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FULL CIRCLE (Hosted by John Foss) is about the completion of our love, life and charactor. It is about sharing our spirituality, our talents and our material blessings with others. What has shaped the best in us? Here are our Creative Projects, life testimonies, essential readings and commentary about the daily life we lead that bring us into resoundance with one another. That reasonating joy is both personal and universal. It is calling us to complete ourselves by completing our interrelationships with one another. Finding ourselves and living for the sake of others is the same life mission. We are searching for diamonds in the rough.


  • Full Circle Conversations with Chris Poer

    26/03/2008 Duration: 01h04min

    - Regaining America's Vision: The Thinking & Well Spoken Culinary Artist...Chris serves great food, organizes efficient kitchens...But he Dreams,Thinks and Talks Big.....He Practices his preaching. He is all about serving up a heathy society, in actions, thought & feelings, and properly organizing this country. He realizes a lack of vision will dumb down our nation and prepare it to fall. His hero is Ronald Reagan and I have found some great speeches on YouTube. Lest's listen to some, talk abo

  • Full Circle Conversations with Ken Hendricks -

    08/02/2008 Duration: 45min

    Regaining Vision for our Culture: Artist in Thought, Sight and Sound; Musician and Founder of the trio "Nama" and Producer of the Album "Waiting for You" and "Upsteam"; Writer & Producer of the Film "Dakota Sunrise"; And now, Author of the novel Betrayed in Nazareth.This is the first novel in a five part series, literally spanning all recorded history. The novel takes the reader on a spiritual journey no one has ever gone before. I know, I've begun that journey. Betrayed_In_Nazareth@yahoo.com

  • Full Circle Sound Check III

    30/01/2008 Duration: 18min

    We will tighten up the introduction, and then we will be ready to go. Thanks for the inspiring reading on how to receive spiritual help Omma......