River-the Joni Letters



Herbie Hanocks talks making music, Joni Mitchell and more.


  • Corinne, Tina and Leonard

    Corinne, Tina and Leonard

    14/12/2007 Duration: 11min

    Corinne Bailey Rae, Tina Turner and Leonard Cohen are discussed.

  • Norah and Luciana

    Norah and Luciana

    14/12/2007 Duration: 09min

    Herbie talks about Norah Jones and Luciana Souza.

  • Outside The Box

    Outside The Box

    14/12/2007 Duration: 11min

    Herbie talks about expanding one's horizons.

  • Part 1 - Joni

    Part 1 - Joni

    14/12/2007 Duration: 08min

    Herbie shares his impressions about Joni Mitchell.

  • Part 2 - Joni

    Part 2 - Joni

    14/12/2007 Duration: 07min

    More of Herbie on Joni.

  • Humanity


    14/12/2007 Duration: 08min

    The function of an album.