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The Curated Sounds Podcast is dedicated to providing a unique selection of tracks that follow an audible theme or concept. Each mix tells a story, paints a picture, or creates a mood. These mixes are hand crafted and explore different genres. All mixes are mixed by Will Rodriguez and are for promotional purposes only.


  • Summer Choons 2012

    Summer Choons 2012

    04/05/2012 Duration: 51min

    The Summer Choons mix is back with a fresh selection of tracks for 2012. Much like the previous version, this mix is a gradual build of energy and tempo; from...

  • Rhythm  Wine: For Two

    Rhythm & Wine: For Two

    10/07/2011 Duration: 51min

    The mix that started it all is back with a new flavor of sound. The second edition of the Rhythm & Wine mix is an intimate collection of deep house...

  • Bunda Funk

    Bunda Funk

    02/07/2011 Duration: 41min

    Originating from the streets and discotheques of Rio de Janiero, the baile funk (favela funk) genre has grown in popularity and evolved in sound. Derived from Miami Bass, baile funk...

  • Introducing WILI GUCCIANO

    Introducing WILI GUCCIANO

    30/06/2011 Duration: 35min

    Just having fun with a new format and sense of creativity. Tracklist: We No Speak No Americano – Yolanda Be Cool Feat. D-Cup That Accordion Track (Ron Reeser & Dan...

  • Summer Choons 2010

    Summer Choons 2010

    30/06/2011 Duration: 58min

    This is the mix most of you have been waiting for! A collection of some of my favorite summer latin infused house tracks for 2010. Picture yourself letting go of...

  • 2AM to Sunrise

    2AM to Sunrise

    30/06/2011 Duration: 01h00s

    A mix created for the afterhour club goers. The people that come out to play when the normal clubs are closing their doors. The people that dance in their cars...

  • Mojito Mix

    Mojito Mix

    30/06/2011 Duration: 52min

    A sensual blend of Brazilectro and Latin Lounge tracks mixed together to create a very refreshing listening experience. Download it, play it, and enjoy it… Tracklist: The Muddle (Bacardi Mojito...

  • Rhythm  Wine

    Rhythm & Wine

    26/04/2011 Duration: 38min

    A short and sweet mix. Perhaps it’s a port or maybe a muscato? Pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy the sultry house beats complimented with the powerful soothing...