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"Come here and listen to the words of the Lord your God." Joshua 3:9


  • Praying for America


    Pastor Paul Viswasam preaches this sermon in recognition of the National Day of Prayer.  He looks at Ezra as an example for Christians to pray for their nation. Listen to it here. Advertisements

  • Abide, Not Just Relate


    Pastor Ryan Strother explores the relationship between the believer and Christ as illustrated by the vine and branch in John 15, and the responsibility of the believer in this relationship, all with a modern twist of cutting an umbilical cord! Listen to this sermon here.

  • What Happens When We Die?


    Pastor Paul Viswasam preaches Sunday, March 1, 2009.  This sermon deals with the afterlife, and talks about some common thoughts of what eternity holds, then speaks Scriptural truth of what we can know. Listen to it here.

  • Taking Risks for Jesus


    Pastor Paul Viswasam preached on being courageous enough to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to it here.

  • Pressing Forward


    Pastor Ryan Strother preaches this sermon to encourage Christians not to be complacent but to take hold of that which Jesus took hold of them for. Listen to it here.

  • Gone Fishing


    Pastor Paul Viswasam preaches this sermon as a call to Christians to spread the Gospel of Jesus to those around them. Listen to it here.

  • Canada Mission Team Presentation- Why Bother Sharing the Gospel?


    The mission team from Bethel that went to Richmond, Canada from August 9-16 shares their experiences on the field. Listen to the entire team’s report here.