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The midday show on TSN 1040 with Matt Sekeres and Blake Price includes a full hour of solid Canucks' coverage during The Canucks Lunch, 12-1pm.


  • Axel Schuster (Vancouver Whitecaps)

    04/08/2022 Duration: 54min

    Axel Schuster, CEO and Sporting Director of Vancouver Whitecaps F.C. joined Matt and Blake for Presidents Week. Axel started off chatting about the recent Canadian Championship win, with the Voyageurs Cup in tow. Axel talked about the goalkeeping situation and how they’ve managed the rotating door in net. Axel gave his thoughts on the acquisition of Julian Gressel. Building off the community leader that he is, Axel talked about the plan as a whole when it comes to social impact. They view their club as the top of the league for that standard. He explained why. Axel talked about the roster as a whole and what needs to happen to have it complete. The latest acquisition in Alessandro Schöpf will help fill that. Axel talked about the kind of player he is and what he has accomplished in top 5 leagues in Europe. Axel talked about the academy and how it’s not exactly where they want it to be, largely in part of Covid. Says that they lost ground on American systems, as they were allowed to start playing earlier. Axel

  • Andy Dunn (Vancouver Canadians) & Rob Sacre (Fraser Valley Bandits)

    03/08/2022 Duration: 01h01min

    The President of the Vancouver Canadians, Andy Dunn, joined Matt and Blake for Presidents Week. Andy talked about moving to full season ball and having this be the first season at home. Andy dropped some mind blowing numbers when it comes to game-time and how much has been saved with the pitch clock. Andy talked about the different groups involved and who likes the quicker games and who might wish they were a bit longer. Andy talked about the trimming of Minor League Baseball and if he was ever worried that the C’s would be no more. Says it all comes down to there being a team that wants to affiliate with you. That was never a concern for the organization, quite the contrary as Andy explains. Andy talked about the commitment from ownership. He ran down the list of all the improvements that are needed to improve quality for the players and fans. If you are a fan of going down to the Nat, you will want to hear what he says. Andy talked about a top Jays prospect that rolled through town this season, Ricky Tiedem

  • Ryan Johnson (Abbotsford Canucks) & Dan Richardson (Vancouver Warriors)

    02/08/2022 Duration: 56min

    The General Manager and AGM of the Canucks, Ryan Johnson joined Matt and Blake for Presidents Week. Ryan talked about his promotion and how it hasn’t actually changed his day-to-day responsibilites. Ryan talked about who needs to jump up and become a bigger part of the Vancouver Canucks organization.  The President of the Vancouver Warriors, Dan Richardson, joined Matt and Blake for Presidents Week. Dan told the story of how he came to be in the position he is now. It involves the Canucks’ brain-trust and a Salmonbellies super-fan. Great stuff. Dan talked about the overall landscape of the league, down to what players make and how they go about recruiting them. Dan gave his thoughts on marketing strategies and how they will continue to draw in new fans, alongside the TSN numbers when their games are aired.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • Ron Toigo (Vancouver Giants)

    01/08/2022 Duration: 40min

    The Owner and President of the Vancouver Giants, Ron Toigo, joined Matt and Blake for President’s Week. Before we got to chatting about the team, Ron enthralled us with his story of going down to see the Titanic in a submarine. It’s a hell of a story. Moving along, Ron talked about the ups and downs of last season and how they were able to be the first eight seed to take down a one seed. In doing so, he explained that they players he had available at different points of the season really stepped up and how some of them might not be back with the team as they move up through the ranks. Ron talked about the player that Bowen Byram is in the NHL and how he played for him in Jr. Ron talked about his organization’s management groups previous and in what they have now. He went through a few of his alumni and how they’ve fared in the NHL. Ronnie can’t say for sure who is the best of the lot. Though, Gilbert Brule might have been the best Jr. player he has ever seen. To wrap it up, they talked about how business is a

  • July 29 2022 - Ken Campbell, Kevin Blue & A.J. Ewart

    29/07/2022 Duration: 01h25min

    Ken Campbell of Hockey Unfiltered, joined Blake and Jeff as he continues to cover the Hockey Canada scandal. Ken can’t see a path where the management group stays on. They will need a complete rebranding. Ken gave his thoughts on what should be done with the money that comes from the World Juniors. Ken talked about the fact that Hockey Canada isn’t your typical business and the expectation should be that it isn’t structured that way when in comes to incentives.The Chief Sport Officer for Golf Canada, Kevin Blue, who is also participating in the Canadian Men’s Amateur Championship, joined Blake and Jeff ahead of the tourney. Talked about what it will be like playing with the kids after a few years away from playing.Canadian Amateur golfer, AJ Ewart, joined Matt and Blake just ahead of the Canadian Amateur Championship, being held locally at Point Grey and Seymour. AJ talked about the last year and how the tournament went for him. AJ talked about meeting the Golden Bear.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy i

  • July 28 2022 - Scott Rintoul & Jeff Paterson

    28/07/2022 Duration: 01h40min

    Scott Rintoul joined us for his regular Thursday hit from the beaches of Tofino. Right off the bat Scotty shared his thoughts on the 25 year anniversary of the Canucks signing Mark Messier. In relation to our Bodog Poll Question, it’s not the worst move in Canucks history. Hear what Rintoul has to say about that and an interesting juxtaposition to another Canucks trade that worked out in the team’s favour. Scotty went around the BC sports landscape after a big win by the Whitecaps and what we’ve seen from Nathan Rourke. The win was massive on a Thursday night.Our Vancouver Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson, joined Matt and Blake in his daily spot. Starting off with our Bodog Poll Question, Jeff gave his answer, to which there was no doubt in his mind. JPat talked about what Messier was like to deal with as someone who was covering the Canucks. Jeff talked about the defensive depth and where Tucker Poolman fits into the plan with new management.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • July 27 2022 - Tosaint Ricketts (Vancouver Whitecaps) & James Butler (BC Lions)

    27/07/2022 Duration: 01h22min

    Tosaint Ricketts of the Vancouver Whitecaps joined Matt and Blake after winning the Canadian Championship last night. Tos talked about the importance of the win and bringing a trophy back to the Whitecaps. He talked about the vibe in CONCACAF Champions League and going to play in Mexico. Tosaint broke down the save Bono made on him towards the end of the game that would have ended in regulation. Kudos to Bono for making the save.B.C. Lions Running Back, James Butler, joined Matt and Blake with his team off to a hot start to the season. He started off enlightening us about ‘Kicking it with J.B.’, his podcast. He talked about why he started it and who he gets on and why it’s more than just football. James talked about his football journey and all the stops along the way until he got to B.C. You’ll never guess how hard Nathan Rourke works but you’ll want to hear what Butler has to say about his practice habits.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • July 26 2022 - Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

    26/07/2022 Duration: 01h38min

    Our Tuesday regular, Patrick Johnston of the Province, joined Matt and Blake. PJ talked about the emotional aspect of trading your best player away when you are in a playoff race. Patrick talked about Hockey Canada and the thinking within the organization that has led to so much trouble. The Jake Virtanen verdict broke while chatting with PJ and he offered his thoughts on why it was always going to be tough to convict him.Jeff Paterson, our Vancouver Canucks reporter, in his regular spot. JPat gave his thoughts on our Bodog Poll Question, if the Canucks are a playoff team. Jeff gave his thoughts on the Jake Virtanen verdict and if he thinks he’ll play another game in the NHL.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • July 25 2022 - John Shannon & Jeff Paterson

    25/07/2022 Duration: 01h30min

    The Welcome Matt dives into recent NHL trades made that didn’t involve a player named J.T. Miller.John Shannon joined back in his regular Monday spot after a busy weekend in hockey. John offered his thoughts on the job that Brad Treliving did in dealing Tkachuk. John talked about the player that Jonathan Huberdeau is and how MacKenzie Weegar is an upgrade for them on defence. John says that there is now pressure on other GM’s, who are on the same position, to get as much back as the Flames did.The Price is Right tackles the bungled roof problems that plauged BC Place that saw both the Lions and Whitecaps play on gorgeous days with a closed roof.Jeff Paterson joined Matt and Blake for his daily spot. Jeff gave his thoughts on the big Calgary trade that saw Jonathan Huberdeau back for Matthew Tkachuk. Jeff talked about how this trade they pulled off is apples and oranges compared to what the Vancouver Canucks need to do with a J.T. Miller trade. Jeff noted that CBJ chose Gudbranson over Bjorkstrand… That will b

  • July 22 2022 - Ian Furness & Jeff Paterson

    22/07/2022 Duration: 01h41min

    The ‘Welcome Matt’ on a J.T. Miller trade that may or may not happen. That feeds into the Bodog Poll Question that has a number of options who could be traded straight up for the 99 point player. Ian Furness of KJR Radio in Seattle joined Matt and Blake to chat about the incredible run the Mariners are on. He couldn’t start without getting a little dig in at our friends, Donnie and Dhali. Ian talked about how the Mariners will stack up when the Seahawks get going. Ian gave his odds on the chances of the M’s landing Juan Soto. He explained that Seattle is not a small market, the 12th largest, in the country with plenty of major corporations. Finishing it up, the guys talked about the Kraken and how they are set up for the future. Ian warned that this team better have it figured out by the time the NBA gets there. The Price is Right on a “struggling” Nathan Rourke of the BC Lions. Our Vancouver Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson, joined Matt and Blake to end the week. So naturally we started off talking about t

  • July 21 2022 - Scott Rintoul & Jeff Paterson

    21/07/2022 Duration: 01h35min

    The Welcome Matt on how the Canucks have handled JT Miller in efforts to move or sign him to an extension. Vancouver sportscaster, Scott Rintoul, our Thursday regular, joined Matt and Blake. Scotty offered his thoughts on Matthew Tkachuk asking out of Calgary, furthering the exodus of the Flames organization. Though Scotty feels bad for the fans, there is no reason to begrudge the player. He explained why. The three of them talked about what a Matthew Tkachuk trade would look like. Together, the guys talked about what disadvantages the Canadian teams might be at when it comes to landing players. Scotty, talked about the CFL and how the BC Lions are setting up over the next few weeks. Scotty would argue that the Lions are the most exciting team in the league. To finish, Scotty gave a hat-tip to the Whitecaps for all the promotional events they are putting up for the Canadian Championship. The Price is Right digs into the last time a pro team in Vancouver had a chance to even play for a trophy. Newsflash… It’

  • July 20 2022 - Ray Ferraro & Julian Gressel

    20/07/2022 Duration: 01h27min

    Blake is once again joined by Jeff Paterson, as he sits in for Sekeres for one last day, and the news of Matthew Tkachuk telling the Calgary Flames he won’t sign a long-term contract to remain with the club drops right into the boys lap. They debate how that might effect the Canucks moving forward, with the amount of key American born players Vancouver have on its roster.  ESPN hockey analyst Ray Ferraro joins the show from the beach in Tofino, and gives his scouting report on new Canucks Ilya Mikheyev and Curtis Lazar, tell us where he thinks things are headed in Calgary, while giving his insight on whether or not Canadian teams are at a disadvantage when trying to sign free agents.  The latest addition to the Whitecaps, German wingback Julian Gressel chats with the boys about his first impression of Vancouver, why he chose to go vegan with his diet, how close he is to getting into the lineup, while telling us about his podcast that’s focused on what it’s like to be a European football player, playing in N

  • July 19 2022 - Eric Brewer, Patrick Johnston & Tyler Zickel

    19/07/2022 Duration: 01h32min

    With Sekeres away on vacation, Jeff Paterson joins Blake once again, and the boys go down memory lane with the pride of Ashcroft, former NHL player Eric Brewer, who will be inducted into the BC Hockey Hall of Fame later this week. Brewer reminisces about his days riding the bus in the WHL for the Prince George Cougars, while unpacking his career in the NHL that spanned 16 years with over one thousand games played between six different teams.  Weekly contributor Patrick Johnston of Post Media/ The Province explains what went wrong with the development of goaltending prospect Mikey DiPietro, why the Canucks moved on from fourth liners Matthew Highmore and Juho Lammikko, and gives his insight on why the Canucks’ brought some older prospects to Development Camp.  The “Price is Right” welcomes in the voice of the Vancouver Canadians Tyler Zickel, as he breaks down the C’s eight-game winning streak, while singing the praise of Blue Jays pitching prospect Ricky Tiedemann, who has been turning heads at Nat Bailey S

  • July 18 2022 - Chris Higgins & John Shannon

    18/07/2022 Duration: 01h34min

    It was a busy weekend in the world of sports, so Blake alongside guest co-host Jeff Paterson sink their teeth into the recent trades that went down in the NHL with weekly contributor John Shannon. Canucks first development camp in two years wrapped up on Friday. Former Canucks forward and current Assistant Director of Player Development Chris Higgins joins the show to talk about how the camp went, and who stood out amongst the current crop of prospects. JPat's "Pat Down" focuses on the changing of the guard when it comes to the size of the latest major champions, while Blake takes a look at Whitecaps goalkeeper Isaac Boehmer, who's starting to turn heads in Vancouver.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • July 15 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal & Chris Gear

    15/07/2022 Duration: 01h29min

    Sekeres is away so Jeff Paterson joined Blake on today’s show and the two of them hit on the latest from Canucks development camp. The Whitecaps made a big trade, maybe the biggest since they joined MLS? The guys also hit on Tiger potentially playing in his final British Open. Former Canucks Assistant GM and now contributor to Daily Faceoff joined to discuss Week 1 of free agency and what lessons the Canucks can learn from Johnny Gaudreau leaving Calgary for nothing. And it’s Friday, so that means Rick Dhaliwal and Dhali gave the lowdown on what he heard around the Canucks during the first few days of free agency and how Ilya Mikheyev could have got more money elsewhere. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • July 14 2022 - Scott Rintoul & Jeff Paterson

    14/07/2022 Duration: 01h39min

    Scott Rintoul joined for his regular Thursday hit. Starting with the bombshell out of Calgary that saw Johnny Hockey choose the Blue Jackets in Free Agency. Scotty talked about what the Canucks should do with JT Miller, in light of JG leaving Calgary for nothing. To finish up, Scotty talked about the new Blue Jays manager, John Schneider. Jeff Paterson joined us in his regular spot. Talked all things Pacific division, development camp and of course, JT Miller! JPat talked about what he thought about of the Allvin and Mikheyev presser’s. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • July 13 2022 - Patrick Johnston & Jeff Paterson

    13/07/2022 Duration: 01h32min

    Jeff Paterson, our Vancouver Canucks reporter, joined Matt and Blake in studio to talk about a busy day in the NHL. Jeff gave his thoughts on the new additions in Mikheyev and Lazar. The three of them talked about the astronomical prices d-men are going for this year. The guys talked about Gudbranson and the puzzling deal he signed with the Blue Jackets. Jeff mulled if the Canucks are on Plan B, knocking on the door of Plan C. Patrick Johnston joined the guys in studio fresh off the Allvin availability. First he answered our Bodog poll question and gave his thoughts on if he is satisfied with the moves the Canucks made today. PJ talked about the Canucks hoping to make “improvements from within”. Says it’s a lot of the same noise we have heard in this organization before. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • July 12 2022 - Darren Dreger & Jeff Paterson

    12/07/2022 Duration: 01h31min

    Darren Dreger, our normal Wednesday NHL insider, joined Matt and Blake today to set up Free Agency, on the eve of the day. Dregs talked about which FA’s could be gone pretty quick and how the landscape has changed from a club perspective. Dregs talked about what it would take to sign JT Miller and why nothing has happened yet. Dregs talked about Patrick Kane and where he could end up if he leaves CHI. Darren went through the reasons why the Leafs gambled on Matt Murray. Says if it works, he is a genius. If it doesn’t, he is probably fired. Dregs talked about the tight financial’s in ARI with ownership watching every penny going out the door. Our Vancouver Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson, joined Matt and Blake. The guys talked about the players that went unqualified yesterday. JPat talked about some potential unqualified FA’s from other teams, including a name familiar to Canucks’ fans. Jeff ran through a few of the names at development camp and who is probably the closest to playing an NHL game. See omnystu

  • July 11 2022 - John Shannon & Jeff Paterson

    11/07/2022 Duration: 01h25min

    John Shannon joined Matt and Blake for his regular Monday hit. John talked about what happened on the draft floor between the Canucks and Islanders. John believes that it might have had something to do with the Islanders not being allowed to talk to JT about a contract extension. John thinks that it would have to be a perfect scenario for the Vancouver Canucks. John talked about the Matt Murray situation and talked about the close connection between him and Dubas. John had some interesting answers in a rapid fire as to where some big time players. You’ll never guess the player he was stumped on. Jeff Paterson, our Canucks reporter, joined us from UBC at the Canucks development camp. Was fun to see the other Elias Pettersson on the ice with his number 32. Jeff gave his impressions of the Vancouver Canucks through their draft week. JPat gave his thoughts on JT Miller and the trade that didn’t happen. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • July 8 2022 - Rick Dhaliwal, Cam Robinson & Patrick Johnston

    08/07/2022 Duration: 01h30min

    Cam Robinson, our prospects insider of Elite Prospects, joined Matt and Blake from the draft floor. Talked about the haste of Day 2 compared to yesterday and years past. Talked about the Canucks’ picks where they mined for good value. Started chatting about their 3rd round pick… Elias Pettersson… Cam says it might have been his favourite pick, who he had at 45. Talked about the kind of player he is with NHL upside. Cam ran through the rest of the Day 2 picks by the Canucks. The guys talked about what changes we could expect to see in the scouting ranks of the club. Rick Dhaliwal, our Friday Canucks insider, joined Matt and Blake with a ton of things to talk about. Starting with the trade that may or may not have been brokered between the Vancouver Canucks and the NY Islanders. Rick says that according to his sources, there were no conversations. The matter is over for him, because of that. Rick talked about how big a part of the team Miller is and wonders why the Canucks would want to get rid of a player lik

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