Simply Steen



There is a power in Simplicity.....In keeping with the spirit of AC 165 Radio, Simply Steen is a new show is about sharing simple life lessons that can have a big impact on our lives. When we share, we grow and connect. And we can't forget the music! Nothing can grow without music.....The show will also feature amazing music from around the world! Join in the conversations week nights at 11 PM, EST!


  • This One is For the CeliYak!

    14/05/2013 Duration: 28min

    The purpose of this show is to introduce a new segment on Simply Steen called "CeliYak". (Yak-Get it? :) ) CeliYak is a platform for people with Celiacs Disease, Gluten Intolerance and other food allergies. This platform is designed to allow all of those suffering from this conditions the opportunitiy to share their feelings, recipies, "tricks of the trade", and to encourage one another-especially us newbies!  I will also share resourses that I have found and invite various guests and experts in the field on the show for added information and support!  Listen in and invite any Celiacs you know!

  • Brand New Show! Simply Steen.

    07/05/2013 Duration: 27min

    Hey Everyone!  Over the past year, I've experienced a lot of transition, and I know some of you have too!  I missed our time on the radio, and wante to come back many times during the past 11 months. But it never seemed right....AC 165 Radio was great, and we had some great experiences, but it was time for something new.  Even though the focus of the show will be similar, the content and the format is going to change. I want to keep it simple....that's why I named the new show: Simply Steen!  The new show will still have your favorite indie music-that will never change! But we will also be discussing news, women's issues, health, relationships, and much more!  Tune into the opening show to find out more!  I can't wait to connect with you all again!  Steen

  • Living in the Midst of Death

    16/12/2012 Duration: 29min

    It's been a while, and I planned to be back on the air the first of January with a whole new series. But, due to recent events and the fact that this season is already a struggle for some of us, I thought it would be a good idea to do a show to address some of these issues and what we are all feeling. It's not about AC 165 Radio, it's just you and me.... Frustration, fear, anger, guilt, grief, loss, and all hits most of us during the holidays, especially Christmas. Add that to the recent murders and attacks PLUS fear mongers decreeing that the world will end in just a few days, and Aye!!  In this show, I want to offer some encouragement, inspiration, and LIFE to each of you. We've seen and had enough death. And this is not to discourage or disregard those who have lost and those who were stolen from us. My heart breaks everytime I think of those's even hard to talk about. In order to help the living we have to be ALIVE! Death tells us that it's over-it tells us it's not worth it,

  • Going to the Next Level!

    09/05/2012 Duration: 29min

    For the next couple weeks we are going to be learning about how to reconnect: with nature and ourselves- so that we can live in 'Wholistic Freedom'. Today we are going to discover how being better gatekeepers of our physical self will take us to the next level of freedom!

  • Starting the Week Off Right!

    07/05/2012 Duration: 28min

    Hello! New week, new opportunities, New Atmosphere! We are setting the atmosphere this week for "Wholistice #Freedom": Body, Soul, Spirit.