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  • Episode 21 - George Garrett

    14/01/2016 Duration: 52min

    This episode is with George Garrett, who is a furniture maker. He does extremely beautiful work and you should check him out at This conversation is pretty wide ranging. We talk about his time as a musician with the Burnt Taters and about running sound at Ashland Coffee and Tea. And, as always, we dig into what led him into his current profession of making furniture. I had a great time hanging out with George at his shop in Hanover County. I hope it comes through in this show. We talk about the 2015 Craft + Design Show ( I had hoped to get this episode up before the show actually happened, but I've been behind. I have several more shows in the bank, so look for more episodes over the coming weeks and months.

  • Episode 20 - Matt Paxton

    18/03/2015 Duration: 01h03min

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 or so years, you have probably heard of the show, Hoarders.  Our guest this episode is Matt Paxton, who serves as an "extreme cleaning specialist" on Hoarders.  In addition to being a regular on Hoarders, Matt has written a book on Hoarding, run his own podcast (5 Decisions Away - iTunes or off his blog), and been interviewed countless times.  He's been on Good Morning America, The Howard Stern Show, and Mohr Stories (Jay Mohr's podcast) to name a few. In this conversation, we talk about our history together.  We've known each other since college.  How he got started on Hoarders, and what he was up to when we lived together.  We also go into a lot of other topics.  We talk about his mentors, the huge impact his dad and grandfather had on his life and the way he looks at things.  We also talk about our shared tastes in music.  And we also touch on a hero he once had, and how working with hoarders changed his opinion of a man he wanted to emulate. I hope y

  • Episode 19 - Kay Landry

    04/03/2015 Duration: 50min

    This episode has been a long time coming.  I've wanted Kay Landry on the show for a long time, plus, I haven't been publishing shows recently. Kay is in charge of booking and production at Ashland Coffee and Tea.  She is also the former owner, so she gives a great lesson on the history of music at Ashland Coffee and Tea.  She talks about how she learned the process of booking acts and later how to even run the sound for the shows. I had a great time getting to know Kay, and I'm happy that her love of what she's done and her warm personality shines through here.  I hope you enjoy!

  • Episode 18 - Eric Martin

    29/10/2014 Duration: 37min

    In episode 18, we visit with Eric Martin of 80amps.  This is a very overdue episode, as we recorded this way back in the Spring.  That speaks more to how busy I've been more than the quality of the episode.  This was a great conversation, that I really enjoyed at the time and I had a great time revisiting it this week. During this conversation, Eric and I focus mostly on the origin of 80amps and its relationship to the Martin Agency.  80amps is using its experience with startup projects to create 80amps for Enterprise, where they are consulting with larger corporations to coach them through disrupting their own industries (or even how to guard against themselves being disrupted).  Their value proposition is that they can be a catalyst for thinking about problems differently. We talk about 80amps' current portfolio of companies and their different levels of maturity.  We also talk about how 80amps does not fit in to the definition of an incubator or accelerator, and how it is more modeled after Idea Labs (http

  • Episode 17 - Jeff Jefferson

    03/04/2014 Duration: 33min

    I've been wanting to do this interview since we've started CreateVirginia.  I've been friends with Jeff and his partner Sean Harrington for a long time (note: Sean was one of my college roommates and cross country teammates).  Jeff and I sit down to talk about their experiences of creating a company called Easy Software Solutions and their product, TimeSheasy.  Jeff gives an honest look at what it took for them to get started, to grow, to fight through adversity, and to ultimately sell the company to a larger player in their industry. There is a lot of romanticism around having a software startup.  Although Jeff becomes successful, his story shows that it did not come with a huge amount of work and risk.  I think anyone interested in starting a software startup should listen to this interview.  Jeff and Sean started a partnership thinking that they would start a staffing company.  Along the way, they found a great opportunity in a market that they understood very well.  From there, they completely shifted foc

  • Episode 16 - Kim Mahan

    19/03/2014 Duration: 37min

    Episode 16 is a fun conversation with Kim Mahan of Maxx Potential.  Kim has a lot going on.  We talk in detail about Maxx Potential, which has an interesting value proposition for both customers and employees.  We also talk about GLASSFIT, another venture of hers.  This one involves Google Glass, so we got to talk about how she was able to get into Google's Glass Explorer Program.  We also talk about her involvement with RVA Techsters, which is a great after school program for getting middle school aged girls involved in technology. Kim's background story is very interesting.  She taught herself web programming and put herself through school.  This led into her career at GE and Genworth, but it also ties in directly with what she does today at Maxx Potential.  Thanks again to Kim for coming on the show and sharing her story.

  • Episode 15 - Doug Orleski

    05/03/2014 Duration: 26min

    For episode 15, we visit with Doug Orleski of RVA Coffee Stain.  RVA Coffee Stain is a cartoon blog that celebrates life in Richmond.  We talk about what inspires him to create his work, as well as his process of developing ideas and how he turns them into cartoons.  We also talk about the history and evolution of his artwork and blog.  Doug talks about his favorite and least favorite cartoons that made it through the publishing process.  Another cool thing Doug does related to his art is Art Abandonments, where he leaves artwork around the city (you can see more details on his site). Doug was really fun and engaging, and I had a lot of fun talking to him.  I hope you enjoy.

  • Episode 14 - Brian Lopez

    19/02/2014 Duration: 30min

    The first episode of 2014 is with Brian Lopez of Glide Skateboards.  We visit with Brian in his shop in Jackson Ward.  There we discuss his shop, the philosophy of his work, the evolution of his business, and the influence of surfing on his designs.  He has good stories about how he got into building boards, how he sources a lot of his material, and how he has gotten his boards in front of a lot of people.  Don't just listen to us talk about it, please check out his facebook page and his site.  Also, check out this video

  • Episode 13 - John and Sherry Petersik

    18/12/2013 Duration: 50min

    Episode 13 has us visiting John and Sherry Petersik of the Young House Love blog.  John and Sherry have a great story to tell.  They started the blog as a way to show family and friends progress on a home project.  From there, it has grown way beyond their expectations.  They have been able to quit their jobs and run the blog as their primary business.  It also led them to write a New York Times best selling book.  They have received a lot of press and exposure, including being featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network's Super Soul Sunday. In this conversation, we talk a lot about their story.  We also talk about where they draw the line for privacy, what it is like to work with your spouse, what the neighbors (and previous homeowners) think of their projects.  We also go into how they prioritize their projects, how they decide when they should hire a contractor, and what they look for in a home before they buy it. This felt like the perfect episode to end 2013 going into the holidays.  This was a lot of fun to v

  • Episode 12 - Andy Stefanovich

    04/12/2013 Duration: 31min

    We visited with Andy Stefanovich for a lively conversation at his home on Halloween.  Andy has his hand in a lot of things: Chief Curator and Provocateur at Prophet (a strategic marketing and branding consultancy),  author of Look at More, Curator of TEDxRVA, a partner with New Richmond Ventures, among many other things.  For more details on each, please follow the links.  This was a fast paced and fun conversation.  Between Andy's high level of energy, the fact that we had a tight timeline for recording, and we had a lot of ground to cover. On top of the above mentioned hats Andy wears, we talk about his founding of Play and his later sale of it.  We also talk about what motivates him today, how he fell in love with Richmond, and some of the things to come in the future.

  • Episode 11 (part 2) - Josh Epperson

    27/11/2013 Duration: 32min

    This is the second half of our conversation with Josh Epperson.  We move on to his writing, particularly his work on  He also talks about some of his inspirations, including Tina Roth Eisenberg and Simon Sinek.  He also talks about what motivates him to do some many different things.  We cover his work with TEDxRVA, where he is a member of the creative team along with John Mills, Ed Trask, and Diane O'Neal.  We also talk about the BootyJams podcast  he does with Jett Harsh.  Their show is a lot of fun and has been going on for several years and around 150 episodes! We wrap up the conversation with what Josh is working toward in the future.  We'll just quote him from this episode, "keep pushin', keep workin'".  Well said.

  • Episode 11 (part 1) - Josh Epperson

    21/11/2013 Duration: 31min

    This episode, we visit with Josh Epperson at the Shockoe office of Prophet (which is not the best place for audio, sorry about that).  We had a great conversation, and it ran so long we are going to split it into two parts.  In this first part, we talk about Josh's work at Prophet and his involvement with FeastRVA. His Prophet work includes a lot of creative work, including bringing out the creativity of clients.  FeastRVA is a great concept that you should check out.  You can sign up for the mailing list on the about page on, or follow them on Twitter @feastrva and Facebook. Look for part 2 to come out shortly, we don't plan on waiting two weeks to release that part of this episode.

  • Episode 10 - Data Field Technologies

    06/11/2013 Duration: 33min

    For Episode 10, we visit with Mike Ogilvie and Matt Slatner of Data Field Technologies.  We talk about the founding of their company, and the creation of their primary product, Peacock.  We also cover how Richmond is a great place to live and start a business.  Then we wrap up talking about where they see Data Field Technologies in the short and long term future. EDITING NOTE: with their focus on data transfer, in particular in the healthcare field, we may have recorded this episode too early.  At the time of recording, we had not seen the debacle of  Trust us, we would have talked about it if we had recorded a few weeks later.

  • Episode 9 - Alex Kreher and Zoe Romano

    24/10/2013 Duration: 48min

    In this episode, we visit with Alex Kreher and Zoe Romano.  Zoe is well known as the first person to run the route of the Tour de France (see details here), raising money for the World Pediatric Project along the way.  She has also run across the United States in 2011.  Alex is a partner in Zoe's adventures by chronicling the runs with the documentaries Street Dreams and Zoe Goes Running (check out his other projects here). We talk about Zoe's preparation for the Tour de France run, the US run, and what originally got her into running.  Alex also has some great stories about what got him into film, how he found projects, and some really funny stories on filming in the US and France.  Another great part of the conversation is what they are doing now that the run is over, and what is in their future. I had an absolute blast in this interview.  I loved the way they capped off the interview with giving thanks to everyone who has contributed to their efforts.  Alex and Zoe were very welcoming, humble, and very fun

  • Episode 8 – Remo Kommnick

    09/10/2013 Duration: 29min

    Remo Kommnick of TechHatch and INM United is our guest for Episode 8.  Remo has great stories to tell.  TechHatch is a program which offers high school students the mentorship and direction needed to launch a technology startup.  He talks at length about why he and Joel Erb started TechHatch, along with the ups and more

  • Episode 7 – Noah Scalin

    24/09/2013 Duration: 34min

    Noah Scalin is our guest for episode 7.  Noah is a prolific artist, designer, speaker, author, among many other things.  My description won't do him justice, so please check him out at his website, Another Limited Rebellion's website, or check out the skull-a-day project (all of which will lead to many more things he has more

  • Episode 6 – Justin Kauszler of Coffitivity

    11/09/2013 Duration: 23min

    For this episode, we visit with Justin Kauszler of Coffitivity.  We talk about what Coffitivity is and how it boosts productivity.  We talk about where the idea came from and how they came up with the name.  Justin has a great story on how it went from a relatively small launch to blowing up on more

  • Episode 5 – Larkin Garbee

    29/08/2013 Duration: 32min

    For Episode 5, we visit with Larkin Garbee of 804RVA.  We talk about co-working in general and what makes 804RVA unique.  She has great stories on the origins of 804RVA, her time running a tile company, and her entrepreneurial adventures earlier in life.  We also cover how 804RVA is a hub for community building in more

  • Episode 4 – Chris Gatewood

    14/08/2013 Duration: 42min

    This episode we visit with Chris Gatewood, a lawyer for Threshold Counsel.  Before you start on the lawyer jokes, you should give this episode a listen.  Chris talks about his practice, which is focused on intellectual property, startups, and technology law. Along the way, he shares a great story of how he came to attend law more

  • Episode 3 – The BIG SECRET Episode with Jason Lefton

    30/07/2013 Duration: 23min

    In episode 3, I met with Jason Lefton of BIG SECRET.  Jason shares with us how laser engraving became his hobby and later turned into a full time business.  With a background in web design, Jason has developed a beautiful portfolio of work in the physical realm with laser engraving.  In this episode we cover more

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