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Rolling For Loot - a podcast on gaming. Join us for discussions on World of Warcraft, tabletop games, PC/console games, and many other that strike our fancy.


  • Episode 17: Sleeping Dogs, Neverwinter, Oculus Rift


    Welcome to episode 17! Join us as we review Sleeping Dogs, Neverwinter and chat about the possibilities surrounding the Oculus Rift.Here are the links to things we chat about in this cast:TestedSleeping DogsNeverwinterOculusProject Holodeck Episode 17 direct download link

  • Episode 16: Easy Gaming


    Welcome to Episode 16! We're back! Thanks for being patient with us while we were on hiatus. Today we discuss how easy (or hard) gaming seems to be getting. Is that really happening? Are games simply trying to keep up with player demand, or are we becoming better gamers (haha!)? Have a listen and let us know what you think.Games featured this week include:World of WarcraftRyse: Son of RomeMagic: the GatheringWe do a review of Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers.Upcoming games section:Civilization V (oops, sorry about that date!)Saints Row IVFinal Fantasy XIVGTA VAs always, we'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment here on the blog, follow us on Facebook or on Twitter.To follow us individually on Twitter, you can find us as @Schokti and @Himhotepp.

  • Episode 15: Gaming news discussion


    Welcome to Episode 15! We're changing things up a little bit in today's podcast, and hope you enjoy it. We discuss various gaming news topics from the latest NHL EA game release to Bayonetta 2's announcement of being available on the Wii only.We'd love to hear what you think!Links to some of the stuff we talk about:Project Eternity Kickstarter PageTomb Raider Reboot trailerExtra Life 24hr Gaming Marathon for KidsDirect Download Link

  • Episode 14: Pre-MoP Patch reaction, TW PGA Tour 13 review


    Today we share our reaction to the pre-Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft patch 5.0.4 and Himhotepp gives his review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 for the console.Mists of Pandaria websiteTiger Woods PGA Tour 13 websiteDirect Download Link

  • Episode 13: Battle of the Stars!


    Join us for a Battle of the Stars! We review Star Trek Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic.As always, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.Direct Download Link

  • Episode 12: All 40k, all the time


    Join us for a conversation on Warhammer: 40000 and all its forms. We discuss the tabletop game, Warhammer 40000: Space Marine and Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War.You can find out more about Warhammer on the Games Workshop website.Warhammer 40000: Space MarineWarhammer 40000: Dawn of WarAs always, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.Direct download link

  • Episode 11 - OpenRaid, Prototype 2


    Welcome to Episode 11! Today we discuss OpenRaid and Prototype 2 and give you a few games being released in August.Clicky clickies:OpenRaidPrototype 2As always you can find us on Facebook and on Twitter.Direct download link

  • Episode One: Introductions


    Direct download link (right click>save as)Welcome to Episode One of Rolling For Loot with Schokti and Himhotepp.Our topics for this episode include:- Our bios. We interview each other to give you an idea of our gaming background.- A brief discussion of what you can expect to hear from us.- Game snacks!We close with a bit of discussion on what we played this week.We welcome comments and questions. Please do so at this blog, on Facebook or on Twitter (@RollingForLoot)~Schokti---Some comments from Himhotepp:First podcast in the can, and now awaiting the edited version (minimal as it is) so I can hear the finished product, and gloat about how excellent it sounds!As far as it goes, this was a pretty good podcast. Although I must admit I have very little experience with podcasts and podcasting in general, this one sounds quite good. It's clear and genuine. It wasn't forced, and the banter was honest and engaging. I would give this a 7/10 grade. Tune in next week to see how much we improve!Cheers,~ Himhotepp

  • Episode 2: Diablo and World of Warcraft Raid tips


    Direct Download LinkWelcome to Episode 2 of Rolling For Loot with your hosts Schokti and Himhotepp. We have been having some technical issues with this episode, so sorry about a bit of the quality through out.In this week's podcast we discuss:a few of the other difficulties we have been having with producing this podcast,we give Schokti's early thoughts on Diablo 3,we provide some tips on World of Warcraft raiding preparation, and list a few of our recommended add-ons and websites that will help you when you raid.The websites we recommend in this episode welcome any comments or questions; please feel free to comment on this blog. You can also find us on Facebook and on Twitter.

  • Episode Three: Brick Brick Brick It's Fun


    Direct Download link Welcome to Episode 3 where we discuss bricks! You know, those plastic thingies that we use to create anything our imagination desires (as in LEGO and MegaBloks).We will also be discussing Lego Batman 2: DC Universe and give you a list of a few other games you may want to check out being released in the month of June.The links we promise in this episode are:Lego Batman 2: DC Universe trailerLink of games and release datesHimhotepp's Brick Film (all six seconds!)Be sure to visit us on Facebook or send us a tweet on Twitter.

  • Episode Five: GDS, Shogun and Transmogs


    Welcome to Episode 5! Today we discuss game delivery systems, a quick review of Shogun 2, and finish with a few transmog tips for the World of Warcraft.You can find two main game delivery systems we discuss here: SteamOrigin Websites we discuss for transmog are:WoWheadWoW RoleplayWoW InsiderAs always, you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.Direct Download Link

  • Episode Six - Mage-O-Rama


    In today's episode we discuss everything mage-y in World of Warcraft. We cover each spec, give rotation, glyph, and stat information, as well as a few tips for all mages.We promised a link to the excellent article on WoWInsider about the future of specs in MoP which can be found here.You can find the math for the Arcane haste calculations here.As always, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to your comments!Direct Download Link

  • Episode 7: Beta Reviews and Feedback


    Welcome to Episode 7! Join us as we review the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta and the Ghost Recon Online beta, as well as engage in a discussion of beta feedback options.To check out these games yourself, visit the links here:Mists of PandariaGhost Recon OnlineAs always, we welcome any comments or questions you may have. Be sure to visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.Direct download link

  • Episode 8: WoW! Shamans!


    Join us for a discussion on shamans in the World of Warcraft. We are continuing our series on WoW classes, and give some tips and insights to each spec the shaman can play.As always, you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.Direct Download Link

  • Episode 9: Not your grandma's cards


    Join us for a discussion on card games! Today we talk about Magic: the Gathering and Muchkin. Some links you may be interested in:Magic: the Gathering websiteMunchkin websiteMuchkin on TabletopAs always, you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.Direct Download Link

  • Episode 10: Mists of Pandaria Preparation


    Join us for some tips to help you prepare for the upcoming Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft expansion. To be released September 25, 2012. Book your days off!Comments/questions/shout outs are always welcome! Find us on Facebook and Twitter.Direct Download Link

  • Episode 4: Waxing Poetic about WoW


    Direct link In today's episode we discuss our favourite quest lines in the World of Warcraft and what we'd like to see happen in future expansions. We tend to get a little off topic here, but we do have a clear winner for our favourite quest. We even have a couple of ideas on future raid bosses!Oh, and Schokti gives her weekly D3 update. Because we're all waiting for that!