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True stories, poetry, interview and radio plays written, performed and produced by youth in a secure care facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.


  • #78: Blue

    29/02/2020 Duration: 22min

    Defeat is like loss, in that you end up missing something. But unlike loss, defeat feels like your own fault. Eight pieces about the being stuck in cycles, escaping through the wrong doorways, and searching for meaning in the dark. Original pieces from Kemi, Yung Skrrrt, Phoenix, D., A., Q-Bee, Peter Quill, and Starr. Hosted by Sending Messages contributor B9. Thanks for listening! 

  • #77: Heartstrings

    05/03/2019 Duration: 29min

    In celebration of Valentine's Day, Sending Messages contributors share stories of the ups and downs of love and relationships. Original pieces from Silent, Yung Skrrrt, Sapphire, Betty, S.L.S, Little Pineapple and Quinn. Hosted by Yung Skrrrt. Thanks for listening!   *LATE RELEASE* 

  • #76: Onward

    04/01/2019 Duration: 39min

    The new year is a time when people plan for the future, make resolutions, and prepare for change. Pieces from Sapphire, Four Eyes, Yung Sponge, Cue, and Silent. Hosted by Sending Messages contributor Lil Pineapple. Thanks for listening!

  • Systemic Shift

    13/11/2018 Duration: 22min

    Utah’s juvenile justice system has gone through a lot of change in the past couple of years. As part of an effort to implement restorative justice practices, our state is trying to lessen the amount of kids in the system by placing those of us struggling with violence, addiction, and mental health issues into treatment instead of incarceration. In celebration of Youth Justice Awareness Month, today’s episode features five pieces about shifts in the system from the perspective of the young people within it.

  • Sum and Summation

    17/09/2018 Duration: 21min

    Sending Messages contributors make individual pieces in a process of self reflection, often speaking on their own lives and experiences. Heard together, however, these pieces can paint a broader picture of what young people in the juvenile justice system are going through in general. Today on the podcast, young women housed in facilities and treatment centers around the Salt Lake Valley share their struggles with addiction and social isolation, the hard path toward change, and their visions for their futures.

  • The "In" Crowd

    22/01/2018 Duration: 18min

    Utah is a unique actor in the movement toward restorative justice. While being a conservative hub, we've been working toward reform in ways that inspire efforts around the country. Nonetheless, many of the young people who contribute to Sending Messages have been in and out of the system for much of their lives. On this episode of Sending Messages, stories from BG, P. City, N. and Bru the Mac, reflecting on their paths to incarceration and considering how different resources and responses to their behavior in the past could have impacted the present. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening! 

  • #72: In Transition

    01/11/2017 Duration: 28min

    Living is a series of transitions. Today on the episode we bring you seven stories about changes in scenery, loss of loved ones, new perspectives and broadened horizons. Pieces from Y.T. Swizz, Harles, Bucks, Fozzy, P.City, Kode Ice, and Cash. Hosted by Sending Messages contributor BG. Thanks for listening!

  • Episode #71, Pay Day

    01/09/2017 Duration: 30min

    Money makes the world go 'round. But when you're left out of rotation, what are you willing to do to get in on the goods? On this episode of Sending Messages, five pieces from Y.T. Swizz, Shotsky, B.G., P. City, and Bucks sharing about how the pursuit of money has made them do their worst and influenced them to work for the better. Hosted by B.G. Thanks for listening!

  • Shorts 2017

    06/06/2017 Duration: 17min

    One of the exercises that begins every session of Sending Messages is the challenge for participants to bust out a short piece of original media; a poem, a stream of consciousness, a simple response to an open-ended prompt, a letter they could never send. Today on Sending Messages, a collection of the first short pieces created by residents in Utah's secure care facilities, from conception to edited audio. Hosted by Wasatch Youth Center resident P. City. Thanks for listening!

  • Angels and Demons

    13/04/2017 Duration: 23min

    Angels and demons; the battle between good and evil, the choice between the good and the bad. Today on Sending Messages teens at Decker Lake Youth Center share stories of their saviors and explore the causes of their sorrows. Pieces from Junior, Smasher, Kash Money Kellz, Sebas and G. Money. Hosted by Junior. Thanks for listening! 

  • Lift Us Up, Don't Push Us Out

    01/03/2017 Duration: 12min

    Every year, Dignity in Schools runs a campaign to raise awareness around school push out, educational disenfranchisement that disproportionately impacts youth of color, the endemically poor, and youth living with physical and developmental challenges. On this episode, five young men from Wasatch Youth Center share their experiences in the education system, and the challenges that led them to end up in the justice system instead of in high school and college. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening!

  • The Struggle

    15/11/2016 Duration: 22min
  • 8/9/16: Episdoe #65, Girl Talk

    09/08/2016 Duration: 25min

    As part of our Adobe sponsored Move the Dial  initiative, Sending Messages is proud to present "Girl Talk", stories from five female creators talking about the broad and complex topic of sexism from the unique perspective of girls housed in Utah's juvenile secure care facilities. Pieces from Belle, K., Kaylee Jay, Lil Bit and MiKayla. Hosted by Sending Messages mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening!

  • #63 - Misconceptions

    04/04/2016 Duration: 34min

    This episode, Spy Hop travelled to the Southwest Youth Center in Cedar City to hear from students there. The seven residents created a podcast about the misconceptions facing youth in secure care. Stories and poems from Kode Ice, The Lone Legionnaire, P.S., Daytona Kid, Batman & Robin and Magnum PA. Spy Hop instructor Jana Davis hosts this episode. Thanks for listening!

  • Heroes 2016

    17/03/2016 Duration: 36min
  • Family 2016

    08/02/2016 Duration: 13min
  • Halloween 2015

    03/11/2015 Duration: 15min

    The boys at Decker Lake want to wish you a happy Halloween! Today on the podcast, Family First, Too Tall, Chinese, Kid Retro, and Lil' Jockey bring you spooky songs and stories to celebrate Halloween 2015. Hosted by Crome. Thanks for listening! 

  • How Did I Get To This Point?

    30/10/2015 Duration: 20min

    Two series of interviews with incarcerated youth. One focused on the school to prison pipeline and the effects of school push out. The other looking at the psychological and physical effects of shackling youth offenders for their court hearings. Thanks for listening.

  • Episode #58 - Masks

    24/09/2015 Duration: 17min

    At times in our lives, we all wear masks. Sometimes to try and hide from reality. Sometimes to pretend to be something we are not. This week, we hear about those masks from V, Scooby, The Warrior, Verse, Trey and more. Thanks for listening.

  • 8/20/15 - The Streets

    20/08/2015 Duration: 09min
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