William J Jackson - The Uppity Negro



This is show of William J Jackson. That somewhat mean man you may have come across in the social networks. He's a Fergusonian Negrotarian and he doesn't care bout your feelings. .


  • The Podcrastinators - Independent Media Watch - Sam Seder On Rachel Dolezal

    21/06/2015 Duration: 45min

    Hey gang. This is Ricky L Hines of Americans United Again and William J Jackson of Father Teresa's Wine Cellar. In this episode of The Podcrastinators, Ricky reaches into the Black Bag and pulls out a Compton response for Sam Seder of the Majority Report and how he approached the Rachel Dolezal story. 

  • Phoenix Drake is a molester.

    29/05/2015 Duration: 44min

    So we're going to riff about Phoenix Drake from the social networks. 

  • No Homo... Phobe

    28/08/2013 Duration: 45min

    Hey guys. We're back in the martha-fracking off season to talk about how we used to be Ig-nor-ant to lgbtqui issues. We didn't even know there was "tqui"... I didn't even know there was a "b". We're dong this episode live and we're gonna have some gosh darn fun.

  • Gold Digging Fat Kids With Guns

    04/05/2013 Duration: 31min

    The title of this show.... ummm... Well, I've done a show every day this week and then we also did this one on the fly. So the title is the curation of all that insane energy.   I actually left some stuff out.   Aniyah hit me up to shoot the sheight about the term gold digging and we let the Freethought Conversation happen from there

  • The Final 3 - To ThunderFvck A Monsoon

    30/04/2013 Duration: 30min

    This is me Father Teresa typing this and I had a great time. I've been wanting to talk to another person about drag race for a few years now. Being able to document that conversation made it extra fun.  I'm going to spend this week replaying the season of podcasts and listening to myself learn about drag because I'm doing the show with Aniyah Lashon who actually does drag and knows the history.