Two brothers Review the Granddaddies of them All


  • Drew McIntyre vs roman Reigns


    Welcome to RANDOMMMAAAAANNNIIIAAAA!! This week we got some recent bullshit, Drew vs Roman from WM35 in New York/New Jersey. It’s a good match…or is it???

  • The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase vs Jake The Snake Roberts


    Welcome to RANDOMMANIAAAAAA!!! This week we got a (probably) 3 HBK match from WM6, its Jake the Snake against the Million Dollar Man! Let your childhood memories run wild on RandomMania!

  • The Rock vs Rowan BONUS EPISODE


    Welcome to RAMDOMMANIA!!! This week we switched it up a little and asked our step-father to join us and talk about The Rock and John Cena a little bit. We didn’t select the match randomly, but you’ll probably get over it.

  • Baron Corbin vs Elias


    Welcome to RANDOMMANIAAAAAAA!!!! Wrestlemania 36 was a weird one. We got the second match on the card, Elias vs Baron Corbin.

  • Ms WrestleMania Divas Battle Royal


    WELCOME TO RANDOMMANIAAAAAAA!!!! This week the BROTHERS talk about one of the worst Wrestlemaina matches of all time, that’s right, its a battle royal featuring all the female talent in WWE in 2009. The match sucks but the pod is 5 HBK’s all the way, for sure.

  • Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat


    Welcome to RAMDOMMANIAAAA!!!!! This episode we keep the march madness going with another random-ass tournament match from good ol’ Wrestlemaina4, it’s the Hammer, it’s the Dragon, it’s on our podcast. Give us 5 HBKs on iTunes when you get a second. Also, share our link, if you’re bored.

  • Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio


    WELCOME TO RANDOMMANIAAAA!!!! Now with more reverb. This week the BROTHERS talk about a underrated WrestleMania match from 2011, its WM27, its Cody vs Rey. BOOYAKA BOOKAYA!!! WOOOAAHHH!!!

  • John Cena vs Shawn Michaels


    WELCOME TO RANDOMANIAAAAA!!!! This week its John Cena vs Shawn Michaels from Wrestlemaina 23 in Detroit. The Main event of the night, and this is the Main Event of Podcasts. Or Something.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hitman Hart


    WELCOME TO RANDOMMAINAAAAAAA!!!!!! This week we’re talking about another all-time classic, it’s a submission match from Wrestlemaina 13, Stone Cold vs the Hitman. Is this a 5 HBK match? Leave us a 5 HBK review on iTunes.

  • The Rock Don Muraco vs The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase


    Welcome to RANDOMMANIAAAAAAAAA!!!!! This week we get into Wrestlemaina IV, the tournament to crown a new champion, its Ted Dibiase vs Don Muraco for a trip to finals.