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A celebration of all things nightlife. Bi-weekly podcast hosted by Stadium Status and Suaso featuring interviews with DJs, promoters, photographers, and nightlife personalities from around the globe.


  • GLR 005 - Paola Shea

    GLR 005 - Paola Shea

    02/05/2017 Duration: 54min

    Don't get Paola Shea twisted! She's far from your typical model-turned-DJ. After only DJing for 4 years, she's conquered many of the biggest rooms in the country and around the world. Her secret? Respect the craft and practice, practice, practice. Having some of the best tutors in the world doesn't help either. Paola has been mentored by legends like DJ QBert (and even Ghost Lab Radio's own Stadium Status). In GLR 005 we talk to her about how long she practices scratching on a daily basis (hint: hours!), tips for getting your foot in the door as a newbie, and how she milked her role on Big Brother for tens of thousands of social media followers! Check her out @PaolaShea on Soundcloud and Twitter

  • GLR 004 - GETLIVE!

    GLR 004 - GETLIVE!

    18/04/2017 Duration: 47min

    Getlive is a NYC staple. In GLR 004 we get in-depth about the hustle of a working DJ. We talked to Getlive (@djgetlive) about how networking with other DJs helped start his career, carving his own path by starting his own parties, and what it takes to have major brands like Scion, Nike, and Urban Outfitters reach out to rock their events. Theme song by @Ronaissance

  • GLR 003 - Irvin Benitez

    GLR 003 - Irvin Benitez

    05/04/2017 Duration: 01h09min

    Irvin Benitez founded a small party in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City that quickly blew up into the phenomenon that is now Brunch Bounce. Apt 78, the original venue, held no more than 80 people and within a year they were entertaining 2000 at La Marina. Irv flipped that momentum into the Greatest Day Ever festival and a series of new concept parties. In GLR 003 we talk to Irv about the original idea for Brunch Bounce, getting the call from Major Lazer for a surprise pop-up at Apt 78, rethinking the modern festival, and reclaiming NYC nightlife from the bottle service clubs. Theme song by @ronaissance Subscribe on iTunes -->