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Writer/photographer Craig Seymour is author of ALL I COULD BARE: MY LIFE IN THE STRIP CLUBS OF GAY WASHINGTON, D.C. For more info, go to


  • Lost Luther Vandross Interview

    21/04/2010 Duration: 59min

    This is an interview which I did with the late, legendary R&B legend Luther Vandross in May 2001 for VIBE magazine. We talk about life, love, music, and his secretive sexuality.

  • Lost Janet Jackson Interview: 2001

    28/03/2010 Duration: 27min

    In 2001, VIBE magazine assigned me a cover story on Janet Jackson. She had recently gone through a divorce and was about to release a new album, ALL FOR YOU. I traveled to Minneapolis, where she was recording the album. We met up at her hotel and she drove us to the studio. This is the conversation that took place on the ride.(More interview excerpts to come...)

  • Chaka Khan: The Lost Interview (2004)

    22/03/2010 Duration: 31min

    In celebration of the legendary R&B singer Chaka Khan's birthday on March 23, I'm posting this interview that I did with her in 2004. We talk about music, her pals Miles Davis, Prince, Mary J. Blige and Joni Mitchell, and why, of all the drugs she's done, she never liked pot.

  • Cher: The Lost Interview (2002)

    19/03/2010 Duration: 28min

    Writer/photographer Craig Seymour talks about his 2002 interview with Cher and includes excerpts from the interview. WARNING: I tend to curse a lot : )