What's The Point



As a parent you sometimes take some of life's basic information for granted. Have you ever had the thought(when talking to your kids) why don't you know this already? Ok, well maybe I'm the only one. Thus the need for this exciting show. We cover A-Z the basics and beyond you could say.


  • Whats The Point Jocelyn edition June 21 2014


    On this edition of what's the point we have special Guest Jocelyn Moran! It's important we learn even as early as a child what we love, what we are passionate about, and what we want to do for a living. Each of us have been created with and great purpose and a destiny, the choice is within you, what will you do about it?Listen and enjoy! be sure to follows on twitter @moran_brothers and subscribe to our PODCASTWhats The Point Jocelyn edition

  • Whats The Point Hunter Eddition


    What an exciting time! Our show has changed a bit but is every bit Moran Family! We have a new show in-store for you and its a focus on finding our passion as a family. I hope this inspires you to find what your passion is and follow that passion to do great things! I know I am and now I am inspiring my kids to do the same! Enjoy tonights broadcast !Click below and be sure and subscribe to our podcast!Whats The point Hunter edition June 2014

  • What's the point March 10 2014


    Tonights broadcast is a short 30 minute talk regarding Life , Spiritual Nature, and sight. We covered a few verses from the Holy Bible Eph 6:12 , Romans 14:17 ( what is the true battle and what is The Kingdom). I always treasure the time i get to spend teaching my children about life.Listen and enjoy! Grace and Peace my peoples!What's the point March 10 2014

  • What's the point Feb 17 2014 Music Edition


    Because of time constraints dad and the kids have to do mini shows, once dad's schedule tones down in a couple weeks we will be back to teaching. Tonight the kids pick some songs and have a fun time introducing them! As always ENJOY!What's the point Feb 17 2014 Music Edition

  • Whats the point Feb 10 2014


    Tonight we visit a few questions the kiddos had from the previous week , is being a Christian a good thing to God? How do you hear Gods voice? Knowing God as Father. These are questions that the kids have, along with Gracey's weekly question of "what is Christianity" which i answer.... again. Hey what would a Moran broadcast be without the threat of a body slam or a choke slam eh???? Listen and enjoy! Remember , He is Wonderful and this whole idea is His plan. Be well and Go in Peace.QWhats the point Feb 10 2014

  • Whats The point broadcast Me and The Kids Feb 3 2014


    Well,this week i attempt to change the format of the broadcast. The kids generally have something different in mind, even though they frustrate the tar out of me at times i wouldn't change their goonish personalities for anything. In this 30 minute broadcast you may be hard pressed to find any real information to digest but, at least you get to hear me and the kids banter back and forth. When its all said and done we have 3 great questions the kids pose, which i will be covering next week. I come to find out its not what I'm teaching , its what they are thinking hearing and thinking about. Solid lesson for me I would say! Much love to you and May the God of our salvation continue to bless you big-time.QWhats the point audio feb 3 2014

  • Do you believe in Devine Appointments?


    This week I talk to the kids about Devine appointments and if there really is such a thing. Download the MP3 and let me know what you think. Thanks for listening. QMMP3 link click and download Devine appointments

  • Whats The Point Jan 06 2014


    This week is a bit of review and plenty of antics thanks to a grumpy dad and some high octane kiddos! Haha Grace and peace to you ! QWhats the point Jan 06 2014

  • Whats the Point? Podcast


    The first of a few podcast. This is me in the dynamic environment I call home with a family of 10. All the noise plenty of distractions and me and the microphone teaching my family about Faith and life, check it out and have some fun. http://moranbrothers.ipage.com/WhatsthepointpodcastDec2013.mp3