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Ryan, Daniel, and Clyde take you through paranormal and societal topics from aliens to god!!! Please visit


  • 19 Episode 19: - Connected concienceness!!!!


    18 We discuss particle physics, atoms, and the higgs boson. We ask did ancient aliens fly? Did dogs ever go to space? Can we walk through walls? Listen up and find out!!!

  • 18 Episode 18: - Facebook Questions!!!!


    18 We discuss Vampires, big bang theory, annunaki theory, Clydes crazy religious views again, and chip sandwiches!!!

  • 17 Episode 17: - Breana's questions!!!!


    17 We discuss zombie apocalypse, Tranny sex, Why is daniel so gay, and relationships among other things. David joins us once again.!!!

  • 16 Episode 16: - First One to Fuck an Alien!!!!


    16 We talk about google glasses, can you explain time to an alien, space butterflies, aliens feeding us info, human need for control, Daniel reviewed oz, growing up in a different time, how the toilet works, hermaphrodites, half human half animals, having sex with aliens, and bacon bras.!!!! We also cover a mars mission, and would robots believe in god!!!

  • 15 Episode 15: - Sex robots are the end of humanity!!!!


    15 Thats right folks sex robots!!!! We also cover a mars mission, and would robots believe in god!!!

  • 14.5 Episode 14.5: - Rocks are alive!!!!


    14.5 Ryan spends a hour trying to justify his belief that rocks are alive... Listen to find out why!!!!

  • 14. Episode 14: - Games of the mind!!!


    14. We spend 45 minutes talking about the playstation 4 and video games, then I get lost in a explanation of why I am the way I am, and how morality changes throught time.!!!!

  • 13. Episode 13: The Crop Circles told me to do it dad!!!


    13. We go over crop circles, bad parenting, and going to mars. David and Daniel come back!!!!

  • 11. Episode 11: The Begining of Paranormal


    11. We are starting to shift over to more Paranormal and Supernatural Stories and Research. I believe that there are strong connections between the other dimensions and we perseve as ghost or poltergeist. We mention some of the Organizations that you can go to with your own Alien Sightings and we discuss the ideas of ancient senses that people once had.!!!!

  • 12. Episode 12: Naming a Ghost


    12. We try and go over some descriptions and available information about the different kinds of hauntings and poltergeist, Including different types of Aliens that have been described in numerous sightings and abductions. There are thousands of different classifications for all sorts of species and cultures found through out the universe and right here on Earth occupying the same exact space we do but on different dimensions.!!!!

  • 10. Episode 10: 12/21/2012


    10. This may be the END! throught the entire existance of man this date has been significant with the evolving of our species and changes of our world. Will Aliens Return? Will the World Explode? Will A new way of thought over power us and our primitve ways?? We'll find out soon! Be safe! And we'll probably see you next week, But if we don't remeber the stuff you have heard and do all you can to stay strong. If some crazy stuff does happen keep your eyes open for us from the Axiom.!!!!

  • 9. Episode 9: false Doors of the Illuminati!!!


    9. We quickly describe some of the Illuminati's roots and give some examples of how and why they would want to infiltrate out entertainment industry and use a recent Kate Perry video to reference some of the hidden messages in todays media that surrounds us from everything that we allow in our homes from T.V. to Video games, Movies and even kids cartoons.!!!!

  • 8. Episode 8: What about astrology!!!


    8. Something that made me really question what we really know about life is how accurate Zodiac Signs and Astrology are when describing most people and relationships. They have been a part of society since people keep records and have a amazing Truth about them!!!!

  • 7. Episode 7: Aliens everywhere!!!


    7. At the start of This Episode we listen to Two calls into the Art Bell Show, one of which is where a Couragous Listener that decided to fly over Area 51 and the other a very frightened individual who is claiming that Aliens are among us and have a lot to do with our lives and government.!!!!

  • 6. Episode 6: Weather Control!!!


    6. In this episode we go over ideas of Bionic Implants and explaine what HAARP is and how it is being used to manipulate weather all across the world!!!!

  • 5. Episode 5: Fucking Conspiracies!!!


    5. Well it happened, I tried to avoid this but here we have it.. or at least as much as you can jam in a couple hours. CONSPIRACIES!!!!

  • 4. Episode 4: You're a Clone!!!


    4. This is a great one, we cover some great topics. Special guest David's first appearance. And we ask the Ultimate question. Visit and comment!!!

  • 3. Episode 3: Ryan has a dream!!!


    3. Here we go in Episode 3. Ryan, Clyde and Daniel Discuss stress, end of times, and apocalyptic behavior. With special guest Dylan. Visit and comment!!!

  • 2. Episode 2: Burt Mutha Fuckin Reynolds


    2. Here we go in Episode 2. Ryan, Clyde and Daniel try to discuss dreams, evolution and space again. Visit and comment!!!

  • 1. The grays are Drinking and Driving!!!


    1. Episode 1 it begins with Ryan, Daniel and Clyde discussing aliens drinking, god playing video games, and religious wars!!!