Over the Transom presents their podcast "Footnotes".An exploration in electronic sounds and song. Listen to Nadia Gaudets ghostly singing style, honest lyrics and dreamy piano melodies melding to Zefs digital landscape of electronic beats and sonic manipulation.


  • Footnotes⁴


    24/01/2014 Duration: 28min

    It’s the space moth voice and drunk android beats, pounding piano and zippy zorpy electro-zap. Over the Transom makes music from the sexy space lounges of the future so what the hell, yes, ENGAGE Footnotes⁴ features music created for LOVESYCK, a deep space nightclub medical opera web comic viewable at Download now Music and […]

  • Footnotes³ featuring Mayday to the Moon

    Footnotes³ featuring Mayday to the Moon

    29/12/2012 Duration: 31min

    Download full episode Full track listing: 1. The Actuated Fundamental 03:40 2. Wanting More 05:01 3. Dive in the Deep 05:34 4. Ohm Subset 06:16 5. The Spark 06:13 6. Sousveillance 05:22 These songs were all born out of improvised jams recorded one evening in the summer of ’11 in Montréal. The performances of those […]

  • Footnotes²


    05/06/2012 Duration: 29min

    Footnotes is available on our blog as a free 192kbps audio file. Download this episode Subscribe to our feed for more updates Subscribe to iTunes feed

  • Footnotes¹


    03/04/2012 Duration: 38min

    Check out our inaugural Over the Transom podcast mix : Footnotes 1 Footnotes is available here as a free 192kbps audio file. Download this episode, 192kbps Subscribe for more updates iTunes feed