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  • W,W, and P Talk the Week

    12/12/2010 Duration: 34min

    Heismans, Hot Stoves, and Heists. Pat, Wes, and Warren talk all about it on the Citadel Talk Podcast

  • The Trio Talk College Football Final

    05/12/2010 Duration: 59min

    Today was bittersweet for a College Football fan. We'll talk about the highs and lows this season.

  • Pat and Warren's Sports Talk

    04/12/2010 Duration: 59min

    Pat and Warren talk about the weekly occurances as well as the upcoming weekend

  • NFL Today/College Football Review

    28/11/2010 Duration: 01h01min

    Pat, Warren AND a very special guest talk all about the NFL today and talk College Football of yesterday

  • Pat and Warren Preview Saturday

    27/11/2010 Duration: 56min

    Come in and join us as P&W preview the upcoming weekend

  • The 2011 Recruiting Show

    05/06/2010 Duration: 01h06s

    Today, Warren, Manny, and Kyle invite Adam, Anthony, Nick, and Wescott to come on and talk all about the new recruiting rankings that came out this week. Interested in recruiting? This is the show for you

  • A show with Andy

    02/06/2010 Duration: 01h19s

    Welcome to The College Football Podcast! Hosts Kyle, Warren, and Manny will bring you the very best in the world of College Football week in and out. For the first show we will go over all the newest headlines touching the lives of fans and have Andy Hutchins of Sporting News will be on as well!

  • Draft Time

    22/04/2010 Duration: 01h08s

    Warren and Adam join for another edition of the GPR podcast. They go on a reunion tour of sorts by reintroducing NFL draft experts Steven Lourie and Bryan Dietzler for another amazing show. Tune in!

  • Mountaineers and Recruiting

    17/04/2010 Duration: 01h01min

    For another great show, Adam and Warren host the Greenhorn Prospect Report. We will talk about the West Virginia Mountaineers and recruiting all over the nation. Heavy emphasis on recruiting this weekend! Stay Tuned!

  • Feeding the Gamecock Thirst

    09/04/2010 Duration: 54min

    For tonights show, Adam and Warren talk to Ritch of www.leftoverhotdog.com(USC Gamecocks Website) about everything on the southern birds. Is Stephen Garcia's starting job in jepordary? Are there some freshmen coming in from the 2010 class to make an impact? We shall find out tonight on the Greenhorn Prospect Report!