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A delicious video game podcast. We discuss everything and anything game-related: What We Play, Gaming News, Retro Games, and much more. We cover all consoles - New, Old, Portable...if it plays video games then we'll talk about it! Regular Gamers talking about Video Games.


  • DF119: I hate you Rob


    This week we talk about the used game market, the price of Xbox Live going up. Metroid Other M, Mafia 2, Shank, Dead Rising Case 0. Plus, something special arrived by FED Ex, but we cant talk about it.

  • DF118:Monday Night Comeback


    Stephen returns and tells about his trip to where Cheese Steaks come from. We discuss Persona 3 PSP, Mondat Night Combat, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Dark Star One and other games. And a discussion about the Sookie Stackhouse Novels... And now for the weather... Tiffany!

  • df117: Homicidal Houses


    This week we focus on what we have been reading. Kari talks about the history of Slender Man. And we talk about the Bioshock Infinite trailer. Rob talks about the Scot Pilgrim game, Mafia 2 demo and the bad voice acting of Arc Rise Fantasia. Stephen took the week of to go to The Mediocre Show Listener party, and we do the best with out him.

  • DF116: Sword of Truth


    This week Rob returns and talks about Arc Rise Fantasia, Limbo and a few other things. We talk about why some books are better than the movies and tons more. Pull up a seat and give us a listen

  • DF115 SillyBands


    This week Rob took a personal day. Kari and Stephen talk about Silly Bands, Everquest fan fiction and the new Halo Themed Xbox.... and much more.

  • DF114


    This week we are trying some new or old things with the old podcast. We are talking about more than games once again, as the game drought is upon us. We talk about Deathspank, Singularity, Crackdown 2, and bad parenting. We hit on some movies we have been watching including Timer, The Road, and shows like The Guild.

  • DF113: Made of Sterner Stuff


    This week we talk about left over E3 news, argue about the future of Kinect some more. We discuss The Crackdown 2 Demo, Transformers War for Cybertron and Puzzle Quest 2 DS.

  • DF112: E3 2010


    We talk about the games and Pressers from E3 2010

  • DF111


    This week we start out the show talking about things we could hear at E3 next week. Then we talk about some Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Alpha Protocol, Dead to Rights Retribution, Blur. It was a pretty good show.

  • DF110: A Hick, Brit and another guy


    This week Jamie Grey from Vault reviews joins us to talk about Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, and a slew of other games.

  • DF108


    Kari and Rob try to hold the show together as Big Stephen has issues connecting to the interwebz at Landlordz. Rob tries several times to talk about Zeno Clash. Kari talks about the Indie Game pack for Child's Play. Eventually the show gets entertaining. But its a slow disaster.

  • DF107: SSF Kicks Butt


    The show was recorded live on Allgames.com where we talk about Just Cause DLC, Super Street Fighter 4, and Puzzle Chronicles.

  • DF106:I swallowed a Bullet Bill


    This week we return with the crew to come to you live on Allgames.com and we discuss Walmart's lawn and garden department. Rob's mom tells embarrassing stories about him and all the hosts leave before Rob can say what he has been playing. All this and more in this totally random episode of Distributed Failure.

  • DF105: The Musical


    This week's title will not make sense until you listen to the ''aftershow''. The show starts with Big St3ph3n missing and believed to be take by the Kansas Zoo as their prized elephant. Rob tries to hold down the show with Kari. Kitsune from Japan, Kari's friend Karla, Chris Pratt, Rob's mom and tons of callers try to save the show. We talk about whats wrong with Splinter Cell Conviction, why not to play it with Stephen, and then talk about Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver.

  • DF104 Bathroom Break


    We try to get through some news. We find out falling off a balance board can get you sexual excited, more people leave Infinity Ward, Big St3ph3n talks about Test Drive Unlimited again. We take some calls from the listeners, who seem to be hiding in the bathroom at work. Just another random episode of DF...

  • DF103 Gone Fishin'


    This week we talk about a few games we have been playing. Rob rages on the effects of idiot huffers and its effects on his keyboard. Kari comes to us live from Landlordz, and Big St3ph3n tells us he wants to go fishing. Alphabox, Rob's Mom and Skooljester also call in. We also read our rececnt Itunes Reviews... Even the bad one!!! All this and our wild and crazy antics.

  • Df102


    This week we talk about the Microsoft flash memory dashboard update, what we feel will be coming in the Halo: Reach Beta. Rob rages about Metro 2033 among other things. Kari is late, and we take your calls.

  • DF101: RobRage [dot] Com


    This week's news starts off with some rage on Domino's Pizza. Why? Because Rob desires nothing more than to eat pizza while recording the show. We follow that up with some actual news like Blur beta update, GameCrush [what.the.fuck.], the Nintendo 3DS, the release of Game Room, some Lost in our Just Cause 2, and more. We hope you enjoy the show and don't forget to rate/review us on iTunes (we could use some fresh reviews). You can also leave us a voice mail and hear yourself on the show by calling us at 707-520-GAME [4263]. Don't forget to check the site: http://pixelatedsausage.com

  • DF100: Final God of Warful Fantasy


    This week's ''What We've Been Playing'' features discussion on Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III, Perfect Dark, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Blur, Resonance of Fate, Metro 2023, and a buttload more. We have plenty of listener call-ins and come to the realization that foreigners like us more than Americans. We hope you enjoy the show and don't forget to rate/review us on iTunes (we could use some fresh reviews). You can also leave us a voice mail and hear yourself on the show by calling us at 707-520-4263. Don't forget to check the site: http://pixelatedsausage.com

  • DF99.5: Hating on Modern Warfare 2


    This week's news starts off with some rage on BioShock 2's Sinclair Solutions DLC and Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Package DLC. We follow that up with some discussion on Windows Mobile 7, Yakuza 3 cuts, IGN layoffs, and more. BigSt3ph3n and Kari go into detail on their experience at LAN Lordz and we also featured some voice mails and some e-mails as well, which we always appreciate. We hope you enjoy the show and don't forget to rate/review us on iTunes (we could use some fresh reviews). You can also leave us a voice mail and hear yourself on the show by calling us at 707-520-4263. Don't forget to check out the site: http://pixelatedsausage.com

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