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Join Moggy and special guests hosts as they talk about all things gamey, geeky and gay. We do it because we love you!Regular segments include Geeky News, Web Fantastic, WTF, New Releases Of The Week and Web Fantastic!Listen Live each week on JOY 94.9 from 1am - 3am Friday Mornings!


  • Episode 7: The Knights Of Yeah!

    19/01/2009 Duration: 30min

    This episode, Moggy and Katin talk about... stuff! Alright!

  • Episode 6: It's E3 bitch!

    30/07/2008 Duration: 01h27s

    Join Moggy and Heathcliff as they talk about all the major goings on at E3 and more!

  • Oh The Tangents Are Shooting Up My Spine!

    25/05/2008 Duration: 01h14min

    It's been awhile but I've finally decided to get back into publishing the podcast, and what a great time to choose! The lack of technology might of stopped us from research, but by god it didn't crush our spirts! Joined with Heathcliff (who continues the tradition of the tangent) and Katin, we talk about Wii Fit telling it like it is to kids, Microsoft's misguided attempted at playing Mr.Nice-Guy and the joys of the arcade scene and with the resurgance of the music genre on consoles, will it kill the scene in the western world? It's fun for all! Powered by hot pockets!

  • It's the pants!

    27/04/2008 Duration: 54min

    This week's specialspecial co-host is the charming Heatchliff. Join him and Moggy as they talk about all the usual stuff, plus the latest way to get that report done and look trendy, the force be with us as we talk about an home grown Darth Vader and we talk about what we hate in towards technologically driven world, enjoy!

  • Hot Pockets Have Feelings Too!

    20/04/2008 Duration: 53min

    This week's superspecialawesome co-host is the lovely Katin who joins moggy all the way from the US of A. Together they discuss the usefulness of hot pockets, earliest gaming memories, find out the real reason why sonic is blue, take a look at when the publisher strikes back and much more!

  • Boom Boom Bachoom! (the episode wherein the hero does something)

    20/04/2008 Duration: 28min

    Moggy this week talks about the classic DS game EBA, look at the latest releases of the week, spreads the latest in gaming news, and talks about miscellaneous gay geeky stuff. Fun for the entire family!

  • The Balls Are Inert...

    11/04/2008 Duration: 52min

    Joined with special superspecialawesome guest host Heathcliff, Moggy talks about Nightelves, internet memes, the high cost of games and tech, what makes them tick and much more!