Get Set Free



Got addictions? Get Set Free! I am a woman who will give it to you straight about my struggle with addictions and how the Lord is setting me free!


  • Another Sidewalk

    17/02/2013 Duration: 13min

    Join Get Set Free radio as we talk about Portia Nelson's Autobiography in Five Short Chapters and how it relates to an addict's journey to freedom.  

  • Worship Disorder: Part II - Toxic

    08/02/2013 Duration: 13min

    What happens when you've been set free of a Worship Disorder and you choose to return to your old stomping ground? Join Get Set Free Radio as we talk about how once the Lord has set us free from something returning is really not an option.  Where we once got our "fix" is now a toxic place for us when we return.

  • Worship Disorder: Part I

    27/01/2013 Duration: 09min

    What do you worship? Each of us is inherently spiritually hardwired to worship.  Who or what we worship is our choice.  Unfortunately, when we choose unwisely we reap the bad consequences of our choice. Choosing to worship our addictions can wreck havoc in our lives.  As I am sure many of you have experienced in your own lives...I know I have!! I invite you to join me on Sunday, January 27th at 12:30 pm to learn more about this disorder that is at the core root of every addiction known  to man.

  • Let Me Introduce Myself

    20/01/2013 Duration: 13min

    Got Addictions? Get Set Free!!! Straight talk from a woman who has tried many methods to be set free from numerous addictions.  Including, but not limited to, drugs, alcohol, food, men, sex, and attention. There is only one place where I found freedom...walking with the Lord through the pain of getting set free from my addictions!  My journey through the addictions battlefield has been bloody.  And it is far from over, but I know that with the Lord fighting for me by my side there is truly hope for a complete victory. This episode will be me introducing myself and giving you some background of my lifelong battle with addictions.  The good news is that I am still standing with some of my addictions lying slain at my feet!!!