand in this year exploded) Sound Diggers (So funky) Tommy Largo (and he keeps getting better) Vernon & DaCosta (challenging Sneak for that hardest working title) Wattie Green (Funkier than 3 day old sox) Chemars, Armbar, Acumen, Manuel Sahagun & Tuccillo had outstanding years as well. 2010 Was an interesting year for me - constant flux - ebbs & flows - ups & downs but I tried my best to keep music at the forefront. 2011 looks to be a pretty good year. New digs (hopefully neighbours like beats). The radio show is in full swing on (every other Saturda

  • A Little Off the Top

    A Little Off the Top

    21/01/2011 Duration: 01h10min

    1. Sleep Moods (Dyed Soundorom Remix) - Robert James - Sleep Moods 2. Behind The Curtain - T. Ruggieri & David Urbinati - Well Rounded Volume One 3. Pasodoble - The Timewriter - Tiefenschoen 4. Make Me - Craig Stewart - In The Night Volume 3 5. Harmony & Peace - Jay Tripwire - Lost My Dog: 5 Years & Still Looking 6. Terrence - Steller - Terrence EP 7. Going Deep - Marcelo Nassi - Assorted Candy EP 8. Ingoma - Ugur Project - Trovador 9. Second Try - Dirty Culture - Second Try EP 10. Prototype - Andrade - Face De Bouc 11. Keep On (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) - Andry Nalin - Well Done/Keep On 12. Day And Night - Boo Williams - Residual EP 13. Missed Soul - UES - Thoughts Of A Ride 14. It's Good - iO - Love From The Ukraine EP 15. Northern Light f. Sanja (Andre Crom & Luca Doobie's Dub) - Vernon & DaCosta - Northern Light 16. Seventy Three f. Around 7 - Joss Moog - Room 27 EP 17. Towers - Harold Heath - Towers EP 18. Beezum - Tim Andresen - Beezum

  • Sunday, Fun(ky)day

    Sunday, Fun(ky)day

    22/12/2010 Duration: 01h06min

    If Sundays weren't followed by Mondays they would be the greatest. 1. Republica Banana - Kaneda & Rio - Republica Banana 2. First Time - Arco - The 4 basic Food Groups 3. Love Break - Wattie Green - Bite Sized Beats Vol. 1 4. Upright & Tight - Fergus - Back For More 5. Rhode Runner - Rob Clarke - OffbeatNtrax 6. Shazz Jazz - Shane Maher - Shadow Jazz EP 7. Never Stop (J Caprice Remix) - Mr. Boom - We Don't Stop EP 8. The Movement (Soydan) - Mel Rosario - The Movement EP 9. We Gotta Dance You (Erik Bo) - The Sound Diggers - Freebird EP 10. Wanna Do - Mes & Sonny Fodera - One Night In Oakland 11. In A Room - Lloyd Kenny - In A Room EP 12. The Formula - DJ Kinx - Makes You Scream EP 13. Sex With Sax - Tom Drummond - Down & Dirty With the Saxaphone 14. Give & Take - d-t3ch - The 4 basic Food Groups 15. Red Balls (Mr. Clean) - Funk Mediterraneo - Red Balls EP 3 Shopping days left... Don't forget to tune in Xmas for the Mack-Music radio show 9-11pm EST live from Happy Holida