Devpact Podcast



In the DevPact Podcast, Sam and Chris will discuss video game and game development related issues while updating you all on the current progress of their Dev Pact


  • DevPact Podcast #2 – Developing in the Margins


    In the DevPact Podcast this time, Sam and Chris will be discussing techniques and experiences for being your own boss and working in your spare time Here’s the link on iTunes where you can find all the DevPact Podcasts: Here’s a direct link: This is our list of tips in case you want a recap; … Continue reading DevPact Podcast #2 – Developing in the Margins

  • DevPact Podcast #1 – Sunrise and Sunset


    Hey all! Myself and Chris gone and did a podcast. As I am a noob with hosting and iTunes and RSS, and doesn’t allow it, I am going to stick them all on Virtu so I can get the feedburner working. It’s lame but hey, at least any random dudes looking at this god-forsaken … Continue reading DevPact Podcast #1 – Sunrise and Sunset