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Balls & Boys Soccer Podcast is about team chemistry, love for the game, and knowledge that creates an upbeat, engaging podcast. Our focus is bringing a soccer specific outlet to Dallas, Texas that allows listeners to have a proper soccer podcast produced in America. Steven, Erik, and Matt, come from very different soccer backgrounds allowing us to be diverse in opinion on all subjects related to soccer. Each week, there are new questions to be asked, new stories to expand on, and new results to react to. Whether its the Premier League, Ligue 1, Chinese Super League or MLS, if its soccer related, we discuss it! We bring the best commentary that transforms into a fresh take on the game that doesnt bore you or doesnt go over your head!The show is officially done, but catch up on old episodes!


  • The End

    05/06/2017 Duration: 01h06s

    The Final show for Balls & Boys Soccer Podcast!Thank you all for listening!

  • Thank you WBLZ Sports

    29/05/2017 Duration: 01h07s

    It's the final episode on WBLZ sports from the Boys! They discuss the Champions League Final, MLS, and English soccer. The final episode will be next Sunday, 8 PM CT LIVE on!

  • Champione, Champione, Ole! Ole! Ole!

    22/05/2017 Duration: 01h07s

    Erik Siv and Steven Jotterand look at and break down the different champions and their season across the major European leagues! Three shows left of the weekly podcast!

  • Untitled-Balls & Boys

    15/05/2017 Duration: 3592h00s

    On this week's episode the Boys talk about soccer—what's new? Chelsea are the Champions, Champions League Final Preview, and go Around The World.Remember, the final episode will be live Sunday, June 4th @ 8 PM CT.

  • Please Don't Take Me Home!

    08/05/2017 Duration: 3603h00s

    The Balls & Boys have a special announcement on this week's episode, stay tuned! Then they get into opening thoughts, Premier League, Champions League, and go Around The World!

  • Semi-Finals Time

    01/05/2017 Duration: 3602h00s

    The Boys are back together! Siv, Dumler, and Jotterand look ahead to the Champions League semi-finals, recap Premier League play, and finally go Around The World!

  • Football Nerd Fest

    24/04/2017 Duration: 3535h00s

    Steven Jotterand and Erik Siv, with no Matthew Dumler, have a nerd fest on this week's episode. They start out discussing MLS and FC Dallas with Dallas Morning News contributor Arman Kafai. Then they nerd out with on Champions League, El Clasico, and Around The World. Back to normal next week!

  • Balls & Boys Lost Christmas Dinner

    17/04/2017 Duration: 2927h00s

    The lost episode from Christmas! Enjoy, we are back next week!

  • Real Soccer Talk

    10/04/2017 Duration: 3600h00s

    The Boys get nerdy with their soccer talk! It begins with FC Dallas and then followed by the breakdown of the Champions League quarter-final matchups. Don't forget about Around The World!Remember, no recording next week-It's a lost episode!

  • Would You Rather?

    03/04/2017 Duration: 3602h00s

    Jotterand, Siv, and Dumler have an exciting show as they play Would You Rather, discuss the importance of Christian Pulisic to American soccer, and go Around The World! Follow us! @balls_n_boysShow reminder: No new recording for April 17th, however, there will be a lost episode played!

  • International Break

    27/03/2017 Duration: 3603h00s

    Like most clubs and players, The Boys are on International Break. With no club games to discuss, The Boys talk about USA's 6-0 win over Honduras, instant replay in sports, the latest in the Premier League and more. Back to normal next week! Reminder: No Show April 17th Documentry Title: Les Bleus: Une Autre Histoire de France

  • Home Opener

    20/03/2017 Duration: 3602h00s

    The Boys are back together! They begin by recapping FCD's home opener versus New England. Then discuss the Champions League and talk to FC Dallas women's head coach, Benjamin Waldrum. The show wraps up with Around The World. Follow us! @balls_n_boys

  • Throwback Sesh Version 2.0 with Matt Hedges

    13/03/2017 Duration: 3601h00s

    The Boys go back to the origins as it is just Jotterand and Siv (Dumler has died). They are joined by Tom Sweezy from MLS Aces Podcast and Dallas Morning News contributor Arman Kafai to discuss the latest in Major League Soccer and FC Dallas. The Boys also interviewed 2016 MLS Defender of the Year, Matthew Hedges. The show wraps up with Siv and Jotterand's thoughts on the Champions League. Follow us! @balls_n_boys

  • You Nervous, Brah?

    06/03/2017 Duration: 3602h00s

    The Boys get straight to it with Dallas Morning News contributor Arman Kafai to discuss MLS, FC Dallas, and CONCACAF Champions League. Then they look back at the recent weekend in the Premier League and Champions League. The show ends with Around The World and Matt's segment.Check out the YouTube Channel and follow us! @balls_n_boys

  • Technology and Pie

    27/02/2017 Duration: 3600h00s

    The Boys get straight to it with open thoughts, Leicester City's Claudio Ranieri sacking, and the Champions League. Then, they look ahead to the 2017 MLS regular season, what type of pressure is on FC Dallas, and go Around The World. Lastly, for the very first time, Matt's segment!Follow us! @balls_n_boysCheck out the YouTube Channel: Balls & Boys Soccer PodcastEasy Jam by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  • Balls & Boys 2.0

    21/02/2017 Duration: 3599h00s

    The Boys are back together and in this week's episode, it's a bit random. With no Premier League action this past weekend, The Boys recap the Champions League and go Around The World. The show ends with a bunch of random thoughts. Be back next week, for the latest! Follow on Twitter @balls_n_boysAnd check out the YouTube: Balls & Boys Soccer Podcast

  • (2/3) Balls & Boys Soccer Podcast

    14/02/2017 Duration: 3601h00s

    Dumler and Jotterand have an interesting podcast in store, as Siv took a day off. They are joined by Tom Sweezy from MLS Aces to discuss the upcoming season in Major League Soccer. Then, the show takes a strange twist, as they talk about soccer and beer. They end with talking Premier League and go Around The World.

  • 720?

    07/02/2017 Duration: 3602h00s

    The Boys have an exciting show in store as they begin with reaction to the improbable outcome of Super Bowl 51. Then, they turn the page to soccer with a look ahead to the Champions Legaue, discuss whether or not the Premier League is over, and go Around The World! Enjoy!

  • Fantasy 11

    30/01/2017 Duration: 3605h00s

    The Boys start off with opening thoughts, and a tiny preview of Super Bowl 51. Then, Jotterand and Siv look at who Bruce Arena should start in the World Cup Qualifiers in late March. The highlight of this week's episode though, has to be the fantasy team draft. Definitely, another one to enjoy!

  • Texas Nation

    23/01/2017 Duration: 3609h00s

    The Boys have a fun episode starting off with Jotterand's Patriots, and rip into Dumler's Cowboys. Then, some good ole soccer talk about the US Men's National Team and Premier League. The show wraps up with Around The World. Music (licensed through WBLZ Sports): ABC- Jackson 5

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