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  • (Short Cuts) Healthcare In Crisis

    11/08/2022 Duration: 31min

    How many ways must healthcare break down before you can call it “collapsed”? And how can journalists be better supported when they receive threatening hate mail? Moira Wyton co-hosts with Jonathan Goldsbie. Links: CBC piece re: 'unprecedented' strain on health care Global news piece re: not unprecedented health care system Toronto Sun Opinion piece Brian Lilley Globe and Mail piece re: BC researchers excluded from drug decriminalization review CAJ's Poisoned Well report The musical Tell Tale Harbour Sponsors: Douglas, SquarespaceSupport CANADALAND: for privacy information.

  • The Interrogation Of Jesse Brown

    08/08/2022 Duration: 39min

    Jesse Brown might think himself quite the question master, but today the tables have turned and our guest host, the Jonathan Torrens, investigates the inner workings of this show's host. Is it possible to be too cynical?   Featured in this episode: Jonathan Torrens, actor, performer and writer best known for his beef with Jesse Brown and hosting shows like Street Cents, Jonovision and his role in Trailer Park Boys; Jesse Brown, early guest on Jonovision (and, I guess, the publisher of the Canadaland podcast network). Past relevant episodes: Canadaland episode 281: Trolling Jonathan Torrens Canadaland episode 2: Millionaire Ex-girlfriend Canadaland episode 58: An Interview With My Harshest Critic Support Canadaland at Sponsors: oxio, Rotman, Freshbooks, HoverSupport CANADALAND: for privacy information.

  • (Short Cuts) Hockey Blight In Canada

    04/08/2022 Duration: 37min

    The dam has broken on hockey's toxic culture. And a new BC Supreme Court ruling threatens confidential sources. Laura Robinson co-hosts. Links: Globe and Mail piece re: victim coming forward CBC piece re: Alleged sexual assault in St. John's Biv piece re: BC Supreme Court ruling on confidentiality Sponsors: Douglas, Squarespace, oxio Support CANADALAND: for privacy information.

  • Jody Porter And A Complicated Legacy

    01/08/2022 Duration: 39min

    Jody Porter worked for CBC in Thunder Bay for more than two decades. Her work on the injustices faced by Indigenous people in Northwestern Ontario from Grassy Narrows to Thunder Bay was cited in many hearings and reports including the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. And yet, she viewed her work with a very critical lens toward the end of her life after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In July, Jody succumbed to cancer and died at the age of 50. We are re-airing a conversation Jesse had with Jody in November 2020 during the Brayden Bushby trial. Featured in this episode: Jody Porter, senior reporter at CBC News Further reading: CBC journalist Jody Porter remembered for her compassionate storytelling, commitment to truth, CBC News Pathfinding, Jody Porter, Maisonneuve Racism killed Barbara Kentner, says Thunder Bay group rallying outside trial of man accused of killing her, Jody Porter, CBC News Support Canadaland at Sponsors: oxio, Article, HelloFreshSupport CANADALAND: https:/

  • (Short Cuts) Pope? Nope.

    28/07/2022 Duration: 38min

    The media actually did a pretty good job of covering the Pope's apology. And Wendy Mesley's re-branding as a woman of ill repute. Karyn Pugliese co-hosts. Links: Canada's National Observer piece by Thaiorénióhté Dan David re: Papal apology Canada's National Observer piece by Matteo Cimellaro re: Papal apology Globe and Mail Opinion piece by Tanya Talaga re: Papal apology The Tyee piece by Cindy Blackstock re: sexual abuse APTN investigation re: French priest National Post piece re: Wendy Mesley Sponsors: oxio, Rotman, Douglas, Squarespace, CalmSupport CANADALAND: for privacy information.

  • Cindy Blackstock's Long Game

    25/07/2022 Duration: 32min

    So many people encounter injustice and accept it as the way things are. Others refuse to accept the status quo and will not rest until those injustices are done away with. Cindy Blackstock is one of the latter. This is the story of how her work resulted in the largest financial compensation settlement the Canadian government has ever made because of the systemic neglect of First Nations' children in the child welfare system over the course of decades. A report from Danielle Paradis. Featured in this episode: Cindy Blackstock, executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada; Alanis Obomsawin, documentarian. Further reading: Canada signs $20B compensation agreement on First Nations child welfare, Canadian Press Alanis Obomsawin documents Cindy Blackstock's fight for equality for Aboriginal children, CBC Radio Support Canadaland at Sponsors: Douglas, CFUV, Freshbooks, Hover Additional Music is by Audio Network Support CANADALAND:

  • (Short Cuts) Hot Off The Press

    21/07/2022 Duration: 30min

    Our changing perception of the Nova Scotia mass shooter's partner Lisa Banfield. And thwarting the apocalypse through journalism. Sarah Lawrynuik co-hosts.  Links: Halifax Examiner piece re: The witchification of Lisa Banfield Globe and Mail Opinion piece re: Lisa Banfield CBC piece re: European heat wave J Source article by Sarah on reporting on extreme weather Sponsors:Douglas, Squarespace, oxio Support CANADALAND: See for privacy information.

  • Pardon My French

    18/07/2022 Duration: 41min

    When a CBC host used the N-word in pre-production meetings, she was taken off the air. When the French arm of the public broadcaster, Radio-Canada, had a program just months later where the N-word was used four times in both languages, the broadcaster dismissed charges that there was anything wrong with the program. That is, until the CRTC stepped in and said an apology was in order.  Why two different responses at the same company in two languages? And why does the 1968 book by Pierre Vallières always seem to be at the heart of the controversy? Featured in this episode: Emilie Nicolas, host of Canadaland's French-language show Détours and columnist at Le Devoir Further reading: Diversity and inclusion: malaise within CBC/Radio-Canada, Le Devoir Radio-Canada to appeal CRTC N-word decision and apologize to complainant, Canadian Press Radio-Canada personalities urge broadcaster to fight CRTC N-word decision, Radio Canada Support Canadaland at Sponsors: oxio, CFUV, Calm, Article, Hover

  • (Short Cuts) Wet Hot Antitrust Summer

    14/07/2022 Duration: 37min

    Three telecoms in a trench coat and other Canadian oligopolies. And we need a new playbook when it comes to engaging with Pierre Poilievre. Vass Bednar co-hosts Links: CBC piece re: Rogers outage and the need for greater oversight Toronto Star piece re: Supermarket price hikes National Observer piece re: Trudeau greeted by throngs of admirers Tyee piece re: The Forever Plague and the response Slate article re: The Forever Plague Global piece re: Pierre Poilievre Sponsors:Douglas, Squarespace Support CANADALAND: See for privacy information.

  • CPC F*ckery

    11/07/2022 Duration: 28min

    Patrick Brown was disqualified from the Conservative Leadership race. He's denied allegations filed by a whistleblower that he was knowingly mismanaging how campaign staff were being paid. He's vowed to appeal the disqualification decision. But in the meantime, what would this move mean for Canadian politics? Does it mean a Pierre Poilievre coronation? Canadians are known for voting parties out of office, not into office. Which means after the Liberals have been in power for seven years and we're looking to be on the cusp of a recession, the person who leads the Conservative party next could easily be Canada's next prime minister. Featured in this episode: Jen Gerson, co-founder of The Line. Further reading: Conservative Party tried to bring Brown into compliance with election laws and failed: leadership chair, CBC News Patrick Brown says he will appeal disqualification from Conservative leadership race, CP24 Brown booted from CPC leadership as drama takes centre stage, Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun Patrick Br

  • (Détours) Le coût de l’expression

    09/07/2022 Duration: 46min

    Plus d’une cinquantaine de têtes d’affiches de Radio-Canada contestent la décision du CRTC concernant l’utilisation du ‘mot en n’ sur l’émission radiophonique Le 15-18 en août 2020. Puis dans le climat politique actuel, quelle est la conversation autour des fêtes nationales dans les médias ? Emilie Nicolas anime cet épisode de Détours avec Vanessa Destiné. English: More than 50 well-established Radio-Canada employees disagree with the CRTC's decision regarding the use of the 'n-word' on the radio show Le 15-18 in August 2020. And considering the current political climate, what does the media conversation surrounding national holidays look like? Emilie Nicolas hosts this episode of Détours with Vanessa Destiné.  Liens :  Alain Gravel sur Puisqu'il faut se lever Chronique d'Isabelle Hachey sur Verushka Lieutenant-Duval Vanessa Destiné dans Le Devoir Lettre des têtes d'affiches de Radio-Canada Dossier du New York Times sur l'Haïti Commanditaire :Oxio Soutenir CANADALAND : Vi

  • (Short Cuts) Lucy and Linda's Law

    07/07/2022 Duration: 35min

    A Supreme Court decision that hasn't gotten much attention in Canada. And the National Post is calling for an end to the bullying of reporters, meanwhile its own columnists are attacking their own. Jan Wong co-hosts. Links: Globe and Mail Opinion piece by Elizabeth Sheehy Globe and Mail Opinion piece by Frank Addario and Matthew Gourlay Globe and Mail obituary of Irving Abella National Post piece from the Editor in Chief Sponsors:Douglas, Squarespace, oxio, HelloFresh Support CANADALAND: See for privacy information.

  • Enormous Fires Everywhere

    04/07/2022 Duration: 38min

    Raging wildfires are now a normal part of summertime in Canada. Climate change comes at you fast, but the impact of these fires is far from equal across different regions. Those most likely to have to flee their homes are Indigenous people, and this disproportionate risk is only growing. The number of evacuees from First Nation reserves doubled over the last decade. Producer Sarah Lawrynuik travels to a remote Manitoba community to look at what fire has done to one community, and examines the implications for tens of thousands of other people in the years to come. Further Reading: Social science research on Indigenous wildfire management in the 21st century and future research needs (Amy Cardinal Christianson) – Indigenous fire teams in Sask. aim for bigger role after B.C. blazes – U of S prof studies impact of fire evacuations on First Nations (2015) – 

  • (Short Cuts) You Don't "Both Sides" Human Rights

    30/06/2022 Duration: 48min

    In covering the end of widespread reproductive freedom in the United States, the CBC goes the both-sides route. At what point should something be considered a human-rights issue and no longer subject to debate? And the Convoy — or at least something similar — is set to rematerialize in Ottawa. What has the media learned since last time, and are we any closer to putting our finger on a diffuse movement that’s very different to different people? Jonathan Goldsbie fills in for Jesse and Rachel Cairns co-hosts.  Links: CBC's the Current segment re: Roe v. Wade Dr. Jennifer Gunter Tweet re: appearance on CBC Stephanie Gray Google Talk MPP Bhutila Karpoche Tweet re: Evictions Jonathan Goldsbie's Tweet re: Toronto Councilor The Conversation piece re: Roe v. Wade National Post piece re: Freedom Convoy Vice piece re: Freedom Convoy The Tyee piece re: Freedom Convoy Sponsors:oxio, calm, Squarespace Support CANADALAND: See for privacy information.

  • Education: What Is It Good For?

    27/06/2022 Duration: 44min

    Universities across Alberta have experienced huge funding cuts over the last three years. Come fall, students will be paying for that with huge tuition increases (some as high as 104%). But these changes are bigger than just dollars and cents, they beg the question: What is the point of getting a post-secondary education? Freelance journalist Oumar Salifou reports on the impacts seen in Alberta and host Jesse Brown interviews Alberta's minister of higher education.  Featured in this episode: Anita Cardinal, law student at the University of Alberta; Reginald Wiebe, assistant professor of English at Concordia University of Edmonton; Dave Lamont, a caretaker at the University of Calgary; Brenda Austin-Smith, president of the Canadian Association of University Teachers; Demetrios Nicolaides, Alberta's minister of higher education  Further reading: Some Alberta post-secondary institutions left relatively unscathed while U of A funds slashed, new data shows, CBC News Post-secondary students grapple with increase

  • (Short Cuts) Imperfect Behaviour

    23/06/2022 Duration: 46min

    A scandal in Canada's sacred sport. And can journalists do more to unpack the crypto craze and crash? Emilie Nicolas fills in for Jesse and Julian McKenzie co-hosts.  Links: TSN piece re: Hockey Canada  CBC story re: freezing Hockey Canada Assets Rick Westhead interview with Kyle Beach LA Time piece re: Amy Kaufman Globe and Mail piece re: bitcoin Sponsors:Douglas, Squarespace, oxio, Freshbooks Support CANADALAND: See for privacy information.

  • The Dubious Botanist

    20/06/2022 Duration: 40min

    A Canadian scientist wanted to demonstrate how he could use DNA barcoding to distinguish between different strains of cannabis; a pretty valuable thing to be able to do during the weed marketing gold rush. To prove it, he just took a graph of U.S. arrest data, changed the title, and said 'here, here's my evidence.' He did a lot more than that. And it might have all gone unnoticed, if not for some meddlesome researchers. Senior producer Sarah Lawrynuik gets into it. Featured in this episode: Charles Piller, investigative journalist for Science Magazine; Ken Thompson, post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University; Paul Hebert, director of the University of Guelph's Centre for Biodiversity Genomics Further reading: Failing the test, Charles Piller, Science Controversial supplements researcher not guilty of misconduct, Canadian university concludes, Charles Piller, Science Support Canadaland at Sponsors: oxio, Shopify, Article Additional Music is by Audio Network Support CANADALAND: http

  • (Short Cuts) Correction? Recession? Celebration!

    16/06/2022 Duration: 39min

    In the midst of a climate crisis, why do we continue to report business news as usual? And is Minister Mendicino being mendacious over the Emergencies Act when he says police advised the government to invoke it? John Woodside, climate reporter for Canada's National Observer co-hosts.  Links: Globe and Mail piece re: Ambitious oil emissions National Post piece re: anti-oil agenda and affordable food CP24 piece re: Toronto Police Service Sponsors: Douglas, oxio, Hover Support CANADALAND: See for privacy information.

  • The Baristas Vs. Starbucks

    13/06/2022 Duration: 39min

    Of the more than 1,400 Starbucks stores in Canada, only a single location in Victoria, B.C. has a union. One former barista spoke to Canadaland about the working conditions that led baristas to organize for better protections - and how the flurry of anti-union messaging from Starbucks HQ was still not enough to deter the workers.  But companies across Canada and the U.S. have been employing these types of tactics for decades to prevent their workers from unionizing: including persistent messaging, hiring third-party crisis management firms, and even shuttering stores completely.  Do these new unionized workers stand a chance? Cherise Seucharan reports.  Featured in this episode: Izzy Adachi, former Starbucks worker; Pablo Guerra, organizer with United Steelworkers; Mitch Thompson, journalist; David J. Doorey, professor of labour law at York University Correction: An earlier version of this episode incorrectly identified the Victoria Starbucks location as the first location in Canada to unionize. While it 

  • (Détours) La chimère canadienne

    11/06/2022 Duration: 30min

    Devenir propriétaire d’une maison n'est désormais plus qu'une chimère pour toute une génération de Canadien‧ne‧s. Et qu’est-ce qui s’est passé avec la couverture médiatique de l’élection ontarienne ? Emilie Nicolas anime cet épisode de Détours avec Émilie Gougeon Pelletier. English: Owning a home is now no more than a pipe dream for a whole generation of Canadians. And what happened with the Ontario election media coverage? Emilie Nicolas hosts this episode of Détours with Émilie Gougeon Pelletier.  Liens :  Radio-Canada sur la viabilité financière des grandes villes Tweet NTV Kenya sur la variole simienne Global News sur les dépenses du parti Libéral en Ontario Sondage Radio-Canada sur les priorités des Franco-Ontarien‧ne‧s Le Devoir sur l'absence de chef bilingue en Ontario Le Devoir sur le désintérêt des Ontarien‧ne‧s pour la politique provinciale Commanditaire :Oxio Soutenir CANADALAND : Support CANADALAND: See for

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