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Aldersgate is a ministry of the Richland Church of the Nazarene. It's an outreach ministry that seeks to engage our postmodern culture with Christ. This podcast is a one dimensional view of a multi-dimensional worship gathering. We are seeking to be an authentic community that actively engages the world we live in.


  • Come & See!

    06/06/2011 Duration: 34min

    How do we know God? How do we see God? How do we love God? These are all important questions that need to be asked by those who want to know God. For the first disciples, the needed only to come, see, and know God by looking at the life of Jesus. But what does that look like after Jesus ascends into heaven? That is the reality that Jesus was preparting the disciples for. It is the reality that we live in. Would you "come and see" as we take a deeper look into chapter 14 of the gospel of John.

  • Living in Graceland

    20/05/2011 Duration: 26min

    Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live in Graceland? It's a reality closer than you think. Join us in this episode as we discover what it means to live in view of God's mercy and allow our lives to be structured by His grace. Thank you, thank you very much...

  • a drinking problem

    05/04/2011 Duration: 35min

    Join us in this episode we take a look at John 4:4-30, the story of the woman at the well. Jesus isn't always who we think he is or should be. He doesn't always color in our lines or respect the boundaries we put up, but he always knows what we need.

  • Let's Get Dirty

    05/04/2011 Duration: 21min

    In this episode we explore another aspect of what it means to follow Jesus, to walk in his ways. Jesus wasn't afraid to get dirty. He wasn't afraid to get involved, even when it meant getting messy. Jesus often continues past the limits of our comfort zone. Join us as we take a look at John 9:1-41. Here Jesus makes some mud out of spit and dirt and places it on the eyes of a blind man. Eeewww!

  • Jonah: A Living Contradiction

    28/02/2011 Duration: 22min

    You are invited to join us as we take a look at the 4th and last chapter of the book of Jonah. Jonah is angry at the Lord's compassion to the people of Nineveh...this after God had extended such grace and patience to Jonah already. Rediculous right!? We wouldn't do that right? Join us as we seek to answer the unanswered question that God poses to Jonah, "Should I not be concerned about that great city?" Good stuff.

  • Jonah's Prayer...from the belly of a whale

    14/02/2011 Duration: 34min

    How familiar are you with the story of Jonah? Is this a story that you identify with much? How many of us can say they've been in his shoes? You probably have never been eaten and vomited back up by a whale. But have you ever cried out to God from the depths of despair and distress? Join us this for this episode as we focus on the prayer Jonah spoke to God in the belly of the whale.

  • Oil and Water

    26/01/2011 Duration: 24min

    In Psalm 27 we read things like "God is my refuge" and "the stronghold of my life." Those are nice words, but do we really live like that? As followers of Christ, we go back and forth in the tension created by the security we recieve from being a child of God and the security we recieve from our immediate physical surroundings. Those two things don't mix well. Join us as we discover the same promise-filled hope that the psalmist speaks of our God.

  • Stories of God's Faithfulness

    22/01/2011 Duration: 23min

    Join us as we delve into the stories of God's faithfulness, love, and saving help. On this day we focus on Psalm 40. It encourages us to speak of God's faithfulness & salvation and to not conceal God's love and truth from others. Has God lifted you from a pit? Has he set your feet on the rock? Maybe you find yourself in one of the valleys of life right now. Listen to these stories and perhaps your heart will be stirred. Note: Earlier in the week we created an event on facebook and encouraged people from all over to share a story of how God has helped them in their life. During the worship service we gave people an opportunity once again to log onto facebook and share. We then took some moments to reflect on these stories. You can find the event page by clicking here:!/event.php?eid=100868116656660 Of course you need a facebook account to view it.

  • The Spiritual Blessings in Christ...Hope for 2011

    05/01/2011 Duration: 26min

    What did you get for Christmas? What did you give? Finding the right gift can be hard. It seems more and more people are resorting to gift cards. They're not a bad gift. They are quick, easy, and safe, however they lack the thoughtfulness and meaning of other gifts. You don't have to really know someone to give them a gift card. Most meaningful gifts reflect on the type of relationship we have with the other person. In this episode we take a look at what was given to us in Christ...and it's not a gift card. Ephesians 1:3-14 The Message. Note: after the first scripture reading we had a skit where Mike opened up some presents...we'll try to post the video. It's pretty funny.

  • Living the Dream

    20/12/2010 Duration: 26min

    Join us in this podcast as we explore how God invaded Joseph's dreams and changed his life forever. Matthew 1:18-25 Do you have dreams? We're talking about more than what happens when you go to sleep, the dreams you have for your life. You know, who you will become, what you will do, how God will use you. Are those dreams you have yours or God's? God does have dreams for you, but it may require you to wake up first. Let's stop hitting the snooze button on life and get to it.

  • Waking Up to a New Reality!

    13/12/2010 Duration: 33min

    In this podcast we're looking into the family tree of Jesus recorded in Matthew chapter 1. It's not what you might expect. Who would think that prositution, murder, and adultry would be found there, but they are. Those are things that we would probably leave out when listing our own lineage, but that is not the case here. Which begs the question, why? Join us as we discover the depth of our own lineage of grace. Note: the first few minutes of the podcast is an excerpt from nbc's show "Who Do You Think You Are?" you can view it by pasting this link into your browser,

  • Finding Our Place Among 'The Sent'

    03/11/2010 Duration: 32min

    Join us as we look at Romans 10 and revisit some of the basics to the mission of the Church. Have you ever bought a drink from the store and found that you needed to shake it up before you drink it? Sometimes the flavor can settle at the bottom. We need to shake it up in order to make it what it is supposed to be. That's kind of like what we are doing in this podcast episode. Taking the things that have settled and bringing them back into the mix.

  • The Path of the Sent

    26/10/2010 Duration: 23min

    Here we look at Luke 9:57-10:11. It's the account of Jesus sending out the 72 disciples. At the beginning what you'll here is a skit that was performed. It's a TSA Securty checkpoint complete with a metal detector, dustbuster, and baggage scanner. Do you ever wonder why Jesus had them leave their sandals, money purse, and bag when he sent them out? Maybe it has to do with the reason for which he sent them.

  • Story of God 4

    23/10/2010 Duration: 01h11min

    Join us as we have a Question & Answer panel discussion. This is a discussion between people in the audience and our panel made up of: Dr. Michael Lodahl, Dr. Stan Johnson, Dr. Randy Craker, and Pastor Paul Clark. Great discussion!

  • Story of God III

    23/10/2010 Duration: 01h03min

    The new covenant in Jesus's blood (with reference to Jeremiah 31), and the holiness to which we are recalled through Jesus - Col. 3.

  • Story of God II

    19/10/2010 Duration: 59min

    This is session 2 of the Story of God seminar given to us by Dr. Michael Lodahl. In this podcast the topic is "Covenant with Israel as God's redeemed people, light to the nations."

  • Story of God 1

    18/10/2010 Duration: 47min

    Dr. Michael Lodahl is a professor of theology at Point Loma Nazarene University. He has served in served in congregations in California, Georgia, and Idaho. He received his PhD in theological studies from Emory University and has studied extensively in Israel and Jordan. In this session he shares with us about the Doctrine of creation, Humanity in God's image.