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  • DC // Week 1

    06/06/2021 Duration: 40min

    This past Sunday, we started an 8 week series all about becoming great disciples of Christ. We are so excited to start off the series about our very favorite topic: Jesus. Who He is to us and how it changes everything. Take seriously good notes and be listening to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you.

  • Anatomy of Faith // Week 5

    30/05/2021 Duration: 48min

    Pastor Manny shares a powerful teaching about how to see in faith. Wrapping up Anatomy of Faith with a bang, we are challenged to see when God is moving and how to seize the opportunities that follow to draw closer to Jesus and do all we were created for. For more from Calvary, visit

  • Anatomy of Faith // Week 4

    23/05/2021 Duration: 43min

    Pastor Kevin preached an awesome word about faith, hope, and pentecost. How they are related and why they work together so well. Watch this message, take notes, and be blessed!

  • Anatomy of Faith // Week Two

    10/05/2021 Duration: 51min

    Pastor Kevin continues in a new series all about faith this week. He taught on the power of the tongue and how to use scripture to stir and validate your faith. For more from Calvary, visit our website: GB!

  • Anatomy of Faith

    03/05/2021 Duration: 45min

    What is faith? Where does it come from? How do we use it? All these questions are answered and more in our new series: Anatomy of Faith. For more from Calvary, visit our website: or download our App!

  • EQUIP // Week 2

    26/04/2021 Duration: 19min

    EQUIP // Week 2 by Ed Garvin

  • EQUIP // Week 1

    20/04/2021 Duration: 34min

    God is euqiping His church for His minisitry! Pastor Maria shared a word that provoked thought and a desire to grow. We took lots of notes and we're sure you will also. Be blessed!

  • Make Room for the Holy Spirit

    12/04/2021 Duration: 47min

    This message is about what happens when we give God more of ourselves. Lean in, take notes, and believe God for more.

  • Easter 2021 // Easter Together

    04/04/2021 Duration: 37min

    Why the cross? Why Jesus? All of these questions are answered along with an awesome teaching on the relevant act of Jesus death and resurrection.

  • Reach // Week 4

    28/03/2021 Duration: 43min

    The title of the message from Sunday was "10 seconds of courage". It was one for the books. Do you see people the way God sees them? Do your treat them the way He does? Grab a note book and invite the Holy Spirit to shape you into His image.

  • Reach // Week 2

    17/03/2021 Duration: 11min

    This Sunday was a message from two very special local missionary partners, Teen Challenge and The Pregnancy Center. It was eye-opening and sobering to hear the about the Kingdom work they do every single day right here in Orlando. We are so thankful God is still on the move. @Calvary Orlando ​

  • Reach // Week 1

    07/03/2021 Duration: 43min

    Calvary is a soul winning church. This is what we do and this is who we are. We reach people with the Good News. This week, Pastor Kevin spoke on the importance of reaching and several, practical ways to do so. You need to hear this out...

  • What Is Love // Week 3

    22/02/2021 Duration: 46min

    This week, Pastor Manny led us in a conversation where we learned about how God calls us to demonstrate His love for us and others through serving them.

  • What is Love // Week 2

    15/02/2021 Duration: 01h45s

    This week, we had a conversation with both Pastor Kevin and Pastor Maria about how to win in a relationship. How do we work together when we hit tough seasons in life? How do we manage difficult circumstances? The content of this message is powerful and we cant wait for you to hear it.

  • What is Love // Week 1

    07/02/2021 Duration: 49min

    What is love? How to we gain it? How do we use it? Why does it effect our lives? Well, we are talking about that the whole month of February! We got started with a conversation about God's love for us. You can connect with Calvary through our website, or through social media: Instagram + Twitter : @calvaryorlando Facebook: Calvary Orlando


    24/01/2021 Duration: 43min

    In our final week of HELLO MY NAME IS, Pastor Kevin preached about being a believer whose life is build upon the rock, God's word! There is power in the word that we need to tap into! You can connect with Calvary through our website, or through social media: Instagram + Twitter : @calvaryorlando Facebook: Calvary Orlando

  • HELLO MY NAME IS // Week 3

    18/01/2021 Duration: 43min

    In this week of Hello My Name Is, we addressed the aspect of our identity in Christ as being "a chosen generation and a royal priesthood" as we read in 1 Peter. Calvarys executive pastor, Manny Rosario lays down the Biblical reality is a passionate way! We know you'll be blessed by this. You can connect with Calvary through our website, or through social media: Instagram + Twitter : @calvaryorlando Facebook: Calvary Orlando

  • HELLO MY NAME IS // Week 2

    11/01/2021 Duration: 37min

    In our second message of "Hello, My Name Is" we talked about the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit. How when we live from that place, the Lord opens doors that He otherwise, couldn't. We trust this will bless you. You can connect with Calvary through our website, or through social media: Instagram + Twitter : @calvaryorlando Facebook: Calvary Orlando

  • HELLO MY NAME IS // Week 1

    06/01/2021 Duration: 43min

    This new sermon series is based around the topic of identity. Who are we Christ? Why? How? We are so excited to talk about these things as we dive into the new year. For more from Calvary Orlando, visit: or follow us on social media! Instagram + Twitter : @calvaryorlando Facebook: Calvary Orlando

  • Christmas at the Movies // It's a Wonderful Life : Looking Forward

    29/12/2020 Duration: 49min

    In this message, Pastor Kevin shared what it means to be looking forward, what it means to live and walk in that, and how to live and walk in it. This message is equally encouraging as it is challenging and we know you'll be blessed. Follow us on socials: Instagram - @Calvary Orlando Twitter - @calvaryorlando Facebook - Calvary Orlando

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