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  • Divide  Conquer

    Divide & Conquer

    11/01/2021 Duration: 02h49min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout. Let's Go, Bucks. Fuck Donald Trump and everybody who loves them. We talked about @Kanyewest and @kimkardashian getting a divorce. Prayers for @drdre We talked about thighs from @wingstop. We got into our real talk bag for sure. The best way to get a second date with me is by letting me fuck on the first one. It's always married niggas hollering at hoes. Women only buy you shots if they feeling you. Sex hit different at different times. We talked about BLACK PEOPLE. It was a lot. So much to unpack in this episode. Shout out to @jazminesullivan for an amazing album. @officialbelaire!! The culture from a Midwest Point of View.

  • Lucky Lefty

    Lucky Lefty

    04/01/2021 Duration: 02h03min

    #WWTB @Whtwetalkinbout. Happy new year from the Belaire Boys. Recap- fav album of 2020 Biggest lesson you learned of 2020. Who do u owe a thank you to for 2020. Should everyone know how many new bodies or bodies they had last year Since we are all back at zero? New 600 stimmy jones, Why we wait to 2021 New year to cut people off. Ohio State going to the championship. @JprinceJr going off on Clubhouse. Why do women hide the abusive niggas but expose the broke ones and so much more? Shout out to @champagnepapi. Shout out to @richforever

  • The Voice

    The Voice

    28/12/2020 Duration: 02h12min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout back. Hope you got what you wanted for Christmas. Today's ep we got in all our bags. RIH Andre Hill, killed by a Columbus Police Officer. Another black man gunned down. Sad deal. Every Man has two personalities, before the box and after the box. Do women have it to or Nah? Men don’t go to counseling, they get a new woman that don't know how they are lying? I know you never ask a body count, but do you ask if she had 3somes and more? Sex more fire if she starts it? NBA and more. @ceoreese @trav_dave @dez_arnez @thekidblaze. The best to do it. As Always, The culture from a Midwest POV.

  • On Me

    On Me

    21/12/2020 Duration: 01h46min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout.Hoe hoe hoe Merry Christmas. Today we talked The Ohio State Buckeyes is the big 10 champs. We talked about the @verzuz with @tooshort and @e40 We talked about who is the Columbus King and Queen of Clubhouse, You can't go in a relationship expecting a chic to spend money on you. How do you deal with a person you love but don’t like it anymore? Hobosexuals. Do men have PTSD from dating? Thot prevention hours. Ladies, yall use the sex toy your ex bought you? Shout out to the guys @trav_dave @ceoreese @dez_arnez @thekidblaze. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest POV. RIH @ReggieOsse We miss you OG

  • Keep it Light

    Keep it Light

    14/12/2020 Duration: 02h23min

    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinbout...The Nasty Boy.. So many pauses on this show lol. Happy born day to @Daliah740, Shout out to Feed the Neighborhood. We talked about @officialtinylester RIH, talked about @ashanti vs @keyshiacole, OSU vs TTUN. When is the 1st time you had some Good box? Black men deserve a love that doesn't require spending money 1st. Should u love someone at their lowest even if you're not gonna be with them? Dating someone with the same morals as up is so important. Is new sex a form of therapy And RIH to Casey Goodson Jr. As Always, The culture from a Midwest point of view. S/O to _purplehaze23 for the dope Hats!!

  • Errbody


    07/12/2020 Duration: 01h55min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout aka 1/3rd of a lot of things. We were on our Saturday vibe with this one. Of course, we talked @funkflex and how the industry body shame men. We talked about Casanova and @nolimitherbo and how the hip hop feds are on everybody. We talk about Damaged men can’t commit, and damaged women can’t submit. Hov appreciation. @larsapippen, @ashanti vs @keyshiacole plus so much more. Shout out to the ladies of @fulldizclosure be on the lookout for them. As Always, The Culture from a midwest Point of view.

  • Body


    30/11/2020 Duration: 01h48min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout back in the building back in the place to be. With a special guest, a friend of the family @lynnvincentina. The crew talked about @theestallion Album, why do women post memes that aren’t true to them, being too friendly, Happy men cheat and happy women won’t cheat, Lori Harvey being the goat, Grammys, and bunch other funny shit. @ceoreese, @dez_arnez @thekidblaze @trav_dave AKA 1/3rd of a lot of things held it down per usual. As Always, The culture from A midwest point of view.

  • Truth.


    24/11/2020 Duration: 01h58min

    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinb bout. Yeah, Trap or die N*ggaaaaa, In my Trap House. Last night we decided to do our review of the @Jeezy vs @laflare1017 @veruztv Battle. We will get back to regular our show but the guys had very strong opinions on the battle. @dez_arnez views verses @trav_dave is always hilarious and @ceoreese thoughts are always funny. @thekidblaze didn’t watch but went off the playlist and his reaction was classic. Classic barbershop talk on this one. Next week we will get back to our real talk bag and the antics for the people. Even got some surprises coming up. As Always, The culture from a Midwest POV.

  • Good News

    Good News

    16/11/2020 Duration: 02h43min

    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinbout? We the hell was we talkin bout for almost 3 hours? Everything man. So many gems in this episode. @ceoreese and @dez_arnez talk about relationships and the idea of love. Growing with a person and is love a real thing anything. It’s dope to hear it from the men POV without all the hype and troll or pick me aspect to it. Straight no chaser. We Talked about music, @2chainz album. Shout out to @coupcoup40cal shouts to @drag_on1 Shout to @winenightpodcast614 dope event ladies. We know this episode was long, But the gems make it worth it. Last hour 30mins, trust you never heard the guys like this. Congrats to @theblaze on the Mixembassy. Amazing crib. As Always, The culture from a Midwest point of view.

  • FDT


    09/11/2020 Duration: 02h10min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout Podcast back again. You know the vibes. It’s F#*K Donald Trump. Congrats to Vice President-elect @KamalHarris and President @Joebiden. Big shout out to @Staceyabrams and @Symonedsanders. Biden owes down to Black Women. We all do. @Dez_arnez leads the show and as always, sets the tone. Real talk bag was funny, Clubhouse the newest wave, and of course @trav_dave swear he was early, @ceoreese and the @thekidblaze had jokes for the nap date convo. RIH to @Kingvonfrmdao sad man. RIH to Alex Trebek. Once again FDT. As always, The Culture from a midwest Point of view.

  • Mr. Right Now

    Mr. Right Now

    02/11/2020 Duration: 02h18min

    VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!! November 3rd. Get out and Vote. This is one of the most important elections ever. Please get out and Vote. Locally also. Just Vote.

  • Spicy


    26/10/2020 Duration: 02h31min

    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinbout..The boys are back in town. @dez_arnez and @ceoreese fresh off the best dress awards hints the artwork. Happy born day @Ash_Chante77. We had another amazing show. We talk about music. Good debate about @champagnepapi @liltunechi @kanyewest HOV. @thekidblaze said “Drake is the greatest hitmaker in hip hop history. After that, we got into a lot of real talks. Ladies listen to the show and give us some feedback. We want to know what y’all think. Shit got spicy. Also, RIH to Ramon Smith and Donald Smith. @Trav_Dave OG’s from Newark, Ohio. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest POV.

  • What We talkin Bout Live from Beeline

    What We talkin Bout Live from Beeline

    19/10/2020 Duration: 01h03min

    #WWTB? LIVE SHOW? @whtwetalkinbout. Big Happy Birthday Shout out to The Veteran @CEOREESE. We love you, bro. We took this week off so Reese could enjoy his Bday week(end) and have a Good time, but don’t you fret We got the live show on deck for this week. On September 24th, Your boys did a live show at Beeline at Easton. The vibe was incredible, the people were beautiful, laughs were in abundance. We rarely release live shows, but we wanted to share this with the people that made it happen. So i hope you guys enjoy it. As Always, The culture from a Midwest POV. Happy born to our OG, @DoingitwitDar (Rick) Thank you for holding us down, man.

  • drip like me

    drip like me

    12/10/2020 Duration: 02h14min

    #WWTB? Congrats to the #Lakers #Lakeshow This ep is off the chain. @ceoreese lead the way and the L.A. Mixxers won another chip. A lot of real talk in this ep. The box eating convo at the end of the show is worth the 2 hours.. As Always The culture from a Midwest Pov. Sorry for the tenderness. blame @trav_dave !! @thekidblaze @dez_arnez.

  • Savage mode,too!

    Savage mode,too!

    05/10/2020 Duration: 02h07min

    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinbout. @ceoreese lead the show he has been on fire. We talked about titties to start the show lol. About the Hour 15min mark, ladies you might want to tune in. The fellas had some real talk about the word HOES. We let y’all in on how men talk with the homies. We talked about 45 and COVID. NBA finals, and some other stuff. Man, this show was funny. We are happy to be here and happy to share with our fam. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest POV. @dez_Arnez @trav_dave @thekidblaze follow us.

  • Franchise


    28/09/2020 Duration: 02h02min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout? Did you think we would miss a beat? No sir, Not Weeee © @richforever. We back with another dope show led by The Vet @ceoreese. We talked about this new album with Tory Lanez, the situation with Meg. We need to know the truth. We had a lot of real talks, of course, we re-capped our live show on September 24th at Beeline in Easton. Job not finished word to @Kobebryant. So be on the lookout for the next event. We got a surprise for you guys this week also. So tap in rock with ya boys. As ALways, the culture from a Midwest POV. @Dez_arnez @trav_dave @thekidblaze.

  • My window

    My window

    21/09/2020 Duration: 01h59min

    #WWTB? Championship Week. Live show. Beeline. Easton. Columbus, Ohio. 6p-10p Cameras, Videos, laughs, jokes, drinks. Be prepared to have a good time. Thank you for all the donations. It’s been a blessing. We are thankful the city showed up and showed out for us. This week @ceoreese lead the show an we got to it, @dez_arnez is in playoff mode, @thekidblaze is coaching us to the chip. @trav_dave hitting big-time shots like his cousin Anthony Davis. The boys are ready to close out the series. Tell a friend to tell a friend. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest Point of view. @whtwetalkinbout.

  • For The Night

    For The Night

    14/09/2020 Duration: 01h56min

    #wwtb Listen man. I hope you guys are supporters of the show by now. September 24th. Beeline at Easton, We are having a live show. 6p-10p. Cameras flashing, video rolling. Music. It’s going to be dope. Tickets are in our collective bios. Pay what you want, support how you feel. No pressure. Just make sure you come out and have a real good time. We’re excited to see everybody. In the meantime in-between time, enjoy this new episode of @whtwetalkinbout. As Always, The culture from a midwest point of view.

  • Lucky Me

    Lucky Me

    07/09/2020 Duration: 01h27min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout. Happy Labor Day. We want to say thank you to everybody that rocks with us. It means the world to us. I know we say it all the time, but without y'all, it’s no us. Thank you. This episode was short and sweet. We having a live show on September 25th. More details on the way. Support black businesses. We are a black business in case you don't know. Hopefully, everybody stays safe today and this is something to get your day started or the mix going. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest Point of View.

  • All In

    All In

    31/08/2020 Duration: 02h22min

    #WWTB? Boys are still here. We ain’t going anywhere. @Dez_arnez ran the show this week. We talked about Chadwick Boseman. My his soul RIH. We talked about Jacob Blake, We talked about @NBA and should they have to stop playing altogether. We had some laughs but this was real talk, dealing with anxiety to dealing with the honeymoon phase. The boys are versatile. Shout out to @thekidblaze aka Banco Pop, The Sneak E O @ceoreese, and Booked and Busy @trav_dave. As Always, The culture from a Midwest POV.

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