Astrology gives us insight on how to have the life we want


  • Scorpio Full Moon

    07/05/2009 Duration: 09min

    Check out the Full Moon for May 2009.Power passion and intensity rule. The universe is asking us to find what we can love and can feel passionate about. Are you ready?

  • An Astrologers View of Madonna's Chart

    03/04/2009 Duration: 16min

    Madonna is in the news again over the adoption of a child in Malawi. She is receiving criticism that the reason she has been approved is because of her celebrity status and money. Madonna's chart indicates that she lost children in a prior life to a tragic death, and that there is a fear of losing her children this life. An astrologer would say that her need to save children stems from this prior life.

  • Secrets of Astrology and the Spring Equinox

    13/03/2009 Duration: 15min

    What is the message for us from the Aries Ingress? Listen and Learn how you can use the influence of the planets to have the life you want.

  • Venus Retrograde

    06/03/2009 Duration: 16min

    Learn what Venus retrograde is all about and how each retrograde is different.