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A Podcast which puts two very different, yet very similar people in a room to discuss those differences. Life mixed with Race mixed with Politics mixed with Religion. This is what it all looks like, from the mixed perspective...


  • Getting to know us

    17/07/2012 Duration: 43min

    Well here it is, the first episode. Its been a long time coming, we are still in the process of getting the studio set up so we recorded this one in Damone's living room. In this episode we touch on our differences, our similarities, things going on in the world as well as a few philosophies on life and how to live it. So I called this one getting to know us. Tell us what you think or send us some suggestions by clicking on the contact us button, there you'll find a few ways to keep in touch with us.

  • Sportland

    16/07/2012 Duration: 32min

    Episode number 2 in the books. We decided to focus on sports in this one, particularly Portland sports. Everything from Nic Batum and Minnesota to the recent NYC trade that could be making Linsanity move to Houston. That along with Ducks and Timbers news. As always a little personal commentary in the end. Had a great time doing this one. Let us know where we messed up. Thanks for listening.