Inspiring Faith


Synopsis inspire, challenge, stretch and grow your faith in God


  • Inspiring Faith #4 – Rescued by the Power of Jesus


    We live in a culture fascinated by the supernatural – evidenced by Harry Potter, the Twilight Series, and countless books and movies – but denies its legitimacy and stark reality. And yet, it was through the supernatural power of the … Continue reading →

  • Inspiring Faith #3 – How a Jewish Atheist Found God…Overnight


    In 1986, the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl affected the life of David Guervich in ways he never dreamed possible.  Forced to leave the former Soviet Union to obtain medical care for his young son as a result of the radiation … Continue reading →

  • Inspiring Faith #2: A Supernatural Healing of Cancer


    Gabriel Varela was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 1987, at the age of 34.  He lived with cancer for the next 17 years, until Jesus supernaturally healed him.  Gabriel has lived cancer-free for the past 10 years.   In this podcast, … Continue reading →

  • Inspiring Faith #1: A Supernatural Journey of Faith


    In this introductory podcast, Lorraine Varela shares her supernatural journey of faith:  the story of how God crashed through her safe, comfortable and predictable world with one word that changed her life forever.  Prepare to hear a story like none … Continue reading →