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  • Women in Science - The Discovery of the DNA Molecule

    21/08/2015 Duration: 20min

    Science Teacher Glen Upton and I talk about Rosalind Franklin, the woman who is rarely talked about but who helped discover the structure of the DNA molecule. This is part of our Genetics I course. For more info on these courses go to

  • They Decided to Say No.

    18/06/2015 Duration: 17min

    As testing gets more and more prolific, moms are taking a stand. We talk with two mothers and their kids about what it was like to opt out of the state test. We also talk to Cindy Hamilton, Cofounder of Opt Out Orlando, about what it's been like leading this movement.

  • Part 4 - Race to the Top and Common Core

    21/04/2015 Duration: 09min

    We're racing to the top of a heaping pile of bad education policy perpetuated by President Obama, Arne Duncan, Bill Gates and Jeb Bush. It's a bipartisan effort to profit off of education.

  • Part 3 - No Child Left Behind: Was it worth it?

    08/04/2015 Duration: 07min

    Part 3 of our History of School Reform series focuses on No Child Left Behind and its consequences for students, teachers and ultimately, our schools.

  • Part 2 - A Nation at Risk

    23/03/2015 Duration: 06min

    We're talking about the 80's people! President Reagan tried to reform education too as his education commissioner published A Nation at Risk. The more things change the more they stay the same...

  • Part 1 - The Space Race

    18/02/2015 Duration: 06min

    We take you back in time to see where all the testing and education reform madness started. Pay attention!

  • Katz Podcast

    25/10/2014 Duration: 39min

    Katz Podcast by ConversationED

  • Taking the Power Back with High School Senior Maguire Ward

    14/09/2014 Duration: 28min

    Taking the Power Back with High School Senior Maguire Ward by ConversationED