Ball State Football: Happens Here


  • OTPcast 7.10


    It's the farewell to CPL edition with the shocking news that Coach Pete Lembo is leaving Ball State. I'm joined by those that knew him best as Friends of the Pylon come on to chat about the present and future of BSU football. We are joined by Tom Davis, Pat Boylan, and Ben Breiner, all with great insight into CoachSearch16 and the CPL regime. It's an OTPcast not to be missed.

  • OTPcast 7.9


    Alan flies solo this week to get you ready for UMass after another tough BSU loss against CMU. Could this be the Cards last chance at a W this season? All that and more in this week's OTPcast.

  • OTPcast 7.8


    Jason and Alan are back to breakdown the Georgia State loss and coaching moves that may need to be made. They also look at the upcoming Central Michigan game and the other news and notes from around the college football universe. Finally, they close out with the best jobs for work-life balance in the mysterious third segment. Tune in, turn it up, Chirp Chirp!

  • OTPcast 7.7


    It's Georgia State week, and it's an OTPcast fitting the opponent. Enjoy your weekend and Go Cards!

  • OTPcast 7.6


    Jason and Alan are back to talk about the Toledo loss, the NIU game, the national landscape, and prostitutes at Louisville. It's an OTPcast to not be missed!

  • OTPcast 7.5


    It's Homecoming Week! Jason and Alan are back to walk you through Northwestern and lead you up to Toledo. It's the best damn Ball State podcast in all the land just in time for tailgating and a Homecoming victory! Tune in, turn it up, get your chirp on!

  • OTPcast 7.4


    Alan and Jason are back to chat up the victory over EMU, this weekend's game against Northwestern, and the Pope coming to America. Marvel at the BSU chatter and get your chirp on.

  • OTPcast 7.3


    Jason and Alan are back to break down the loss to Texas A&M and prep you for EMU. All that and more in this week's OTPcast!

  • OTPcast 7.2


    It's time for your favorite Ball State sports podcast just in time for the A&M contest Saturday. The guys revisit VMI, chat A&M, Cards in the NFL, and the average American. Turn it on, turn it up, get your chirp on!

  • OTPcast 7.1


    It's time for Season 7 of everyone's favorite Ball State football podcast! Season predictions, game by game for 2015, what we are looking forward to, and half court freshmen heroes. It's an OTPcast not to be missed!

  • OTPcast 6.26


    The gents are back for your spring game roundup, some Ball State Cardinal schedule and injury news, and the Final Four in Indianapolis. Tune it in, turn it up, and get your OTPcast on!

  • OTPcast 6.25


    Big news this week as Jason and Alan take you through the breaking news of BSU football's 2018 contest at Notre Dame, the pending spring practice and Spring Game, and March Madness! It's a shorter OTPcast than normal but equally as awesome.

  • OTPcast 6.24


    Jason and Alan are back after the Blizzard of 2015 shut them down for a week with this week's OTPcast. They welcome on special guest and former BSU Cardinal (and Georgia State Panther) Ben Jacoby to chat about the newest opponent on the 2015 schedule, Georgia State. They also shoot down some myths about the 2008 season. They guys touch on Quake at the combine, the Oscars, the snow, and a whole lot more in this week's OTPcast.

  • OTPcast 6.23


    Big news on this week's OTPcast, like Quake to the Combine, the Spring Game, BSU recruiting, and filling the hole on the schedule. Jason and Alan walk you back to the Super Bowl and the commercials, Jason's dip bonanza, and the guys tell you the downfalls of watching 50 Shades of Grey. Get your wet noodles and railroad spikes ready. All that and more on this week's OTPcast!

  • OTPcast 6.22


    Alan and Jason are back to tell you about Ball State's newly elected leadership council, the hole in the schedule, and who may fill it, as well as Ohio State's playoff victory and the college football universe going head to head with the NFL in 2015. The guys close it out by welcoming back former OTPcast co-host Edge for the OTP Fast Food Bracket challenge, which will determine where the OTP team eats for the next year. All that and more on this week's OTPcast.

  • OTPcast 6.21


    RECORDED LIVE JANUARY 8Jason and Alan are back with a special ADcast to welcome on Mark Sandy and toot the Pylon's horn for breaking the story. The guys break down the press conference and thoughts on Sandy along with some priorities they hope he addresses. Finally, the guys introduce the new OTPHotline, where you the listener can call in and voice your thoughts on Cardinal athletics. It's an OTPcast that's not to be missed!

  • Happy New Year from OTP


    To our loyal podcast iTunes listeners, a New Years message from your friendly neighborhood BSU bloggers. Happy 2015!

  • OTPcast 6.20


    Jason and Alan are back to recap the Cards' season along with the inaugural College Football Playoff. There's predictions, gift ideas, all that and more from this week's OTPcast!

  • Merry Christmas from the Pylon


    An iTunes surprise from your friends at the Pylon. Merry Christmas!

  • OTPcast 6.19


    Jason and Alan are back to recap the Black Friday victory over Bowling Green and talk about how that win shifts perspective on the 2014 season. They talk offseason shuffling and which current Cards might find themselves suiting up on Sunday. Finally, it's all about the playoffs and rivalries as the national news this week was off the charts. All that and more in this week's OTPcast!

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