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CrossPointe Church Fayetteville featuring speaker Pastor Tracy Pounders


  • The Sofa/The Sanctuary/The Streets

    13/06/2021 Duration: 44min

    The sofa has taken the place of the church for many people. Complacency has set in and many have checked out and no longer see the need for the local church. The local church is needed now more than ever. It's time to get up off the sofa and back into the sanctuary.

  • Running into the Wall of Discipline

    07/06/2021 Duration: 43min

    Jonah was a runner. He knew what God wanted him to do but he ran anyway. It took him hitting rock bottom to realize that he needed to trust God with his whole life. Will you have to hit rock bottom to make the same realization?

  • Runners

    30/05/2021 Duration: 41min

    We all Run from different things in our lives. Are you currently running from God? Let's look at what happens when we stay on the run from what God has for us.

  • Come Together...on the front porch.

    23/05/2021 Duration: 48min

    It's time for faith and family to come back together. For the last year we have been separated and seen the effects of isolation. This summer the family will make a strong comeback and CrossPointe Church. The family is the key to the future of the church.

  • My Story

    16/05/2021 Duration: 40min

    In this message we take a look at how to date the right way and how to understand what we need from our relationships. Before you end up saying "I Do," you will also have to tell them, "I Did."

  • Broken Hearts and Lost Dreams

    09/05/2021 Duration: 43min

    In Part 4 of our Love, Dates & Heartbreaks series we dive into what we do when our relationships become broken. Many times it feels like we have done everything right and still things just seem to fall apart. Just because we have some broken relationships along the way it doesn't mean we are broken people.

  • His Needs/Her Needs

    02/05/2021 Duration: 39min

    Relationships are hard. Over and Over people make the same wrong choices that lead to broken relationships. Everybody's behavior makes perfect sense to them....but is there are better way?

  • Blood in the Water

    25/04/2021 Duration: 45min

    In Part 2 of our Love, Dates & Heartbreaks series we jump into becoming accountable to someone, and also being able to follow through with it. With Jesus in our relationships we can have better relationships because we become more capable of being the best version of our selves.

  • Be the One You're Looking For

    18/04/2021 Duration: 42min

    We can all be better in our relationships. Whether you are a teenager wanting to date, or looking to become a better spouse, this sermon series is for you.

  • Vision Sunday 2021

    11/04/2021 Duration: 51min

    Where there is no vision there is no growth. CrossPointe Church has big plans for the future of our community. The future is very bright and the vision we have will carry us to better days.

  • History's Greatest Event

    04/04/2021 Duration: 33min

    The greatest event in the history of mankind took place on Easter. Our faith doesn't hinge on what the Bible says, but rather the resurrection of Jesus Christ....the moment christianity began.

  • The Crucifixion Conspirator: Pilate

    29/03/2021 Duration: 45min

    We have romanticized and sanitized the reality of what happened to Jesus on the cross. The truth is that if we could have witnessed the event, we would have looked away. Many were crucified...but only ONE chose it.

  • The Crucifixion Conspirator

    21/03/2021 Duration: 43min

    The pressure to hold on to what we have built, created, or accomplished has the potential to drive us to self destructive extremes. We all have a little bit of Caiaphas in us.

  • Story Time

    14/03/2021 Duration: 35min

    The decisions we make every single day change the story of our lives. We don't think of our decisions in terms of our story, but when we begin to we begin to make better choices.

  • Jelly Donut Stains

    14/03/2021 Duration: 47min

    Every Church approaches ministry in different ways. At CrossPointe we believe that we can love everyone and help lead them in a consistent growing relationship with God. We know that the stain on their shirt may not ever come completely out, but God offers them a brand new one.

  • Regional Pastor's Forum

    28/02/2021 Duration: 52min

    Local Pastors meet to discuss the state and future of the church moving forward.

  • Don't Be Difficult

    21/02/2021 Duration: 50min

    As christians we should never make it difficult for anyone to come to a relationship with Jesus Christ. At CrossPointe Church we have centered our entire ministry strategy around this single principle.

  • The Schizophrenic Church

    14/02/2021 Duration: 45min

    Most people give up on the church because of Christians, not Jesus Christ. The church has struggled to help distinguish the old covenant versus the new covenant that Jesus established. The old covenant was for one nation, but the new covenant is for ALL Nations.

  • Intellectual Atheists

    07/02/2021 Duration: 55min

    The new generation of Christians are under attack. The intellectual movement has caused so many of our young adults to fall away from faith. It's time we took a stand to give the next generation a firm foundation for their faith.

  • Come Back Different

    31/01/2021 Duration: 40min

    A comeback story is complete when you don’t stay stuck in the setback. That’s why who we come back to is more important than what we’re coming back from. Maybe coming back to God sounds difficult because of your past. Here’s the truth of how God pictures his people when they come back to him.

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