Silver Lining Podcast



The best place to hear new music from unsigned acts in the UK. Also good for aimless waffle.


  • Episode Seven

    Episode Seven

    18/04/2010 Duration: 57min

    In which the team bid a fond farewell, with liberal pauses for crisps and cava. As ever, the big issues are at the forefront: Who will triumph in the local elections? Did you get a turkey egg for Easter? Who is the UKs Melissa Joan Hart? And what on earth are you going to do without us? With music from The Magic Lantern, Marques Toliver, The Gullivers, Mondesir, Anna Calvi and The Silver Lining. Shall we say aurevoir?

  • Episode Six

    Episode Six

    01/03/2010 Duration: 01h05min

    In which the Silver Lining Rose is planted in the garden of all things trivial, left to grow wild, find its way around the shed and prick the consciences of its detractors with its sharp thorns (wit). With music from Whole Schebang, Maria Byrne, Molly Jones, Hugo Left Hand, We Aeronauts, Lanterns on the Lake & Boy and Bear.

  • Episode Five

    Episode Five

    31/01/2010 Duration: 55min

    In which the team tear up the manual (in all known languages), break the mould (in Jonny's rancid cafetiere) and make like B. Dylan and go rock (Judaaaaaas!). The return of Pat Sharp's Funhouse, The Beatles (who?), 3 Colours Red and maybe even the Who (beatles?) are mooted and pondered. AND there's face-melting music from Draw Me Stories, My Tiger My Timing, Enamel, Harrison Hope, The Brian Jacket Letdown, Hoodoo Scoundrels and... Radiohead. So.

  • Episode Four

    Episode Four

    13/01/2010 Duration: 51min

    In which the team reboot for the new year, scrabbling around for fresh Peeves, fighting for the cause of the unloved ginger, buzzing for luck in a knockout quiz o'2009 and doing a spot of celeb-spotting. Yes, they've changed. With music from Hollowbody, Emily Maughan, I Could Make You So Happy, Earl Grey & the Loose Leaves and Adam Beattie & the Consultants.

  • Episode Three

    Episode Three

    08/12/2009 Duration: 55min

    In which the team come up against the unknown frontiers of Science, the joys of Freecycling, the perils of leaving things too late and, as a result, the wrath of the Ghost of Podcast Past/Future. No presents for us, then. With music from Sara Schiralli, Draw Me Stories, Molly Beanland, Clare Blackman and our very own Tim Dickinson.

  • Episode Two

    Episode Two

    28/10/2009 Duration: 49min

    In which the team revel in the delights of niche Parisian cutlery, "go raga," unleash their first jingle and offer up no fewer than two competitions. Sharpen your e-pencils and hide your food. With music from Mary Bowers, Sunday Driver, The Teak Project, Lola & the Clic and EBRT-FMC.

  • Episode One

    Episode One

    30/09/2009 Duration: 56min

    In which the team introduce themselves, having already forgotten their own names. Featuring sublime cuts from Kyla la Grange, Tone & the Spartans, Oliver Talkes and Elephant Juice. Regular features include: pet peeves, gig guide for October and more. Not that much more, though.