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The Holy Jamz Shows are the most talked about urban radio shows that have hit the globe since airing in Jan 2007 capturing audiences from around the world. The original Holy Jamz Show featured guest appearances from mainstream, independent and new coming urban artists. Past guests include Lisa McClendon, Mr. Del, Jim Gittum, K-Drama, Sean Slaughter, Pettidee, Carriers of The Cross, Dae Lee, LP, G Baby, Legin, XO, King Wes, Parabols, Kiwi, Trav Gutta, J Santana, DJ Will, Monty G, Dinero, T-Won, Mozel, Rawsrvnt, Just Isaac, CSGZ, Lil Prophet, KB, Christafari, Ann Nesby, The Scientist & many more.


  • Holy Jamz Show Interview with Richie Righteous aka R.I.C.H.

    Holy Jamz Show Interview with Richie Righteous aka R.I.C.H.

    13/11/2010 Duration: 01h04min

    Richie Righteous is an international gospel rap artist who was born in Guyana, South America as the son of a preacher before his family would later migrate to Queens, New York in the United States when Richie was 11 years old. After being exposed to the rich and diverse cultures and music in New York, Rich began to fall in love with the world of hip hop and the various ways it was used to express one’s views and emotions. Although a certified church boy, Rich still couldn’t ward off all of the exposure, peer pressure, temptations and even frustrations from the world around him. From being held at gunpoint during a home invasion as a child, to having his first born child out of wedlock, Richie would come to resolidify his relationship with the Lord and dedicate not only his heart to God but a righteous lifestyle and relationship with God.

  • Holy Jamz Show

    Holy Jamz Show

    06/11/2010 Duration: 01h03min

    General Topical Discussions

  • Holy Jamz Show: Voting Rights, Smear Campaigns  More

    Holy Jamz Show: Voting Rights, Smear Campaigns & More

    30/10/2010 Duration: 01h02min

    Voting Rights, Smear Campaigns & More

  • Holy Jamz Show Interview with Saylah Flowz

    Holy Jamz Show Interview with Saylah Flowz

    23/10/2010 Duration: 01h03min

    Saylah Flowz began his journey in music and poetry at a very young age. However, although he is a sold out Christian, this wasn't always the case. Before being able to fill the void he was experiencing in his life, Saylah was actually practicing the Muslim faith for most of his adolescence. After sending up an extremely heartfelt prayer to the Lord, he received back an answer in the form of a dream. After awaking from this dream he knew that he was to become a Christian. Since then, Saylah Flowz surrendered his life to Christ and has been sold out ever since. Saylah Flowz recently released a new album entitled Break Out under indie record label In-Line Records.

  • Holy Jamz Show Interviews Nu-Born The Firewalker

    Holy Jamz Show Interviews Nu-Born The Firewalker

    09/10/2010 Duration: 01h03min

    NuBorn the Firewalker is a warrior in the Lord’s army who has been on the battlegrounds ministering thru gospel rap music since 1994. Coming from a time and generation where he witnessed a lot of unfortunate life’s situations and circumstances arise in the lives around him, the Lord placed his hand upon him and brought him into a closer more intimate relationship with him so that he could walk out his purpose in God and be used as an awesome vessel to plant seeds and touch lives in the Lord’s name. NuBorn has experienced a Blessed music ministry where he has had the opportunity to befriend and minister alongside of many men and women of God in the gospel rap industry to include Da Truth, K-Drama, D-Maub, Corey Red, L.G. Wise, This’l and many more. His most recent album project entitled “Finding My Purpose” has a special guest artist who is none other than his oldest son aka Backdraft.

  • Holy Jamz Show Listening Party with Stefan The Scientist Moss

    Holy Jamz Show Listening Party with Stefan "The Scientist" Moss

    02/10/2010 Duration: 01h04min

    The Scientist (aka Stefan Moss) began his music career in 1994 where he launched his his first reggae/hip-hop Marlin Award winning group. Through the years, he has worked behind the scenes as a producer for a variety of established Bahamian reggae artists. In late 2004, he collaborated with Nashville based hip-hop legends "Grits" and cowrote their hit single "Hittin Curves", winning his first Dove Award with the Grits in 2005. The Scientist's album project ORIGINS dropped in August 2010.

  • Holy Jamz Show Interview with Ms. Ty Scott

    Holy Jamz Show Interview with Ms. Ty Scott

    25/09/2010 Duration: 01h01min

    Ms. Ty Scott has ministered via poetry and rap in a national spot light for many years of her life. Part of her rap ministry career was spent as 1 half of the trail blazing gospel rap duo known as Platnium Souls. Platinum Souls enjoyed a successful ground breaking career making history with being one of the first Christian rap groups ever to have one of their albums make it to Billboard Music Chart's Top 10 List. A variety of Ms. Ty Scott's poetry has been part of national radio ad campaigns for entities such as Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and Aveeno. Ms. Ty Scott has also been a featured guest on various television shows to include appearances on BET, TBN, the Word Network, TV One and more.

  • Holy Jamz Show Interview with Agape of CSGz

    Holy Jamz Show Interview with Agape of CSGz

    18/09/2010 Duration: 01h05min

    This week's Holy Jamz Show was quite serious as the show hosts and guest artist Agape of CSGz discussed religious and natural human freedoms and rights. AGAPE of the gospel rap group CSGz from Vicksburg, MI has a track entitled "Behold The Dreamer" which was selected as the main movie track for the civil rights documentary on Rev. A.D. King (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s brother) in Atlanta, GA. Agape performed with T.I., Rick Ross & many others during the A.D. King Foundation tour in Atlanta, GA as the only "Inspirational/Faith-Based" artist. Agape is also an ordained minister and youth pastor and was one of the original founders for the group CSGz which broke the glass ceiling in regards to having a Christian rap album chosen for rotation for a nationally televised & syndicated wrestling federation program reaching over 2 Billion viewers.

  • Holy Jamz Show Interviews Brinson of God Chaserz Entertainment

    Holy Jamz Show Interviews Brinson of God Chaserz Entertainment

    11/09/2010 Duration: 01h18s

    BRINSON of God Chaserz Entertainment will be the special 1st guest on the premier return "Family Reunion" episode of a brand new season of the Holy Jamz Show with hosts Violet B and Carlos G of FuzionZoneRadio.com - Brinson is an intl gospel rapper who has traveled across the globe spreading the gospel thru music. He performed at Bishop T.D. Jakes church The Potter's House in Dallas, TX for his latest album release project entitled OMG. Brinson also dropped a music video for his track "Don't Rap No Mo" during the summer which touches on the purpose, power and impact of lyrical content in music and its influence on listeners. Brinson is the founder and C.E.O. of God Chaserz Entertainment, as well as, an ordained minister.