Gran Sur



En este podcast, de formato libre, pondremos las canciones que más nos gustan a este lado de la galaxia. No dejéis de buscar el Gran Sur.


  • Gran Sur #18 - Huesos

    Gran Sur #18 - Huesos

    25/01/2016 Duration: 32min

    Suenan: The I Don't Cares - King Of America (Wild Stab, Dry Wood, 2016) Eleanor Friedberger - Sweetest Girl (New View, Frenchkiss, 2016) David Vassalotti - Lady Day Redux (Broken Rope, Wharf Cat, 2016) Echo Courts - Bloodstream (No Damage, Already Dead, 2016) Linden - Bones (Broken Glass/Bones, AED/Slumberland, 2016) Dropkick - Slow Down (Balance The Light, Rock Indiana/Sound Asleep, 2016) Eric Bachmann - Mercy (Eric Bachmann, Merge, 2016) The High Llamas - Jackie (Here Come The Rattling Trees, Drag City, 2016)

  • Gran Sur #17 - DB

    Gran Sur #17 - DB

    18/01/2016 Duration: 30min

    Suenan: David Bowie - Speed Of Life (Low, RCA, 1977) She-Devils - Come (She?-?Devils EP, Bandcamp, 2016) The Pooches - Heart Attack (Heart Attack, Lame-O, 2016) The Artisans - Yield To The Night (-, Soundcloud, 2015) Javier Escovedo - Just Like All The Rest (Kicked Out Of Eden, Sauxtex, 2016) Bent Shapes - New Starts In Old Dominion (Wolves Of Want, Slumberland, 2016) Doug Tuttle - Falling To Believe (It Calls On Me, Trouble In Mind, 2016) Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones - I Thought That We Said Goodbye (Little Windows, Cooking Vinyl, 2016) David Bowie - Where Are We Now? (The Next Day, Columbia, 2013)

  • Gran Sur #16 - Invierno

    Gran Sur #16 - Invierno

    09/01/2016 Duration: 42min

    Suenan: Emitt Rhodes - Dog On A Chain (Rainbow Ends, Omnivore, 2016) Brett Harris - End Of The Rope (Up In The Air, Hit The Deck, 2016) Bill Pritchard - Saturn And Co. (Mother Town Hall, Tapete, 2016) Jaill - Paint Me Scary (Wherever It Be, Infinity Cat, 2016) Pete Astor - My Right Hand (Spilt Milk, Fortuna Pop!, 2016) Corzo - Invierno (-, Bandcamp, 2015) Charles Bradley - Changes (Changes, Dunham, 2016) Dino Ratso - En La Portada De Rolling Stone (A Christmas Chin Para Ti Vol. 3, Chin-Chin, 2015) Sea Pinks - Yr Horoscope (Soft Days, CF, 2016) The Goon Sax - Boyfriend (Up To Anything, Chapter, 2016) Los Animalitos Del Bosque - La Momia (Go-Go Animalitos, Chin-Chin, 2015)

  • Gran Sur #15 - Discos Internacionales De 2015

    Gran Sur #15 - Discos Internacionales De 2015

    26/12/2015 Duration: 01h12min

    Suenan 20 de nuestros 50 discos internacionales preferidos de 2015. Dejamos la lista de canciones en orden alfabético para no desvelar posiciones: Alex Bleeker & The Freaks - Downright Stinson (Country Agenda, Sinderlyn, 2015) Ben Folds - So There (So There, New West, 2015) Ben Mason - Esmerelda (She'd Need A Heart, Autoeditado, 2015) Cleaners From Venus - Rose Of The Lanes (Rose Of The Lanes, Soft Bodies, 2015) Dick Diver - Tearing The Posters Down (Melbourne, Florida, Chapter/Trouble In Mind, 2015) Expert Alterations - Alabaster (You Can't Always Be Liked, Kanine, 2015) EZTV - Hard To Believe (Calling Out, Captured Tracks, 2015) Groovy Movies - My Heart Won't Let Me (Groovy Movies, Autoeditado, 2015) Linden - Window Pane (Rest And Be Thankful, Slumberland, 2015) Milky Wimpshake - Parachute Drop (Encore, Un Effort!, Fortuna Pop, 2015) Peter Case - Evicted (HWY 62, Omnivore, 2015) Robert Forster - A Poet Walks (Songs To Play, Tapete, 2015) Ryan Hamilton - Be Kind, Rewind (Hell Of A Day, Fanny Pack, 2015)

  • Gran Sur #14 - 15 Discos De Aquí

    Gran Sur #14 - 15 Discos De Aquí

    13/12/2015 Duration: 52min

    El programa de hoy es un repaso a los discos españoles que más nos han gustado en 2015. Por no desvelar el orden, citamos las canciones que suenan en orden alfabético: Airbag - La Bomba De Neutrones (Gotham Te Necesita, Sony, 2015) Alondra Bentley - When I Get Back Home (Resolutions, Gran Derby, 2015) Ama - Los Turbulentos (Nada Dos Veces, Jabalina, 2015) La Bien Querida - El Origen Del Mundo (Premeditación, Nocturnidad y Alevosía, Elefant, 2015) Los Bonsáis - La Espina (Nordeste, Elefant, 2015) Los Carradine - Los Hermanos Ramone (Academia Rocanrol, Bobo Integral, 2015) Flamaradas - Piel De Piedra (Paisaje Entre Las Caña, Producciones Doradas/El Genio Equivocado, 2015) Francisco Nixon - Vacaciones En Grecia (Lo Malo Que Nos Pasa, Siesta, 2015) Hazte Lapón - Durmiendo Con El Enemigo (Nana Del Amor Ambivalente) (No Son Tu Marido, El Genio Equivocado, 2015) Hidrogenesse - El Hombre De Barro (Roma, Austrohúngaro, 2015) Malcolm Scarpa - Shame On You (Something Like That!, Sunthunder, 2015) Octubre - No Es Verdad

  • Gran Sur #13 - Alrededor De The Feelies

    Gran Sur #13 - Alrededor De The Feelies

    21/11/2015 Duration: 55min

    The Feelies en 55 minutos. Suenan: The Feelies - Fa Cé-La (Crazy Rhythms, Stiff, 1980) The Trypes - The Undertow (The Explorers Hold, Coyote, 1984) The Feelies - The High Road (The Good Earth, Coyote/Twin Tone, 1986) The Feelies - She Said, She Said (No One Knows, Twin Tone, 1986) Versión de The Beatles Yung Wu - Spinning (Shore Leave, Coyote/Twin Tone, 1987) Yung Wu - Shore Leave (Shore Leave, Coyote/Twin Tone, 1987) The Feelies - The Final Word (Only Life, A&M, 1988) Speed The Plough - Veszprém (Speed The Plough, Coyote, 1988) The Feelies - Sooner Or Later (Time For A Witness, A&M, 1991) Wild Carnation - Trailer Song (Tricycle, Delmore, 1994) Wake Ooloo - Age Of Reason (What About It, Pravda, 1995) True Wheel - Alien Kids (True Wheel, Cdbaby, 1997-2010) Sunburst - (Love Is) The Best Revenge (-, Demo, 2000) Glenn Mercer - Get It Back (Wheels In Motion, Pravda, 2007) The Feelies - Later On (Here Before, Bar/None, 2011)

  • Gran Sur #12 - Profundidad De Campo

    Gran Sur #12 - Profundidad De Campo

    28/10/2015 Duration: 01h54s

    Suenan: Espagueti - Las Chicas De La Escalera (Espagueti, Bandcamp, 2015) Sea Pinks - Depth Of Field (Soft Days, CF, 2016) Michael Carpenter - I've Been Lovin' You (The Big Radio, Autoeditado, 2015) Smoking Victims - Mi Vecina De Enfrente (Meteorología, Rufus, 2015) Summer Twins - Stop & Go (Limbo, Burger, 2015) Elvyn - This Is The End (Valley Of The Kilowatt Hour, Little Wagon, 2015) The Ocean Party - Guess Work (Light Weight, Spunk, 2015) Kontiki Suite - Free From Sound (The Greatest Show On Earth, Autoeditado, 2015) Papaya - Mira Su Fuego (No Me Quiero Enamorar, Jabalina, 2015) Brandon Schott - Henry (Crayons & Angels, Autoeditado, 2015) The Bitter Springs - Lost Contact(Cuttlefish & Love's Remains, Harvey, 2015) The Memories - I Went Walking In The Rain (Home Style, Randy, 2015) Gente Joven - La Joya Del Nilo (Casa De Socorro, Acuarela, 2015) Odd Hope - I'll Follow You Soon (Brave & Olde, Fruits & Flowers, 2015) Community Radio - One Book A Treasure (Look Now You're Cursed, Novella, 2

  • Gran Sur #11 - Amor Bomba

    Gran Sur #11 - Amor Bomba

    17/10/2015 Duration: 01h59s

    Suenan: The Parson Red Heads - Hazy Dream (In A Hazy Dream Retrospective (2004-2014), You Are The Cosmos, 2011-2015) Smash Palace - Haddontown (Some Kind Of Magic, Zip, 2015) Mooner - Alison (Masterpiece, Aerial Ballet, 2015) Bryan Adams - You Belong To Me (Get Up, Polydor, 2015) What's Eating Gilbert - Follow Her Around (That New Sound You're Looking For, Hopeless, 2015) E'spaniel - No Common Sense (-, Soundcloud, 2015) The Airplanes - All Over Again (Buddy System: The Airplanes & Big Quiet, Kingfisher Bluez, 2015) Co-Pilgrim - You Come Over, You Go (Slow To Go, Battle Worldwide, 2015) Cleaners From Venus - Billy Liar (Rose Of The Lanes, Soft Bodies, 2015) Glenn Mercer - Cheyenne (Incidental Hum, Bar/None, 2015) Mild High Club - Undeniable (Timeline, Circle Star, 2015) Laetitia Sadier - Dry Fruit (Dry Fruit, Drag City, 2015) Hazte Lapón - Amor Bomba (No Son Tu Marido, El Genio Equivocado, 2015) Low - No Comprende (Ones And Sixes, Sub Pop, 2015) Dave Rawlings Machine - The Weekend (Nashville Obsolete, Ac

  • Gran Sur #10 - La Chica Del 600 Blanco

    Gran Sur #10 - La Chica Del 600 Blanco

    10/10/2015 Duration: 47min

    Selección de los mejores discos nacionales de 2010 a 2014. Suenan: Gran Aparato Eléctrico - El Capitán De Las Sardinas (Rayos, Truenos Y Relámpagos, Bandcamp, 2010) Waldorf Histeria - Escuela De Verano (Waldorf Histeria, Autoeditado, 2010) Los Ginkas - Fiesta En La Luna (Retumbarama, Spicnic, 2010) La Casa Azul - La Niña Más Hermosa (La Polinesia Meridional, Elefant, 2011) Remate - Por Lo Que Tiene De Romántico (Superluv, Recordings From The Other Side, 2011) Airbag - La Estrella De La Muerte (Manual De Montaña Rusa, Wild Punk, 2011) Ángel Kaplan - Your Empty Eyes (Pictures From The Past, Sunny Day, 2012) Hidrogenesse - Christopher (Un Dígito Binario Dudoso, Austrohúngaro, 2012) Yani Martinelli - Ginger Cookies (Bubble Station, Bandcamp, 2012) Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! - No Me Verás Caer (Todo Roto, Slovenly, 2013) Parade - Amor Romántico (Amor Y Ruido, Jabalina, 2013) Jack Bosco - Morning Rain (Hunters And Horses, Autoeditado, 2013) Renaldo & Clara - Veueta (Fruits Del Teu Bosc, Bankrobber, 2014) Bassmatti

  • Gran Sur #9 - La Armada De Arthur

    Gran Sur #9 - La Armada De Arthur

    03/10/2015 Duration: 01h57s

    Suenan: The Wellgreen - She's The Greatest (Summer Rain, Pretty Olivia, 2015) Euros Childs - Julia Sky (Superstar, National Elf, 2015) Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab - Get There While You're Going (Coconut Summer Drop?-?In 432, Autoeditado, 2015) Fraser A. Gorman - We're All Alright (Slow Gum, Marathon / Milk! / House Anxiety, 2015) Widowspeak - All Yours (All Yours, Captured Tracks, 2015) Eilen Jewell - Pages (Sundown Over Ghost Town, Signature Sounds, 2015) EZTV - Pretty Torn Up (Calling Out, Captured Tracks, 2015) Teenage Moods - Get It Right (Select Buds, Tenorio Cotobade, 2015) The Rightovers - Arthur's Army (Blue Blood, Jigsaw / Trebleplane, 2015) The Maureens - Heartbreak (Bang The Drum, Autoeditado, 2015) Expert Alterations - The Past And You (You Can't Always Be Liked, Kanine, 2015) Primitive Parts - Being There (Parts Primitive, Trouble In Mind, 2015) Los Alambres - Trucos De Belleza (Señales De Humo, Discos Walden, 2015) The Nines - Never Take You For Granted (Night Surfer And The Cassette Kids, Autoeditado,

  • Gran Sur #8 - La Batalla De Nieve

    Gran Sur #8 - La Batalla De Nieve

    12/09/2015 Duration: 01h01min

    Suenan: Yo La Tengo - Awhileaway (Stuff Like That There, Matador, 2015) Martin Courtney - Northern Highway (Many Moons, Domino, 2015) Butch Walker - I Love You (Afraid Of Ghosts, Lojinx / Dangerbird, 2015) Herb Eimerman - Believe That I Do (Five Dimensional Man, Egomaniac, 2015) Ricked Wicky - Well Suited (I Sell The Circus, Guided By Voices / Fire, 2015) Wilco - The Joke Explained (Star Wars, dBpm, 2015) Kelley Stoltz - Redirected (4 New Cuts, Stroll On, 2015) Sleater Kinney - A New Wave (No Cities To Love, Sub Pop, 2015) White Reaper - Pills (White Reaper Does It Again, Polyvynil, 2015) Ryan Hamilton - Respond To My Email (You Bitch) (Hell Of A Day, Fanny Pack, 2015) The Ravines - Working Class Girl (Everything's Fine, Autoeditado, 2015) The Rightovers - Valerie (Blue Blood, Jigsaw / Trebleplane, 2015) Triptides - Hideout (Azur, Requiem Pour Un Twister, 2015) Ben Varian - Lasko (Part Of Y'All, MJ MJ, 2015) The Cannanes - Grotto Capri (Nail House Party, Emotional Response, 2015) Marco Rea - Time (Wallpaper

  • Gran Sur #7 - Domingo

    Gran Sur #7 - Domingo

    30/08/2015 Duration: 01h40s

    Giant Sand - Texting Feist (Heartbreak Pass, New West, 2015) Robert Forster - Let Me Imagine You (Songs To Play, Tapete, 2015) Andrew Combs - Long Gone Lately (All These Dreams, Loose/Coin, 2015) Jim O'Rourke - Half Life Crisis (Simple Songs, Drag City, 2015) Natalie Prass - Christy (Natalie Prass, Spacebomb, 2015) Bill Fay - Who Is The Sender? (Who Is The Sender?, Dead Oceans, 2015) J Fernández - Holy Hesitation (Many Levels Of Laughter, Joyful Noise, 2015) Knife Pleats - One Step Too Far (Hat Bark Beach, Lost Sound, 2015) Ultimate Painting - (I've Got The) Sanctioned Blues (Green Lanes, Trouble In Mind, 2015) Drug Cabin - Legends (Wiggle Room, 401K, 2015) The Mantles - Doorframe (All Odds End, Slumberland, 2015) Summer Fiction - Perfume Paper (Himalaya, Autoeditado, 2015) The Wellgreen - Sunday (Summer Rain, Pretty Olivia, 2015) Feedbacks - Ahead Of This Time (Skyway Blvd., Pretty Olivia, 2015) Todd Rundgren - I Saw The Light (Something/Anything?, Bearsville, 1972) Joan Shelley - Stay On My Shore (Over And

  • Gran Sur #6 - Viaje Por Las Estrellas

    Gran Sur #6 - Viaje Por Las Estrellas

    22/08/2015 Duration: 01h01min

    Whitechapel - Fukushima, Mon Amour (Heyday, Sistema Rotativo, 2014) Star Trip - Todos Los Caminos Traen Aquí (Star Trip, Pretty Olivia, 2015) Star Trip - Ya No Eres Como Antes (Star Trip, Pretty Olivia, 2015) Hooton Tennis Club - Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair (Highest Point In Cliff Town, Heavenly, 2015) Moon Types - Know The Reason (Know The Reason, Jigsaw, 2015) Ducktails - Surreal Exposure (St. Catherine, Domino, 2015) EZTV - That's Where You Belong (Calling Out, Captured Tracks, 2015) Twerps - Back To You (Range Anxiety, Merge, 2015) Juvenilia - Fiesta Secreta (Juvenilia, High Five, 2015) Los Antideslizantes - Final Feliz (Final Feliz, Discos El Carmen, 2015) Octubre - Nos Falta Fe (Mouseland, colgado en Bandcamp, 2015) Lunchbox - Heaven (Smash Hits, Jigsaw, 2015) Salad Boys - Dream Date (Metalmania, Trouble In Mind, 2015) Sheer Mag - Travellin On (II, Wilsuns / Katorga, 2015) Peacers - R.J.D. (Salam) (Peacers, Drag City, 2015) Destroyer - Times Square (Poison Season, Dead Oceans, 2015) M

  • Gran Sur #5 - Monográfico Mike Viola

    Gran Sur #5 - Monográfico Mike Viola

    08/08/2015 Duration: 01h44min

    Programa dedicado al músico americano Mike Viola, enorme compositor, arreglista, productor, cantante, creador de bandas sonoras... Mike Viola - Caroline (Not The Only One, Autoeditado, 1985) Mike Viola & Snap - I Can’t Forget You (Kenmore Sq., RPM, 1990) Candy Butchers - Never Going Back Again (Candy Butchers, Good Morning Monkey, 1996-2012) The Wonders - That Thing You Do! (The Mike Viola Primer, Good Morning Monkey, 1996-2011) Mike Viola And The Candy Butchers - Fall Back Down (Falling Into Place, RPM, 1999) The Figgs - Lose The Pain (Slow Charm, Hearbox, 2002) Candy Butchers - Something Special (Play With Your Head Outtakes, colgado en, 2002-2015) Candy Butchers - What To Do With Michael (Hang On Mike, RPM, 2004) Mike Viola - Just Before Dark (Just Before Dark, Good Morning Monkey, 2005) L.E.O. - Make Me (Alpacas Orgling, Cheap Lullaby, 2006) Fountains Of Wayne - Fire In The Canyon (Traffic And Weather, Virgin, 2007) Mike Viola - The Strawberry Blonde (Lurch, Good Morning Monkey, 2007) John C

  • Gran Sur #4 - Monográfico Francis Macdonald

    Gran Sur #4 - Monográfico Francis Macdonald

    16/07/2015 Duration: 01h41min

    Repasamos la carrera del gran Francis Macdonald, leyenda del pop de guitarras escocés, miembro de Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits e infinidad de bandas más, fantástico batería, productor, dueño de los sellos Shoeshine y Spit & Polish, manager,.. Suenan: The Boy Hairdressers – Golden Shower (Golden Shower, 53rd & 3rd, 1987) The Groovy Little Numbers – Happy Like Yesterday (Happy Like Yesterday, 53rd & 3rd, 1988) Melody Dog – Futuristic Lover (Futuristic Lover, K, 1991) The Pastels – Thru’ Your Heart (Thru’ Your Heart, Paperhouse, 1991) Frank Blake – Don’t Let Love Pass You By (Plastic Bag, Shoeshine, 1996) Astro Chimp – Draggin’ (Draggin’, Shoeshine, 1996) Versión de Roger McGuinn. BMX Bandits – I Wanna Fall In Love (Theme Park, Creation, 1997) Teenage Fanclub – Planets (Songs From Northern Britain, Creation, 1997) Cheeky Monkey – All I Can Do Is Cry (Four Arms To Hold You, Shoeshine, 1998) Speedboat – Finding A Way (Satellite Girl, Shoeshine, 1999) Secret Goldfish – Somewhere In The World (Mink Riot

  • Gran Sur #3 - Música Contemporánea

    Gran Sur #3 - Música Contemporánea

    11/07/2015 Duration: 01h36s

    Silver Sun – Lies (Disappear Here, Invisible Hands, 2005) Grupo De Inventores – Aislamiento Perpetuo (BD05, Autoeditado, 2015) Grupo De Inventores – El Último Gran Físico (BD05, Autoeditado, 2015) Panty Pantera – Chico Raro (Monos Que Se Ríen, Discos Humeantes, 2015) Ezra Furman – Wobbly (Perpetual Motion People, Bella Union, 2015) Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best (Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, Milk! / Maraton / Mom + Pop, 2015) Los Carradine – Academia Rocanrol (Academia Rocanrol, en descarga en Blisstopic, 2009-2015) The Minus 5 – In The Ground (Dungeon Golds, Yep Roc, 2015) The Piniellas – No One Cares (Struck Out Looking, Kid Tested, 2015) Mammane Sani Et Son Orgue – Tunan (La Musique Électronique Du Niger, Sahel, 1979-2013) Laura Cantrell – 14th Street (Humming By The Flowered Wine, Matador, 2005) Sarah Cracknell – It’s Never Too Late (Red Kite, Cherry Red, 2015) Tobias Jesso Jr. – How Could You Babe (Goon, True Panther, 2015) Wild Honey – Brillan Más Que El Mar (Medalla De Pl

  • Gran Sur #2 - Volkswagen T2

    Gran Sur #2 - Volkswagen T2

    04/07/2015 Duration: 01h01min

    Neil Young + Promise Of The Real – Wolf Moon (The Monsanto Years, Reprise, 2015) Nuevos Hobbies – Campanas (Gripe, Sweet Grooves, 2015) Sonny & The Sunsets – Baby Jokin (Talent Night At The Ashram, Polyvinyl, 2015) Liam Hayes – Nothing Wrong (Slurrup, Fat Possum, 2015) Francisco Nixon – Un Paseo Por La Costa Fleming (Lo Malo Que Nos Pasa, Siesta, 2015) Ama – Águila Real (Nada Dos Veces, Jabalina, 2015) The Lunar Laugh – Man Against Man (Apollo, Autoeditado, 2015) Christopher Owens – Selfish Feelings (Chrissybaby Forever, Turnstile, 2015) Jaill – Getaway (Brain Cream, Burger, 2015) The Jeanies – The Girl’s Gonna Go (The Jeanies, Discos Regresivos, 2015) Robert Forster – Let Your Light In, Babe (The Evangelist, Capitol / Yep Roc / Tuition, 2008) The Deslondes – Less Honkin’ More Tonkin’ (The Deslondes, New West, 2015) Leon Bridges – Flowers (Coming Home, Columbia, 2015) J.D McPherson – Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout The All-American (Let The Good Times Roll, Rounder, 2015) Elías e Ignacio – Audio Mejorado (Sangr

  • Gran Sur #1 - Píldoras del 2015

    Gran Sur #1 - Píldoras del 2015

    28/06/2015 Duration: 01h41s

    Repasamos algunos de los discos que más nos han gustado en esta primera mitad del 2015. Jad Fair & Norman Blake – Undeletable (Yes, Joyful Noise, 2015) Dick Diver – Waste The Alphabet (Melbourne, Florida, Chapter / Trouble In Mind, 2015) Darren Hayman – May Day 1894 (Chants For Socialists, Where It’s At Is Where You Are, 2015) John Krautner – I Need Sugar (Fun With Gum Vol.1, Burger, 2015) The Fireworks – Let You Know (Switch Me On, Shelflife, 2015) Nic Hessler – (Please) Don’t Break Me (Soft Connections, Captured Tracks, 2015) Jake Xerxes Fussell – Raggy Levy (Jake Xerxes Fussell, Paradise Of Bachelors, 2015) Barna Howard – Hands Like Gloves (Quite A Feelin’, Mama Bird / Loose, 2015) Tom Brosseau – Goodbye, Empire Builder (Perfect Abandon, Crossbill / Tin Angel, 2015) Jessica Pratt – Back, Baby (On Your Own Love Again, Drag City, 2015) Milky Wimpshake – My Girl In Brackets (Encore, Un Effort!, Fortuna Pop, 2015) Los Blenders – Chavos Bien (Chavos Bien, Tigre, 2015) Quarterbacks – Stay In Luv (Quarterbac