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John J.Ransom Futrell was born and raised in Northern New Jersey in a single parent household. He grew through personal struggles and family struggles to actively pursue an understanding and awareness of the arts. He began writing creatively at age 6 and has not stopped since. He had published his first two books at age 19 and 21. The books entitled Open Book to My Soul, a short collection of poetry, and The Poetic Bible a longer collection of poetry. During his pursuits of art he has managed to obtain an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Social Humanities graduating as a member of the EOF program, and a member of the Chi Alpha Epsilon honor society. He also obtained a Bachelors Degree in Sociology with a minor in English, and is currently enrolled in a Masters Program in Applied Sociology, finishing the final draft of his thesis. While doing all of this he has received multiple awards. Including the following: Minority Academic Award Fall 2005, Deans List Fall 2005, Became a member of Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society 2006, Award as Vice-President of the Black Student Union at the County College of Morris 2007, Award as Black Student Union President 2008, Community Service Award for most Community Service Hours 2006- 2008, Award as a member of Chi Alpha Epsilon 2006-2009, Deans List 2010. As well as worked with famed Poet BJ Ward on a small commercial for Teen Pride Inc. and is currently employed by Teen Pride. He is a former member of Guttah State Records a small group of artist based in Morristown, New Jersey. After personal circumstances each member of the group each pursued different ventures. John personally began to expand musically, artistically and creatively he began composing and producing as well as songwriting, more than just poetry. John is also the co-founder and co-owner of JAC Media and Promotions, and Co-Founder of Really Right Productions. John is currently, a poet, spoken word artist, rapper, songwriter, composer and producer. The best way to describe John is as an artist for he does it all. Art is what he loves, it is what he breathes, often working endlessly into the night 20 hr days and sometimes even longer. He has recently released a single Bring it Back worldwide via the distributor Mondotunes. He has also released Love Jones Forever , as well as Sacrifices For Love via JTV digital. He currently is working on releasing more singles and other projects, written, produced and conceptualized by him. He is the owner of www.iamkingpoetic.com a website dedicated to his art as a way to allow the world to see it, but the site is growing to be much more than just a portfolio, but into a work of art on its own. As of 2014 John has already released 6 EPs, via his website, as well as launching two blogs, as an extension of the brands under JAC Media and Promotions. The first blog is entitled Blvck vs. Blxck, which is dedicated to bringing its an audience into another world or dimension of art. While the second blog is entitled The Laws of Inspiration dedicated to inspirational quotes and images to uplift people. These are smaller parts or the first phases for what these brands really mean. Blvck vs Blxck already has an official website, www.blvckvsblxck.com that in less than a week has had over 2,000 views. These brands are exciting for John to further expand his companies brands and his personal brand. There are much more things to come.