Shop Talk With Kendra!



Shop Talk Radio features host and healthy hair stylist, Kendra Timmons, who will examine the world of hair and beauty, as well as other issues that women just love to talk about in the shop.As an expert in the subject area, Kendra interviews (live & pre-recorded) and shares her knowledge and opinions with guests and callers. Join Kendra and her guests, LIVE on Monday nights! Call in & let's talk hair!


  • Tips to Maintain Your Hair While Working Out

    04/10/2010 Duration: 15min

    Kendra will give you tips to maintain your hair while shedding those pounds! As black women, we are concerned about our hair styles since we typically don't have "wash and go" hair and most time choose not to workout because of this. Tune in to get some ideas on how you can work your hair out while working your body out! Lol

  • Black Haircare 101-3

    23/01/2010 Duration: 14min

    Kendra continues to give basic haircare tips to help listeners with their journey toward healthy haircare.

  • Black Haircare 101-2

    22/01/2010 Duration: 15min

    Kendra continues to give basic haircare tips (shampoos, conditioners, etc.)to help listeners with their journey to healthy haircare.

  • Black HairCare 101

    15/01/2010 Duration: 15min

    Kendra gives a few tips on maintenance for black hair. The ultimate goal is to maintain or achieve healthy hair. This show provides you with a little foundation to get started.

  • 'Bridezilla Lajune'

    12/10/2009 Duration: 31min

    Listen in as Kendra interviews Lajune after her 'Bridezilla' episode that aired October 4 on WEtv. Let's get the scoop on whats real and whats not, if she was really a bridezilla, her hair and beauty tips, and much more! Interesting!!